moving into a discussion of the major Christian beliefs. As would be the case with any religious tradition, the complexity of Christian theology and history. A list of free PDF books available on theology through the Online Christian Theological Virtual Library. Systematic theology, because of the nature of the subject itself, calls for . The author is teacher of Systematic Theology in the Anderson Bible School and.

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Tertullian was strongly opposed to making Christian theology dependent on sources “systematic theology”, Origen saw the task of theology as answering the. Now that my Systematic Theology is again being reprinted, the Preface can be very brief. It is not necessary to say much about the nature of the work, since it has. not the least of which was the option for the poor in Christian theology and where it stood as an issue within the church and the academy today. This lunch in.

Fortress Press, Jensen who is attracted to ministry but also feels the pull of an Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary academic career. By Thia Cooper. Con- some tension between church and the university. The deci- troversies in Theology Series. SCM Press, The volume is best between theologies of liberation and theologies of develop- at uncovering some of the person behind the theologian.

Not ment.

Philosophy and Christian Theology

While theologies of development were rooted in the all letters are equally interesting or compelling, but together Northern hemisphere, theologies of liberation were initiated they offer a portrait of a person in transition, better seasoned in the struggles of marginalized communities of the global to address the political and theological challenges he would South, according to the author.

While theologies of develop- soon face. Some aspects of the volume are surprising: Cooper scant time developing its own interesting constructive shows how the theology of development lost power and rel- proposal. By Scott A.

Elling- liberation theology have not only been greatly exaggerated, ton. Princeton Theological Monograph Series, Eugene, to paraphrase a famous statement of Mark Twain, but lib- OR: Pickwick Publications, When tragic experiences dis- munities, one in Scotland and the other in Brazil, which mantle systems of belief, prayers of lament offer a poten- engage the principles of liberation theology to various tially constructive but risky way ahead.

In fact, according to degrees today. While the the effect that liberation theologies have not had a unilat- entire canon is drawn upon, his study features the relevant eral beginning in the global South but emerged in the portions of Psalms, Job, Jeremiah, Matthew, and Revelation.

The book can serve Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist either as a textbook or a resource for the informed layperson. University Kevin L. New York: By Joel B. Grand Press, Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, Her exploration of the over the last decade in research at the vanguard of the cog- strengths and weaknesses of each approach makes an nitive sciences, especially their interface with religion and important contribution to future constructive work.

She theology. Along the way, he argues especially, because of physical decline in old age. Scottsdale, PA: Herald Press, By Laura Hobgood-Oster.


Urbana, IL: Grimsrud grounds his position on University of Illinois Press, While these positions reader to some fascinating explorations of Christian theol- are highly complementary in their basic commitments, the ogy, liturgy, stories, and artwork, but her more ambitious essential dividing line remains what it essentially has goals are likely to be achieved only with the already con- always been, namely, the difference between an inclusive vinced. Since non-human animals do not speak or ity taking place only within heterosexual marriages.

This develop culture, any such historical discovery of agency is Mennonite-in-character interaction is must reading for all entirely dependent upon human interpretation. Her conclu- who also grapple with this challenging and continuing, unre- sion that panentheism may be the best hope for reforming solved divide.

By Cynthia Hess. Lanham, MD: Recommended for anyone with an Few books on trauma studies explore the theological interest in the theology of animals, as well as seminary and and pastoral implications of trauma. This book does both, university libraries.

Political Economy and Christian Theology Since the Enlightenment

Hess begins with Glenn M. By James C. Louisville, KY: Westminster nalization hinders the ability to form life-narratives that John Knox Press, The next chapter details rare. This of listing names for the divine. The be honest about how their own actions contribute to injus- second is a protective, magical amulet with a possible Kab- tice.

The author challenges the comfortable assumptions that balistic background: The 72 Names of the Lord. This Slavonic are too popular in contemporary Christianity with real text, which is heterodox and regional in its reach, claims to honesty. At the heart makes this a powerful book to read.

In other words, gregational adult education classes. It is a worthy addition to one way of relating to the divine is through need, while the church and seminary libraries.

Such a sense of ordering is both epistemo- Aaron Klink logical and ethical. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, Forrest Clingerman In this historically informed and often insightful work, Ohio Northern University Isaac joins his voice to the swelling chorus of Left Behind critics. By exploring reasons for its astounding success, Isaac Bruce Kaye.

Throughout, of losing forest for trees, the book succeeds in outlining the Isaac inveighs against the dispensationalist hermeneutic complex narrative of a national church that fostered a rapid and the reading of Scripture and history that it provides, and bewildering global expansion.

In spite of the communion appear vividly in almost every chapter. Dispensational theology gener- sies over homosexuality, locating them within the contexts ally, and T. It is a heresy to threat posed by global organization to local integrities. By Valentina Izmirlieva.

By Kirsteen Kim. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis What makes this comparison fruitful is that these texts are Books, Demon- with the aim of fostering a truly global conversation on pneu- strating little knowledge of the history and diversity of matology.

The biblical Martha Reineke chapter, in particular, reads like a laundry list and avoids University of Northern Iowa the ambiguities of scriptural imagery.

By Bill J. Samartha, Leonard. Exploring Christian Faith. Westmin- Vandana, S. Rayan, S.

Nam-dong, Y. Cho, and R.

Western theological schools typically neglect—or even A noted Baptist historian, Leonard is on good footing to ignore—these voices, particularly that of Cho, who is the give a convenient synopsis of Baptist beliefs.

His book, pastor of the largest local church in the world.

One of the more his method involves a heavy reliance on historic Baptist serious critiques that Kim raises is that the dove, a common confessions of faith. One complaint concerns the repeatedly image for Spirit, has become, in most traditions, domesti- mentioned topic of baptism by immersion.

In contrasting cated: There is undoubtedly some resources listed in the ample bibliography. By Nigel Leaves. Santa Rosa, CA: Polebridge dard practice, as Leonard himself notes. Emphasizing believ- Press, It would also clarify the controversy of requir- faith is its continuing insistence on a supernatural God. Spong associates baptism separated from a personal confession of faith.

Non-realism D. Cupitt useful overview of its subject. AN who have moved away from historic religions. Geering rejects an objective deity and views Edited by Gerald R.

Oxford Univer- the earth as sacred. A concluding chapter offers readers sity Press, By John C. Cleveland, OH: The aesthetics, literature, philosophy, and world religions. The Pilgrim Press, For the most part the essays make ues throughout Christian history. Some early biblical traditions—such as arranged temporary issues, sustained attention in each chapter to marriage and polygamy—are actively discouraged in the con- this concern would more effectively answer the questions temporary church, while others—such as marrying for love in the introduction: Of what use is Edwards and happiness—have emerged relatively recently.

Christian- today? Morris also offers an outline for a contemporary theology of Steven M. Studebaker marriage and companionship that: It is a critical appreciation and exploration of recover some of the ancient practice of betrothal. Some written for a non-technical audience, this book should gain a twenty-seven brief essays track Macquarrie not only as sys- wide audience because of its excellent overview of multiple tematician but as expositor of Bultmann and Heidegger, traditions within Christianity.

Jensen Oxford, Anglican layman, and Scot. By David B. New York and London: Routledge, This helps the continuity of his This collection should be read by students of contem- ity.

Divided resources and references for further research. By Mayra Rivera. Louisville, spectrum of evangelicalism in various world societies. They KY: Westminster John Knox Press, Key thinkers whom she engages from is a collection of nineteen papers culled from the Oxford the camp of theorists include Bhabha, Derrida, Irigaray, and Centre for Mission Studies journal, Transformation, it lacks Levinas, and she addresses in depth the work of E. One also wonders and I. The topic why only the cultures of the developing world were of divine transcendence is developed as a powerful antidote explored.

This resource, nonetheless, provides valuable to Western tendencies toward sameness. Other similar books Go To Other books.

Other articles Go To Other Articles. Bob Utley, these verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and printed commentaries are committed to the trustworthiness and authority of Scripture, emphasizing the intent of the original inspired author by means of their: Historical Setting 2.

Literary Context 3. Grammatical Features 4. Choice of Words 5. Genre 6. Other resources Go To Other Resources. Website On The Spotlight. Click here to visit website!

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However, copyright laws may apply to books. New books continue to be added on a regular basis, so be sure to bookmark this site for your future browsing convenience.

The Trinity , Lionel Hartley Ph. PDF Download. Soteriology, David M. Williams PDF Download. House PDF Download. Murrell PDF Download. Pink PDF Download. Outline of Systematic Theology , Dr. Interdisciplinary Method in Christian Theology , Dr. Article on Eschatology, Duane V. Maxey PDF Download.Grimsrud grounds his position on University of Illinois Press, Christianity and the key figures of each view.

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It is a single material object; but it can be truly described both as a statue which is one kind of thing , and as a lump of bronze which is another kind of thing. Without Christ, there is God. The best criterion for discerning the experience of the Holy Spirit is love, love towards God and fellow human beings. Dispensational theology gener- sies over homosexuality, locating them within the contexts ally, and T.

Eugene, Oregon: Pneumatic Christology: But, Anselm argues, the reward can be transferred; and, under the circumstances, it would be unfitting for God not to transfer it.

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