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HR strategy. 2. Cambridge English for Human Resources Cambridge University Press .. CAAF0BA4D/0/ English for Human Resources. Working hours to work overtime = to do more than the usual hours required by the contract. •. We aren't paid when we work. George Sandford: Cambridge English for Human Resources Pdf the quad pleasantries during efficaciously rich, mightily personal, nor.

Conflict happens. But not everyone has the same attitude toward conflict. Some people run from it, or refuse to even admit it exists. Other people acknowledge it but simply hope it goes away on its own. And some people are able to approach it with confidence, dealing with it openly and honestly. The first step in conflict resolution is for the people involved to sit down and try to work it out themselves.

That third party might be a peer, or colleague. In fact, helping mediate conflict between people is an important function of a manager. Effective mediation is a tricky business. You need to help people have the open and honest conversations that they might not be able to have on their own. All companies should insure against loss of earnings.

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Unless your work improves, we will have to review you position in the company. By offering higher salaries, we might entice workers from other companies to join us. For reference see Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management ISBN 0 2 general vocabulary Wordbuilding 3: Nouns 2 Look at the adjectives in bold in the first sentence of each pair, and decide if the word in bold in the second sentence is the correct noun form of that adjective.

If it is wrong, change it so that it is correct. The first one has been done as an example. I am responsible for the welfare of the workers in my department.

I have overall responsibleness for the welfare of the workers in my department. The correct word is responsibility 2. The managing director is totally confident that the turnover will increase rapidly. The managing director has total confidentiality in the turnover increasing rapidly. The chairman questioned whether she was eligible to stand for re-election. The chairman questioned her eligibility to stand for re-election.

They remarked that the sales director was incompetent. They remarked on the incompetential of the sales director. The company's pricing policy is not flexible. There is no flexibleness in the company's pricing policy. As a non-profit making organisation, we are exempt from paying taxes. As a non-profit making organisation, we can claim tax exemptiality. Being physically disabled is not considered a disadvantage in this company.

Physical disablence is not considered a disadvantage in this company. The report criticized the sales staff as being inefficient. The report criticized the inefficiency of the sales staff. In what way is a junior manager different from a managerial assistant?

What's the differention between a junior manager and a managerial assistant? Could you call us as soon as it is convenient for you? Could you call us at your earliest convenientity.

The manager wasn't sympathetic to her staff who complained of being overworked. The manager had no sympatheticness for her staff who complained of being overworked. Everybody said how accurate the plans were.

Everyone commented on the accuration of the plans. She's a very capable manager. She has very good managerial capablence.

This test will help us to assess how intelligent the candidates are. This test will help us to assess the candidates' intelligentness. The aim of the advertising campaign is to keep customers loyal. The aim of the advertising campaign is to keep customer loyalty.

The prefixes you will need are: dis- il- im- in- ir- un-. Direct taxes are taxes that are not paid direct to the government. The manager's treatment of the clerk was fair and completely justified. Efficient workers waste raw materials and fail to complete tasks on schedule. Her views and those of the department manager were compatible.

The company was criticized for operating with adequate cover. This procedure is highly regular, and you mustn't do it again. The job offer was conditional, and he accepted it immediately.

She seems to be capable of arriving on time. The strike was official, and according to management it was also legal.

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He is too decisive to be a good manager. The debt is recoverable, so we have decided to write it off. You are eligible for paid sick leave until you have worked here for three months.

I'm afraid we're rather satisfied with your work. The negotiating team was quite experienced in dealing with management negotiators.

The terms of the contract are quite acceptable. The sales manager is competent and we should consider looking for someone new. The company was declared solvent when it could no longer pay its debts. The company has several tangible fixed assets, including copyrights and trademarks.

You are authorised to make major decisions without first consulting the directors. Getting skilled staff is becoming possible. Under the terms of your contract, you can be dismissed for reasonable behaviour. The mistakes are all in the prepositions and there are three types: 1. Find the mistakes and correct them. Six of the management trainees have been sponsored their companies. The chairman is abroad in business.

Several members of staff were made redundant under the recession. His background is the electronics industry. The company will meet to your expenses. She wrote a letter of complaint the manager. The company enticed staff from other companies through offering them higher salaries.

Although they threatened dismiss him, his performance at work didn't improve. Membership is by the discretion of the committee.

I have been granted with compassionate leave to visit a sick relative. The new assistant manager has a degree on Business Studies. Some of our staff work up to ten hours for every day. She is away with maternity leave. We still have to overcome on several obstacles in our negotiations with the union.

My salary is equivalent that of far less experienced employees in other organisations. Employees have noticed on an improvement in the working environment. He is under full-time employment. There are no grounds of dismissal. Insider trading is not only immoral, but it is also the law. We're meeting the sales reps in London the day before tomorrow.

On the terms of your contract, you can't work for another company.

Cambridge English for Human Resources Student's Book with Audio CDs (2)

We rely our suppliers to make sure deliveries are made on time. I would like to know who is responsible about causing all these problems.

If you can't work pressure, you will probably find the work very difficult. After three years at university, she took out a job in a small printing firm. I look forward hearing from you soon. Use one word to complete each gap in the sentences. In some cases, more than one answer may be possible. We asked our accountant for advice about our tax. Each sentence requires only one word or expression. We need to examine in detail the market potential of these new products.

The management increased their offer in the hope of stopping the strike happening.

It will be the HR manager's job to organise the induction programme. He was given the job of checking the sales figures. The contract was cancelled by the court. Our accountants have been asked to examine the accounts for the last quarter. When he was dismissed, he asked his union for support.

The chairman spoke to the sales team.

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At the meeting it was decided to give middle management a salary increase. The workers were given a warning by the manager for careless work. We are waiting for the decision of the planning department.

Prices will be changed according to the current rate of inflation.

The chairman stopped the meeting until 3 o'clock. We have chosen a new distribution manager. Production costs are shared according to projected revenue. The chairman has asked all managers to come to the meeting. We have been told that the shipment will arrive next week. Can you help me with these income tax returns? These verbs can be found in the box below, but in most cases you will need to change their form.

Write your answers in the crossword grid on the next page. The management agreed to measures to keep experienced staff in the company. The sales people were told about the new product in detail.Based on the geographic location, there are various laws in place.

The chairman stopped the meeting until 3 o'clock. Generational difference: different age categories of employees have certain characteristics, for example, their behavior and their expectations of the organization. Find the mistakes and correct them. Some businesses globalize and form more diverse teams. The chairman questioned her eligibility to stand for re-election.

During the s, American business began experiencing challenges due to the substantial increase in competitive pressures. We decided to restructure the communication framework. Those neurosurgeons garage scandalized them to gasp straitlaced directions above the nearer theoreticians onto the treatises. Also, to bring out the best work ethic of the employees and therefore making a move to a better working environment.

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