Book Report. Create a Book. Jacket. Due Date: the large sheet of construction the book tell why and give an example (detail) to support your opinion.. If. Book Report - Create a Book Jacket Cover This book report can be used after Cereal Box Book Report Template 5th Grade Books, 2nd Grade Reading, Book. For this book report, you will create a book jacket about the book you have The templates provided should serve as a place for you to write your rough draft.

Book Jacket Book Report Template

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Design a cover for the outside of your book jacket that includes the title of the book For example, don't use Panel 3 Outside (Most exciting part & Review). For this book report, you will create a book jacket that tells about the book you ( For example, if the character is caring, write about one example from the book. Book Reports. Create a book jacket. (Page height: 18 CM) Write something about the main character of the book. (Please don't copy what's written on.

These will be erased later and will only be used as reference points.

Book Jacket: Book Jacket Book Report - Writing, Art & Reading combined!

Flip the jacket over. Repeat Step 1 for these panels, which will form the inside of the book jacket, using the numbers 6 to Again, these will be reference points.

Attach a picture of yourself or draw a self-portrait near the top of Panel 1, and write a brief autobiography underneath it. Include your name and age, as well as hobbies and other interesting facts about yourself.

Write three or four interesting points about the book at the top half of Panel 2, but do not summarize the book. The bottom half of Panel 2 should contain a short review of the book, including your opinions on why you liked or disliked the book. Put the title of the book and the name of the publisher in Panel 3.

As this will represent the "spine" of the book, be creative. Write the title, author's name, your name and the due date of the report on Panel 4.

Include a picture that represents the book. This panel will be the front of the report, so use your imagination to make it interesting.

Write a summary that outlines the opening, middle and conclusion of the book on Panels 5 and 6. Do not include your opinion of the book, just the important facts of the story.

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List all of the chapters in the book in Panel 7, and include the chapter names when applicable. Write one or two sentences outlining the main point of each chapter.

Write the name of the book's main character in Panel 8, as well as five adjectives that describe that character.

The adjectives should be words that are not typically part of your vocabulary, so use a thesaurus to find them.

Be creative with your lettering on this panel. Divide Panel 9 into three boxes, leaving room for captions beneath each one.

In each box, illustrate a problem that the main character faced in the story. Write a one-sentence caption to go along with each drawing.

Making a Book Jacket Is a Great School Project

Write down five words that you did not know from your book in Panel List them alphabetically and include their definitions. Cooper Temple has over 15 years of experience writing procedural and training material for a Fortune company. His articles specialize in productivity programs and other business-related software.

Need to cite a webpage? Invite the students to share the book cover or dust jacket that was their favorite.

Book jacket book report template

Students should state reasons why that cover or jacket was their favorite. Record this information as well. Using the known attributes of book covers and dust jackets, and what makes the covers or dust jackets attractive or pleasing, invite students to recreate a book cover or dust jacket for a book that they have already read or listened to as a read aloud.

Pass out and review the Book Cover Components checklist or the Dust Jacket Components checklist so that students know the information required on their book covers or dust jackets. Also pass out or display the rubric so they know how their project will be assessed. Show the students how the tool works and create an example using a text that all students have read or are familiar with. Answer any questions the students may have. Session Three Allow this entire session for students to recreate the cover or dust jacket of a book that they have read or listened to as part of a read aloud using the Book Cover Creator.

Monitor students as they work, and provide feedback and support as needed.

Remind them to revisit the Book Cover Components checklist or Dust Jacket Components checklist so they include all of the required parts. Continue working until all students have completed their projects and have printed them out.

Session Four When all of the students have completed their projects, allow time for the students to share their new book covers or dust jackets.

Prompt students to explain what they changed from the original cover and why. If possible, have the students share the original book cover or dust jacket when they share their recreations.

As students are sharing, assess their work using the rubric.

A book from the Harry Potter series can provide a useful example. Have students discuss how the cover might be designed differently based on whether the readers are their own age, teenagers, or adults.Projects , GATE.

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