Rogue Male [Man Hunt]. Home · Rogue Male [Man Hunt] Rogue Male (New York Review Books Classics) · Read more. GEOFFREY HOUSEHOLD. ROGUE MALE. Page 2. An Orion paperback. First published in Great Britain in by Chatto & Windus. This new paperback. Rogue male is a short novel written in the first person about a failed Hitler assassination, including aspects of a city chase scene, and a series.

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A prolific author of thrillers that draw on his global experiences, Household is at his best in Rogue Male (filmed by Fritz Lang as Man Hunt), Watcher in the. Rogue Male. Directed by Clive Donner. Adapted by Frederic Raphael. Starring Peter O'Toole. Released in a Dual Format Edition (Blu-. Editorial Reviews. Review. "A story that grows wilder and woollier with every passing sentence Short, sweet, and compulsively readable, we dare you to try and.

Places England , Germany.

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Rogue male , Tian tian wen hua yu xian gong si. Rogue Male October , Amereon Limited. Rogue Male , Penguin.

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Rogue Male , Penguin Books. Rogue male , Little, Brown and Company. History Created December 10, 9 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Rogue male , Tian tian wen hua yu xian gong si in Chinese - Chu ban.

Rogue Male , Penguin in English.

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Joseph in French. Rogue male , Heinemann in English.

Rogue Male , Penguin Books in English. Rogue male , Little, Brown and Company in English.


April 3, Constructing a makeshift catapult or miniature Roman ballista a kind of cross-bow , he induces Quive-Smith to look into the breathing hole and shoots him dead.

Taking Quive-Smith's papers, money and car, he drives to Liverpool and boards a ship for Tangier.

From there, he plans his second stalk, determined this time that he will not miss his target. Development[ edit ] Interviewed by the Radio Times for the first screening of the BBC film version of the novel, Household acknowledged that he always intended the protagonist's target to be Hitler , "Although the idea for Rogue Male germinated from my intense dislike of Hitler, I did not actually name him in the book as things were a bit tricky at the time and I thought I would leave it open so that the target could be either Hitler or Stalin.

You could take your pick".

In the sequel the protagonist goes under cover in Nazi Germany looking for a second chance to hunt the European dictator. He fights his way across occupied Europe, with the Gestapo hot on his heels, allied with escaping Jews and resistance groups. In other media[ edit ] Film[ edit ] Man Hunt , starring Walter Pidgeon and George Sanders , was a Hollywood film based on Rogue Male, in which the unspecified dictator of the novel is explicitly identified as Hitler.

For this version, Pidgeon's character is named Captain Alan Thorndike. SunnyMarch, Cumberbatch's production company, is also producing.

Herbert Marshall and Ben Wright starred.House Orien The House of Passage manages land transportation.

Rogue male , Tian tian wen hua yu xian gong si in Chinese - Chu ban. Can you see light?

Another note was dropped through the manhole, accompanied by a pair of formidably dark glasses wrapped in brown paper. Banquets and statues will be raised in his honour.

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