Download complete list of books in this Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology Collection .pdf) .xls) · RSS Feed for Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology. The ERS Handbook of Respiratory Medicine, now in its second edition, is a concise, compact and easy-to-read guide to each of Table of Contents · Book Info. Murray & Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine, 6th Edition. James K. Stoller. Education and Respiratory Institutes, Cleveland Clinic.

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BOOK REVIEWS In the section on pathophysiologic considera tions, an interesting chapter describes angiog raphy of retinal and choroid vascular. PDF | On Apr 1, , Jon Ayres and others published Textbook of Respiratory Medicine, 2nd edition. Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases is a hardbound textbook divided into 29 for the computer novice) and provides a PDF-format version of the entire text necessary information regarding respiratory medicine to trainees in this rapidly.

5th Edition

It is unfortunate that Hayreh cannot concede this point, as it mars his otherwise stellar career and superlative writing. It would benefit the entire field to term this phenomenon "chronic ischemic retinopathy of carotid disease" and get on with other more important matters.

Concluding this section is a good chapter on the roles of vascular spasm and ocular migraine and another on nonembolic sources of amaurosis fugax. The section on the natural history of amaurosis fugax indicates that survival for affected males and females is less than the expected rate in a similar healthy population. The section on workup includes chapters on noninvasive vascular examinations and useful descriptions of the current methods of studying Mayo Clin Proc, April , Vol 64 extracranial and intracranial circulation.

Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology

The consensus statement at the conclusion of the book is conservative and encompasses the opinions of the many contributors. The chapter includes a practical scheme for the workup of patients with amaurosis fugax that should be consulted in all cases, particularly if therapy is being advocated.

Overall, this book is an excellent summary of the current state of knowledge of amaurosis fugax. Although the textbook is flawed with a few errors in its printing, as well as in the editorship, it is an excellent source for those who treat patients with amaurosis fugax.

Brian R. Younge, M. Murray and J a y A. Saunders Company, In the preface of this book, Drs. The net result is clearly the gold standard by which future texts on the subject will be judged.

The book is divided into three sections. Part 1 is devoted to scientific principles. Edition: 1 st Edition, May, ISBN: There has been a paucity of Indian textbooks in the field of respiratory medicine.

Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

Last year has witnessed the arrival of some high-quality indigenous publications in the field. SK Jindal Editor-in-Chief.

PS Shankar, Dr. Suhail Raoof, Dr.

Dheeraj Gupta, Dr. Ashutosh N Aggarwal, and Dr. Ritesh Agarwal are the associate editors. Jindal is known among the respiratory professionals for his quality and integrity that he has maintained. He is an eminent respiratory physician and an esteemed medical faculty.


He has done pioneering research work in several areas of respiratory medicine and has received many awards. He has been actively involved in editorial work related to various national and international publications and has been a member of many taskforce and guideline committees.

Most of the sections in this textbook have been edited by Dr.

Jindal himself assisted by a group of national and international experts on the subject. This first edition of "Textbook of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine" is dedicated to expanding human potential needed for handling the growing vastness of the field.

This book is an excellent example of planned approach to the greatest extent possible. It adopts an integrated and systematic approach to respiratory diseases. Volume I includes important chapters on respiratory physiology, microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology.The European Respiratory Society — the voice of respiratory health in Europe The mission of the European Respiratory Society is to alleviate suffering from respiratory disease and promote lung health through research, sharing of knowledge, and medical and public education.

You will discover here in-depth chapters on pulmonary manifestations of a systemic disease, surgical aspects of respiratory diseases, and descriptions on rare lung diseases that will be hardly found elsewhere.

Oxford Textbooks in Anaesthesia. Although the textbook is flawed with a few errors in its printing, as well as in the editorship, it is an excellent source for those who treat patients with amaurosis fugax. Gay, M.

Add row. It has set up a network and advisory group of patient organisations across Europe, covering all respiratory conditions. It gives evidence-based advice on a wide range of topics, including management of respiratory and non-respiratory symptoms, chronic respiratory failure, and respiratory emergencies.

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