6 Praying To Get Results Gethsemane He prayed, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my. Power Play is defined as “an attempt by a person, group or organization to .. raudone.info Power Play. magazine article. Jeffrey Pfeffer. Save; Share. Save; Share. Format. PDF Hardcopy Black & White. Format. PDF, Hardcopy.

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Acquiring real clout—the kind that helps you get stuff done—requires bare- knuckle strategies. Power Play Magazine is a german-language video game magazine produced in the s and discontinued around the turn of the century. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Power Play | If you want to get anything done in a large corporation, you need power. And it won't just fall into your lap: You.

If you want to get anything done in a large corporation, you need power. And it won't just fall into your lap: You have to go after it and learn how to use it. Many highly competent people get stuck because they're uncomfortable with that reality. Stanford University professor Pfeffer offers a primer on why power matters, how to get it, and how to use it to advance your organization's agenda-thus, not incidentally, furthering your career.

When push comes to shove, the author explains, there are several things powerful people do to prevail. They mete out resources; deploy rewards and punishments to shape others' behavior; advance on multiple fronts; make the first move; co-opt antagonists; remove rivals nicely, if possible ; avoid drawing unnecessary fire; use a personal touch; persist; attend to important relationships; and make their vision compelling.

Throughout, Pfeffer draws on real-world examples of people who exercised power skillfully to implement their plans-people ranging from the director of UCSF's breast cancer center to a successful software executive to an Indian cricket mogul.

And Pfeffer identifies three big barriers that can make you your own worst enemy unless you learn how to get over them and embrace the power you need. The most basic-and the most complicated- problem in business is figuring out how to move from a great, high-level idea to practical, operational success. In this issue's Spotlight, HBR looks at some of the most vexing strategy-execution challenges: To download this product after your download, simply sign-in to hbr.

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One group of critics in particular has repeatedly de- nounced the author for what they perceive to be an arrant over-simplification of gender politics and sexual transgression. Nor has it been uncommon during productions of the play for some audience members to hiss at Carol and cheer in the end when John beats her onstage. But not everyone sees the same thing when they go to the theatre. Another faction defends the author for his shrewd liter- ary account of the complexities surrounding specific abuses of power in academic circles.

Oh I see, now the mudslinging really begins. I am sorry, Ms. Showalter, I missed that part. I never read where Mr. Mamet claimed any such thing. You need to show me. All constituents in higher education should and do, I hope, have a serious concern for academic freedom. We all share a common interest in reducing both the incidence of sexual harassment false allegations. Tempers can run high on both sides. And theatre is, I believe, the perfect arena in which to sublimate such passion into action, only we need to thoroughly understand it first.

So might we before Fortinbras figuratively enters the stage and our final curtain falls. Rightly opposed to such an approach, Freire and legislativonistas like Boal proposed a new pedagogy that combined community theatre with social activism. Each dealt with their constituents - whether they were parents, teachers, regular theatregoers, or just kids in the street - as partners in the creation of knowledge.

Others have acted upon such themes with great effect in summer parks and amphitheaters, and so could we. And always for me theatre should be more than that. In Arena Theatre, we can invite students and professors from the audience to replace the protagonists, Carol and John, in the play. Then experiment with alternative scenar- ios. Chiaramonte 43 No one really - not even if they were not the least bit aware of the alternatives available - wants to live in a world where they either take or issue orders all of the time.

People want and deserve nobler alternatives than that. If we venture to add leadership, courage, and a modicum more imagination to our purpose, we can create better options. Ironically, those furthest remote from what really goes on in the face-to-face classrooms and consulting rooms of academe are the administrators who either govern what is taking place or vouch to protect us from it.

Sexual Harassment Will Always Be as Politically Charged in the Theatre as in the University Since sexual harassment is undoubtedly an obstruction to women and gay minorities seeking access to higher education or better employment opportunities, there are many good reasons we need to ensure that adequate provisions for due process are in order.

On the other hand, extreme advocates of feminism and political correctness might be doing a disservice to both the accuser and the accused. For instance, if they were to advance exaggerated claims by making too much of minor incidents, they would be undermining the seriousness of the matter on both sides. Abuses of power from either side need not delight everyone in the audience in order to be effective as dramatic points of spectacle and institutional debate.

Carol: You tried to rape me. Pause According to the law. Pause John Carol: My Group has told your lawyer that we may pursue criminal charges. Therein lies the rub. Angry words viscerally expressed can break your bones as well as any sticks and stones could. Destructive energy impulses directed at intimidating the emotions will suffice as violence whichever way you are prone to tag it. But it could make for a lively debate in the after-party discussion. For instance, one can readily see that even as Carol tussles to express herself, she may be revealing undercurrents that lay invisible to her, as to many of us much of the time.

Carol: No. There are people out there. People who came here. Who came here.

To be helped. So someone would help them. To do something. To know something. To get, what do they say? No big deal. Nothing to get your skirt in a twist over. Are such matters relevant and worth discussing when thinking about the present culture of higher education, or what difference would that make?

You see that in the haste, I think, with which they were accepted. A joke you have told, with a sexist tinge. The language you use, a verbal or physical caress, yes, yes, I know, you say that it is meaningless. I understand. I differ from you. John: It was devoid of sexual content. Carol: I say it was not.

Power Play

They have been led to feel entitled. Politically - socially - intellectually we have all been fed a crock. Oleanna is an indict- ment of an academic culture and needless ranking as much as anything else.

In what other occupation do we have three different job titles for the exact same job? Chiaramonte 45 in which stratified power roles and language games oftentimes make teaching injurious and learning intolerable. And what about professors and administrators bearing some responsibility for this current state of affairs? Right from the beginning of the play, John uses what every schoolgirl and schoolboy immediately recognize as the condescending tone of scholarly language, clearly meant to establish superiority.

There again, in the sec- ond scene, when Carol begins to have some leverage against him, John still feels he can dissuade her by using his finely developed rational ability. While he rants and barks, the underdog quiets herself down into a snarl. From the start of Oleanna, John never hesitates to let Carol know where she stands in his priorities. Like so many of us, he talks more than he listens. He repeatedly cuts Carol off in mid-sentence. And just when she is about to reveal an important secret about herself, he dismisses her by answering his phone.

In the final exchange, he objectifies her by using a crude epithet, which reduces her to a mere body part. Not only does Carol gain remarkable proficiency in language throughout the middle and final scenes of the play, but also she uses this proficiency to gain power over John.

On one level, by letting his guard down - by his arrogant expression of uncensored thoughts - John has inadvertently taught Carol an in- dispensable lesson in the power of language and how to wield it.

In a Mamet play, any char- acter that allows himself to be vulnerable or exposed when it comes to interpersonal com- munication becomes a loser in this house of games. For example, in Scene 2 of Oleanna: Carol You confess.

You love the Power.

To deviate. To invent, to transgress Although you say it is hypocrisy But I tell you That you are vile. And that you are exploitive.

And if you possess one ounce of that inner honesty you describe in your book, you can look in yourself and see those things that I see. And you can find revulsion equal to my own Chiaramonte 46 Carol: As full well they should.

What has led you to this place? Not your sex. Not your race. Not your class. You want me to recant. I will not recant. Why should I?

What I say is right For power. Do you understand? Simply the accusation of sexual misconduct leveled against a faculty member in most universities will result in the ac- cused being persecuted, shunned, and sent home.

More than twenty years of schooling plus another five or more in the trenches and what does that get him? A one-way ticket to Palookaville. One wonders what sort of a grade John finally gave Carol for the course.

Popular beliefs about the veracity of such arrangements vary greatly. One issue for higher education in general might be how institutional culture and communications condition our expectations and patterns of interaction.

For instance, one might ask how organiza- tional conditions contour relationships in which students and professors are actively or inactively engaged. What, if anything, can help us to understand this status quo of detachment? Perhaps there are - among the causes and challenges - signs and signals that things could be made a whole lot better, though not easily anytime soon. But it might be a stretch to imagine the collapse of the capitalist market system momentarily. Other scholars have also addressed the matter of language and the misuse of power in specific academic settings Garner, ; Silver- stein, ; Skloot, What can fairly be done in the meantime while we ask students to wait in the lobby?

In the play Oleanna, Carol expresses the belief that the purpose of higher education is to pursue absolute truths; that if she works hard enough, takes copious notes, and plays by the rules she will obtain these truths for herself Kulmala, , p. Chiaramonte 47 themselves create.

To Carol, John is not doing what he was told - at least not according to her understanding of his obligations in the role of professor. She imagines that the superior authorities he derides will have his badge unless he tows the company line. What might be done about that, I wonder? Besides caving in or playing along. According to John, the entire field of higher education is itself a cultural fabrica- tion that currently operates like any Walmart - relying upon large-scale production, tax breaks, and careful inventory control to sustain itself.

Thus he expresses nothing but con- tempt for the tenure committee overseeing his promotion up the ranks of such a Mafia- like syndicated sham. By idiots They are not a test of your worth. One irony here is that talk is cheap, although deadly, and John does not always practice what he preaches. As a result, his philosophy of education comes off as unfathomable and arrogant. Rather than helping Carol, John first ignores her, then insults her, and then - after she fights back with the very linguistic weapons he used on her in the first place - he physically assaults her.

You see? Your final argument.

Submission history

What is it that has no feelings? I have a responsibility This institution. To the students. To my group Because I speak, yes, not for myself. But for the group; for those who suffer what I suffer Who the hell do you think that you are?

You want a post. You want unlimited power. To do and to say what you want. As it pleases you - Testing, Questioning, Flirting John: I never Carol: Excuse me, one moment, will you? She reads from her notes. I saw you, Professor … You asked me here to explain something to me, as a child that I did not understand. But I came here to explain something to you.You think you can come in here with your political correct- ness and destroy my life?

Retrieved from www. Pause According to the law. You need to show me. Mamet claimed any such thing.

Barrier 2: And your book?

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