New Headway Intermediate Tests e TeachHpehaotocopi lass a pehaodst d a kbo datio unit in New Headway English Course Intermediate Student's Book. Page 1 Intermediate Student's Book Headway online for interactive Pages·· MB·29, Downloads. living in New. Each Unit Test revises the corresponding unit in New. Headway English Course Intermediate Student's Book. • 3 Progress Tests. Progress Test 1 revises Units.

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The second edition of New Headway Intermediate contains a modified syllabus and extensively updated material from the first edition. ISBN: . Headway Fourth Edition Intermediate Student's Book is available as an e-book, with interactive features designed specifically for language learners. Available. 14 Unit Tests which revise the corresponding unit in New Headway. Pre- Intermediate Student's Book. There are two versions (A and B) of each test. They cover.

In every supermarket, sales of pasta, pizza and poppadoms are booming. Why do they now like cooking in wine and olive oil? After all, this is the end of the 4 What does he like doing?

From the time of the Roman invasion foreign trade was a major influence on British cooking. English kitchens, like the English language, absorbed ingredients from all over the world—chickens, rabbits, apples, and tea. All of these and more were successfully incorporated into British dishes.

Another important influence on British cooking was of course the weather. Example I was born in All the words are to do with the world of work.

New Headway: Intermediate: Teacher's Book (including Tests)

Not all of them are used. C Hello. A Is that John Newton?

A Oh, hello. A Yes, please. B Yes, I have. I worked in Africa from to I can go to university. Not all the adjectives are used. That meal was absolutely a I download it for you. I feel 3 I never sunbathe. Example a like you would drink Would you like a drink? If he 1 I never eat sweets. I was furious, and asked them to leave.

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Think about the meaning and the and within fifteen minutes my neighbours were grammar! What a disaster! My parents agreed to let me have a party for my 4 tomorrow would to you what evening like do? They will sell them all. The letter will arrive. The film will start. Make them definite 7 Everyone is looking forward to arrangements. Example A Have you made any plans for next 8 Go on! B It might close down in a few months. A But you were here at home by yourself. Example Germany has exported thousands of cars B Yes, I know.

I said he was wasting my time and Thousands of cars have been exported then they took me to the police station. B Calm down! It seems that a house near here 2 Do you know if they have completed the tunnel yet? A And the police think you did it! B What are you doing with the phone? B They know that now.

Use the Present Perfect, the Past Simple, going to or will. Are you hungry? I was worried about you. Make a suggestion to Example You get in a taxi in London. You want to go to the Tower of London, but you are 1 point for each correct answer 8 not exactly sure when to get off.

You find that someone is sitting in your seat. You want 4 The motorway has been closed because of an Reception to provide you with some. You phone them back and find that into our house. When were you burgled? Someone calls to speak to Ms Harris and you connect the two people. Make a suggestion about what you can both do. All the words are character adjectives.

Sometimes more than one modal verb is possible. OR He could be a singer or a musician.

I play basketball. I like being a twin. She must be very shy.

He must have fallen over. B He might be at home. So am I! So here are the facts. Cunningham who has been smoking since he was eleven. And the food is awful. He wears black leather cowboy clothes and has a fondness for classic Harley-Davidson Receptionist Oh dear. How long have you been Harley-Davidson motorbikes. B Nine or ten. Example My little boy is so clever!

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That tune is so annoying. Example kick 6 Yuk! The glue tastes awful. Not all the responses are used. Drop me a line with your new address. Decide if the Could you tell me what time it is? You are introducing two people. Mark the statements true T or 8 Circle the six examples of informal language in the false F. Example Put the kettle on. I need a cuppa. A Turn the telly off. B What do you wanna do tonight then?

A We could go to the pub. There are always lots of A Women generally live six years longer than men. You owe me twenty at birth, which means that more die in infancy.

Also women do not have as much heart disease A Oh, sorry, I forgot. In terms of lifestyle, men smoke more B Well, give me a fag, then. They also drink more and are A Help yourself.

Also, they generally 2 points for each correct answer 12 have more dangerous occupations, such as building work.

Historically, women died in childbirth and men in 1 Could you tell me where the bank is? They are not all used. Example Can you tell me the time, please? Use each word once. Chris told the children to tidy their bedroom. Sally said to her son.

New Headway Intermediate Test

You want to try on a shirt. Then complete the answer in your own words. Excuse me. Are you crazy? You can download Progress Test 3 everything you want in one place.

They have been playing outside since lunch-time. Linda told Jill to shut the door and Jill Do you know where the nearest bank is? Example You been working for hours. Complain about two things that were wrong. Apologize politely and explain why you She might have fallen down were late.

Complain about two things that are wrong with the shirt. Be sympathetic and encouraging. They might have had an accident. Complain to the waiter, telling him what was wrong. Shall we go ice-skating? What did you too long.

Was it expensive?

This is … here. I got your message. Personal answer 4 lessons have you had, have you learnt Bye. Personal answer 7 Shall we go to the sales?

Is there anything I can do? I want to get out here. Can I try this on, please? My train is 4 She must have lost her dog.

The room was 2 You got married recently, 2 1 lazy 5 impatient too small and the hotel was very noisy. Jurassic Park film, but John refused. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Oxford University Press. Related Papers. By Equipo de Apoyo Quevedo.

A vocabulary syllabus concentrates on three key areas: learning new words in lexical sets; acquiring good habits for learning vocabulary; and developing vocabulary "systems" such as sound and spelling relationships. Integrated skills work is an important feature of the course. New Headway Intermediate - This new intermediate course provides approximately hours of language learning. It fits neatly between Headway Pre-Intermediate, and Headway Upper-Intermediate, and together with Headway Elementary and Headway Advanced provides a comprehensive language teaching series for today's classrooms.

New Headway Upper-Intermediate recognizes that learners at this level require a different approach to language learning. It moves away from examining language items in isolation, exploring grammatical areas in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language. New Headway Advanced is The long-awaited, totally new edition of the Advanced level, providing a real challenge and stimulus for Advanced learners.

Making Headway is a supplementary series for teachers and students of English. It is designed to complement the Headway coursEbook, but can also be used with other main coursEbooks. Phrasal Verbs and Idioms is for adult upper-intermediate learners who want to study and learn to use English multi-word verbs, prepositions and idiomatic expressions.My parents agreed to let me have a party for my 4 tomorrow would to you what evening like do? Make a suggestion to Example You get in a taxi in London.

Example kick 6 Yuk! You want 4 The motorway has been closed because of an Reception to provide you with some. Answer the door, please! What do you say?

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