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This is why you should feel free to be who you are and not feel guilty about your sexual desires. I feel my primal nature flowing through me all the time.

I act docile but I still am what I am. I say get past all the conventional crap and see who you really are with the social glitter stripped away. Accept yourself as who you are and live by it no matter what the world says is good and right because the world is screwed. Have the guts to feel the love, lust and romance in your soul and live it out to the best of your ability, even when you get old.

Bust all that energy out of yourself everyday no matter what.

Lessons on 'Life, Love, Lust' from Dr Margarita Holmes

Most people were brought up with mixed messages about sex, love and romance. I feel your pain.

I know the pain of unfulfilled horniness and the unfulfilled emotional need to be with a kindred spirit soulmate equal. I think this desire and unfulfilled need is universal and never ends. People want love and sex but it's hard to have both in a society that values monogamy only and doesn't allow polyamorous marriage licenses or sex services for sale even though we supposedly live in free societies. We have an issue of eternal horniness which is the constant state of every normal, healthy man by nature.

The real issues are: The fantasies a person has about love and sex versus their real life The free individual thinking his or her pure thoughts versus their cultural indoctrination.

The Romance of Lust: A classic Victorian erotic novel by Anonymous

Men and women are both a lot hornier than they let on yet everybody keeps it all buttoned in. I wrote this sex and love book to express what I feel as a free guy trying to find truth away from cultural indoctrination. I thought it was stupid because I'm capable of the entire range of human emotions just like any other woman and man are.

Men and women are not that different. We're all human beings.

We all share the same range and depth of emotions. You can't really make sweeping statements about gender differences in sex, love and romance. Every woman is secretly a horny slut and every guy is secretly a hopeless romantic in the privacy of their minds. What is.

There are a few grammatical mistakes but that can be sorted pretty easilly. Loved it x.

I think your book is coming along pretty nicely: D I haven't finished it yet, but so far so good. There are a few grammatical mistakes, which is totally understandable I am by no means a grammar expert.

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What I learned, what helped me a lot, is to read the sentences out loud. It helps you pick out the errors much easier.

Anyways, keep writing! This is a very sweet and realistic love story that has a lot of potential for a number of reasons - you address issues most people don't want to talk about, your dialogues are very real, and you have some excellent metaphors that make the prose live.

I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to make a few very important suggestions: First, please divide the story into paragraphs. It gets rather confusing when there are none, because Show more. It gets rather confusing when there are none, because everything runs together, and the reader isn't sure where one thing concludes and another begins. You also switched from past to present, and tenses should remain constant throughout, again, to avoid confusion.

Second - a lot of new writers like switching point of view from one chapter to the next, and I understand why this is done.

However, it makes the story very choppy and interrupts your characters' trains of thought too frequently. Perhaps try writing the whole thing in the third-person. That way, you can show both points of view within the same chapter, or express one person's POV while indicating the other one's by his or her actions and dialogue.

Love Lust, Book Two of Dream Lust Series

Other writers here have made the mistake of typing directly into the dialogue box and have lost their work when there was a blackout or glitch on the site.

I'd really like to see you finish this, because despite the mistakes that are common to all new writers, you have a good, solid story here.

With some easy edits, you can remedy the things I mentioned, and end up with something truly special. Yliana Martinez.

Anna-bell and Anthony met at a fair ground after Anna-bell's 2 best friends had dragged her out, you see not to long ago her father had died and so being the awesome friends they are they tried to get her mind off it and boy did they ever.Jessica Lemmon.

Only by doing all these can we enter and maintain relationships that are happy, healthy and satisfying. Anne M.

Today, there are many blogs, articles, documentaries, TED talks and campaigns that talk about cisnormativity and non-vanilla sexual practices, as well as the distress and confusion that accompany such misunderstood preferences and activities. Please review your cart.

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