John Searl's listed series of online books. The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a composite of many innovations and Download Pdf paper aias site. SEG – John R. R. Searl Effect Generator 28FEB, edited by PEARSCH, IAeSR. v Youtube appears to be blocking this information. Lifter Demonstrated by. 1. Mai The John Searl story – Der SEG, der auch ursprünglich unter dem Namen Searl Effekt.

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John Searl and the SEG Presentation - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. April Presentation on Professor . Searl Effect Generator Leaked - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Leaked How the SEG Operates and Eliminates Radiation. Uploaded by John Searl the Law of the Squares 4 Volumes 39pp Uploaded by. jrad. The Technology of John Searl The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a magnetic diode, and what one See Also The John Searl Story in PDF Format

The question of putting out a "cheap and easy" proof of concept for the SEG is a valid question, but unfortunately it is not possible. The very nature of the SEG depends on exact weights, measurements, materials and a complex magnetic pattern that has not been duplicated since it was used to build the original unit.

He was working at a manufacturing plant that made large dynamos or generators. He had such conviction in his theory that he was able to convince the owners to help him.

John Searl and the SEG Presentation

All he had to do is pay for the materials used in his experiment. He was given the use of the facility and the help of a number of magnetics engineers. He told them what he wanted and they made it happen. He was given all the data and methods for his records, which have subsequently been destroyed. So you see, he had a great deal of expertise at his disposal. This is the only way a 14 year old boy with a dream could have made it come true. In my mind, this was a kind of miracle, as he would have never been able to build it on his own.

We have duplicated the weights and measurements and the materials using "The Law of the Squares". We are working on the magnetic pattern.

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Once this is established, our work becomes easy and a proof of concept can be built. We have made a great deal of progress and have overcome the major problems of printing the magnetics.

We are currently testing various materials to see which will give us the best results. The building process is taking a long time because we lack the funding to work on it full time and for the cost of the materials. You might try pricing a magnetic ring about 7" in diameter and 3" high, made to specific dimensions with a tolerance of.

You will find that the cost is considerable. This is what we are up against. Everyone wants to see the SEG and know how it works and how to build it, but we are still waiting for someone to come forward with the funding necessary to build it.

This technology is real. The innermost material is Unmagnetized Neodymium Element 60 This acts as the electron reservoir and collector.

Similar to a lakebed collecting rain from the Natural environment. The 3rd layer is the uniquely magnetized Ferrite ring. The specially made magnets act as an accelerator for the electric currents. The outer most layer is Copper.

There are 8 Segments stacked on top of each other to make 1 Roller Roller. And 32 Rollers orbit the outer most ring.

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The Searl Effect is based on a unique process of magnetization where specific waveforms are imprinted onto the materials. The materials are magnetized in a way that is not practiced in today s industry, nor is John Searl s s method taught in conventional electronic engineering schools.

When those materials are in motion, the waveforms begin to interact and produce electricity. In addition to producing electricity, the S. Studies show that negative charges kill bacteria and viruses; therefore, the S.

S will promote a healthier environment than what we live in now. There is no friction because of the Eddy Currents which prevent the parts from touching. Like 2 magnets that want to repel. There is no air drag on the moving parts because the massive electric charges from the S.

This also prevents oxidation The moving parts of the S. John Searl s s magnets are much more complex. Because of the waveforms, they do Not behave the same, nor do they produce the same electricity we use to power our homes and devices today. The point is that there are different ways of making magnets which result in different behaviors and beneficial effects.

John Searl found the more power he drew from his device, the colder it got until it overloaded. If you try to draw more energy than what a Normal Generator can provide, it will heat up and break.. When John attempted to draw more power than what the SEG could provide, it got so cold that it became superconductive, developed it s s own magnetic field, and actually flew away, never to be seen again.

So So he he built built aa body body around around the the SEG SEG and and utilized utilized itit ss levitation levitation capabilities. There There were were many many articles articles written written about about John John ss projects projects and and experiments experiments over over the the years. He He lectured lectured all all over over the the world, world, wrote wrote volumes volumes of of booklets booklets and and sent sent about about newsletters. John John Searl Searl was was given given the the honorary honorary title title of of Professor Professor in in Germany Germany in in the the late late s.

He He impressed impressed the the scientists scientists who who attended attended his his lectures lectures and and taught taught them them so so much, much, they they voted voted to to give give him him aa title.

And And to to acknowledge acknowledge that that his his understanding understanding of of Electricity Electricity and and Math Math was was on on par par with with their their own. These television broadcasts showed the Levity Disc in flight and gave updates on the work being done to build a large craft.

Unfortunately, John never received the funding necessary to build a manned craft. There were articles and pictures in the Sunday Mirror, Nov.I have seen the magnetic pattern put onto a magnetic blank. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, John John never never received received the the funding funding necessary necessary to to build build a a manned manned craft.

Consisted of 5 to 10 turns of copper wire wound on top of DC-coil. With an open mind what Carr Says makes sense and he was marketing for big bucks so he would have had many secrets if true.

Searl Effect Generator Leaked

The point is that there are different ways of making magnets which result in different behaviors and beneficial effects. However, it may be necessary to polish the cylindrical surface of runners and plates. Used as a mechanical drive unit the magnets must be mounted inside a framework and fitted to a drive shaft. This will include making: a moulding equipment for production of plastic bonded magnets? Used for making plastic Magnetising equipment DC-coil Consisted of approximately turns of insulated heavy cooker wire.

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