Feb 26, [pdf]free itil v3 exam prep questions answers explanations itil foundation questions with detailed solutions download book itil v3 exam prep. 88 ITILv3 Exam Prep Questions PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Answer: C Explanation: Error Control is carried out by the Problem . The ITIL exam is very challenging, but with our ITIL questions and answers practice exam, you can feel ITIL same questions as real exam with multiple choice options. Acquiring Exin . Questions / Answers are downloadable in PDF format.

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The quality expressed in quality and costs, of the services offered C. The company strategy D. The costs and expected revenue of the service offered Answer: B What does the term 'detail level' mean in the context of the configuration management database CMDB? The location of the configuration item B.

The relationship between the different configuration items C. The quantity of the stored configuration items D.

2011 80 new ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate Sample questions and answers

The depth of the database structure Answer: D One of Problem Management's tasks is to proactively prevent incidents. The ITIL processes will ensure successful operations.

I agree with this statement I disagree with this statement Answer : B Explanation : Even though you have implemented the ITIL processes at your organisation, this will not in itself guarantee successful operations. Service Level Management will initiate such a program if the Service Levels provided is less than that specified in the Service Level Requirements.

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This is defined as the complete costs of owning an asset, which encompasses much more than the initial download cost of that asset. Problem Management should be implemented with or after Change Management.

Effective Problem Management relies heavily on effective Incident Management. Which of the following is not likely to be an input for the Change Management process? The Release Management process shares very close relations with which of the following processes? Without adequate Change Control your Configuration Information would soon be obsolete, inaccurate Configuration Data means that Changes cannot be properly assessed for impact.

What would not be a task for the Service Desk? The Service Desk carries out most of the Incident Management process steps.

This is an example of an Operational Cost? True False Answer : A Explanation : Operational costs are the daily costs of running a business and include such costs as staff costs, subscriptions, consumables etc.

True or False: With Notional Charging an invoice is produced and payment is required where as with Real Charging an invoice is produced but no payment is required?

True False Answer : B Explanation : False, Notional Charging as the name suggests is symbolic charging where an invoice is produced but no payment is required. With Real Charging payment is required.

What is the correct sequence of phases? Initiation 3. Implementation 4.

Operational Management 1. Operational Management 2.

Implementation 1.True False Answer : B Explanation : False, it usually more efficient to have the customers report less critical incidents or requests by email etc. Other chose to describer Capital Costs as costs which increase the book value of a Company where as Operational Costs do not.

Which of the following will you include? Operational Management 4. Which function carries out most of the Incident Management process. Dion Philip.

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Which of the following in the most likely transition of events? The location of the configuration item B. Of the following classifications. Change Management.

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