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Download here Highlander Most Wanted (Montgomerys and Armstrongs) Read online: raudone.info?book=X. Highlander Most Wanted and Highland Ever After by Maya Maya_Banks_-_ raudone.info Highlander Most Wanted Maya Banks Epub Free Download. Foo. Read Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks and Kirsten Potter by Maya.

In this story it starts off in the past long with the King of Sterling Castle loving this bard Archie as is one of his favorites Archie MacNab who is loved by all at court especially the ladies until he beds four of the kings favorite mistresses and impregnants all four mistresses.

Of course the king is furious which then leads to Archies downfall and King banishes him to from court to the faraway highlands and orders he is never to see the mistresses or his unborn children again. This is not Archies story so much but those of his illegitimate sons as this book 1 in the Scadalous Scots which is Sorley the Hawks story as we watch him from age 14 and then again as a man full grown and see how he changes his own circumstance but still with a lot of resentment and a chip on his shoulder or should I say a dent in his armor.

At age 14 Sorley was a bit full of himself refusing to think less of himself due to his birth circumstance and thought he could charm any lady no matter how high born he is given the direct cut and another beautiful highborn lass grabs his hand and ask for a dance. Unfortunatley her champerone and her guard run-interference and stop them from dancing at once.

For Sorley not once, but twice he gets the cut and never forgets that humiliating night and all due to his birth circumstances and his friends all given him the look of sympathy. He decides to change his circimstance as he is not allowed to practice with the other young squires so he would practice thier movements as he excelled in everything he did.

At sixteen he saves the Kings life and his circumstsnces do change as do the circumstances of the three illegitimate friends Roag the bear, Caelen the fox and Andrew the addar as they all become the Kings warriors of a secret team for the greater good.

Now as a man he is known for his superior skills on both the battlefield and in the boudoir.

Maya Banks

His main rule is no emotional attachments as he ends the relationshp when any of his bed partners who spouts words of love or feelings. Also he is still obsessed with finding his birth parents although he gave up on that loving father and son reunion as a boy he now wants revenge on their abandonment of him!

Of course his life starts to spins out of control when the beautiful highland lass,Mirabelle MacLaren he who once gave him the direct cut and doesn't even seem to remember him yet gives him a proposition that is damn hard to refuse even if she is a virgin.

As she wants him to ruin her so an so an evil corrupt unwanted suitor will not wish to ask for her hand in marriage as long as she is no longer a vigin. A man he suspects of a lot of foul play concerming missing women in the area. I hope I have given you enough to whet your appetite for this spectacular book as the writing is suberb!! I love when the writer has a true love of Scotland as Ms.

Still, her path toward freedom remains uncertain. Unable to bear the shame of returning to a family that believes her dead or to abandon others at the keep to an imposing new laird, Genevieve opts for the peaceful life of an abbess. For loving Genevieve, he discovers, means giving her back the freedom that was stolen from her—even if it means losing her forever.

Bowen Montgomery spurred his horse to a gallop as he charged up the last rise that obscured the view of the McHugh keep. Beside him, his brother, Teague, rode and they were both flanked, baffling enough, by Aiden and Brodie Armstrong. Many a Montgomery and an Armstrong were turning over in their grave at the idea of the two clans allying with one another to take up a cause. It was one involving a woman who was dear to both sides. Eveline Montgomery.

Wife of Graeme Montgomery but daughter to Tavis Armstrong, laird of the Armstrong clan, and until days earlier, the Montgomerys blood enemy. It was a task he and Teague easily could have handled themselves without interference from the Armstrong whelps, but the last thing Bowen had wanted was to start a war when Eveline was in such a fragile state after her ordeal.

Highlander Most Wanted

Bowen gave a short nod but kept his gaze trained forward as they topped the hill overlooking the McHugh keep. Twas an easy enough plan. Bowen pulled up, his horse dancing sideways along the edge of the steep rise. Beside him, Teague, Aiden and Brodie reined in their horses and stared at the keep below.

He is a liar and a coward. Their armor glinted in the sun, bounced and reflected a dazzling array of flashing beams. To those below, it must look like hell about to descend.

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The Montgomery army alone was an impressive enough sight to make the most hardened warrior flee in terror. Sure enough, another linen was unfurled, catching the breeze and fluttering wildly from the wide window cut into the stone tower.

Even if they are able to take a few of us by surprise, they would be quickly annihilated. Behind him, Brodie and Aiden let out a shout that was caught and echoed through the ranks of their men until the entire hillside roared with their battle cry. When they were a short distance from the wide open gate to the courtyard, a young lad stumbled outside the walls clutching a sword that was much too big for his small frame, and attached to the end was a crudely made white flag.

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There was no need for him to wave it because his hands shook so badly that the swatch of material flapped madly in the wind. Teague was without words as he stared dumfounded at the sight before him.

Aiden and Brodie looked to Bowen, shaking their heads the entire time. We bear no arms against you. The lad nodded vigorously.

My mum says he fled because he knew he was going to die for his sins. It resonated with anger—and fear. And then a slight figure adorned in a cape that completely obscured her features from sight appeared through the gates. She ran to the child and grasped his arm, quickly pulling him into the folds of her cape until he was hidden from view.

Only his feet stuck out. The only thing visible on the lass were her hands peeking from the long sleeves of the cape. Bowen studied them with interest as they gripped the child so tightly that they went white at the tips.

Young hands. Nary a wrinkle in sight. Aye, twas so.I actually jumped out of my chair as I read this being so thrilled and filled with happiness.

Maya Banks. Pure brilliance! And then a slight figure adorned in a cape that completely obscured her features from sight appeared through the gates. A man he suspects of a lot of foul play concerming missing women in the area. Unfortunatley her champerone and her guard run-interference and stop them from dancing at once.

We bear no arms against you.

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