“The 4-Hour Workweek is a new way of solving a very old problem: just how can we work to live and prevent our lives from being all about work. The 4-Hour Workweek PDF — Part 2 (Apologies for a few OCR typos!) The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and. The language of law school: learning to “think like a lawyer” / Elizabeth Mertz grounded in the study of the lang The 4-Hour Workweek PDF - .

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The 4 Hour Body is a guide to rapid weight loss and physical excellence. It's a great resource based on studies and Tim Ferris' personal. 4 Hour Body Cheat - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Tim Ferriss. The 4 Hour Body Summary by Timothy Ferriss presents all-encompassing and highly practical guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex, and.

Tieraona Low Dog, M. She also worried about women following his suggested two glasses of wine a day, due to the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer. As for the binges? Binge eating is by its nature an out of control act. Ferriss, then, is recommending controlled bouts of being out of control.

But how many of us really have the discipline or money to as he advises throw out all the junk food that remains uneaten at the end of our weekly day of madness?

Next, I looked into his recommendations for exercise and muscle gain. I talked with an old friend, Dr.

Could I leap tall buildings on the strength six cat naps? But we need sleep the way we need oxygen and food. There are no shortcuts. Would you want to get on a plane if you knew the pilot only got two hours of sleep a night? Glibness aside, the popularity of the Ferriss book has me concerned at a deeper level. That may seem strange, but the reality is that you do not need to eat fruits to be healthy.

The only fruits allowed in the diet are tomatoes and avocado. Avocado should be limited to one unit per day. The fifth and final rule is to take a day off per week in which you can eat anything you want in any amount.

That is not just to help you not give up; There are also benefits of weight loss. When you increase your calorie intake dramatically, you will actually help your fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate does not get slow because of the long periods of calorie restriction. You will notice that you have gained weight after your day off but as long as you follow the plan on all other days, you will lose that weight within the next 48 hours.

Beyond the diet, you can take supplements like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

4 Hour Body Cheat Sheet.pdf

You can also use different seasonings and sauces in your meals. Pepper paste, unsweetened sweeteners, olive oil, macadamia oil and grapeseed oil may also be used.

The above five rules are the basis of the 4HB meal plan. Here are two other factors that will contribute to your fat loss and muscle gain:.

PAGG is a nutraceutical that can help you in your weight loss and muscle gain. This supplement consists of 20 or 25 milligrams of policosanol, which is a plant extract to lower cholesterol, to milligrams of alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that will prevent your body from storing carbohydrates in fat cells, milligrams of green tea flavanols also known as EGCG and at least milligrams of garlic extract, which prevents fat recovery, and coats cholesterol.

It is recommended that you take this supplement before each meal and before bed. You should take it six days a week and stop taking it for a week every two months.

Consult a doctor if you have any health problem or taking any medicine, especially anticoagulants. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take PAGG. Ice Therapy: Scientific research has found that the body burns more energy when subjected to cold temperatures. One option is to put an ice pack in your upper trapezius muscle area or behind the neck for about twenty minutes every morning.

A second option is to drink at least ml of ice water as soon as you wake up, before eating anything else.

You should then have breakfast no more than half an hour later. The third option is to take icy baths for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning or before bed. Cold baths have numerous benefits, including the release of fatty acids, an increase in adiponectin, stimulation of thermogenesis, improvement of your immune system and an indirect treatment for depression. The next step is to learn how to gain muscle, which will help keep the fat away and make you feel better.

For this, we present some exercises that you can do:. Balancing with Kettlebells: It is, in fact, the only exercise you need to produce drastic changes. To properly balance the kettlebell, stand with your feet at a distance of approximately 30 cm 12 in from each other, and with your fingers pointed slightly outward. Keep your shoulders back, start swinging backward with the kettlebell while making a movement as if you would sit in a chair.

Hold your shoulders back and push your hips forward as you squeeze your buttocks. As you move forward, the thrust and weight of the kettlebell will push your arms, creating a swing. Exercises to build muscle mass: These exercises are designed to help you get in shape and improve your posture quickly and easily. Make 10 sets each with thirteen reps and as much weight as you can, except for swings with the kettlebell.

For the kettlebell, make 20 to 25 swings. Repeat the entire circuit twice. This series has different repetitions for each exercise, but the whole circuit must be repeated twice.

The abdominals are probably the most coveted muscle group, especially for men. Here are two moves you can do to set your abdominal muscles. The myotatic abdomens use their fully extended positioning and their stretch reflex to create a strong contraction. To perform these sit-ups, you need a Bosu, a Swiss ball or a pile of firm cushions.

You want to position yourself on the ball or on the cushions by sitting as close to the ground as possible. Begin with your arms stretched over your head as high as possible; Keep your arms behind or close to your ears throughout the exercise.

Then lower yourself slowly for four seconds until your fingers touch the ground, all the while trying to keep your hands off the ball. Stop at this position for two seconds, attempting the maximum elongation. Climb up slowly and stop at the top, in full contraction position for another two seconds. Do a total of 10 reps. Instead of working the vertical muscles in your abdomen like the myotatic abdominal, this exercise works the horizontal muscles known as transverse abdominal muscles TAM. To do this, stay on all fours and keep your eyes focused directly on your head or slightly forward.

Do not arch your back or strain your neck. Your abdomen should contract with this forced movement. Hold your breath and contract the navel upward toward the spine as much as you can, aiming for 8 to 12 seconds.

Take a deep breath through your nose after holding your breath.

When it comes to the 4HB plan exercises, it is important to remember that extrapolating your EMD is risky and pointless. The 4HB plan is not just about your weight and your muscles. The purpose of the plan is to reinvent your life so that you become a better person overall.

For this reason, improving your sexual performance is important. Some women say they have never had an orgasm while others say they have never had an orgasm in a sexual relationship. The goal here is for you to have an orgasm through manual stimulation or intercourse, or for you to be able to give a woman an orgasm through these methods.

A woman first needs to feel comfortable with her own sexuality and what she likes in bed. If a woman does not masturbate regularly, it will be difficult to facilitate orgasm.

If you are one of these women, you should start exploring your body for five minutes before bed or when you wake up. You will not be able to enjoy an orgasm as a partner until you can enjoy one on your own. Regarding positions that increase pleasure and induce orgasm, the penetration angle is important. By changing the angle at which the penis penetrates the vagina, you can ensure that the head of the penis contacts the female G-spot, which lies 2.

If a man inserts his index finger to the second joint palm up and makes a move up and back, as if he were calling someone, the fingertip should touch a spongy tissue. That is the G spot. Change the penetration angle so that the penis head has a better chance of coming into contact with that area. Similarly, you can change the applied pressure during sex to facilitate female orgasms. Increasing the force will allow the male pelvic bone to be in direct contact with the clitoris.

The 4 Hour Body Summary – Timothy Ferriss

That will lead to increased pleasure for the woman. Here are some positions that facilitate female orgasm:. This contact should last for exactly 15 minutes. Man, start by separating the lips and hold the clitoris with the right thumb, keeping the prepuce of clitoris upwards. Place your left hand under her butt, two fingers under each buttock, with the thumb at the base of the vagina. This will work as a support and help the woman relax.

Find the position 1 hour — ideally a small flap or pocket between the hood and the clitoris — with the index finger on your right hand and start stroking using the lightest possible touch, with a movement around the region of about 1. Increasing Testosterone in the Body: Testosterone is the male sex hormone produced in the testicles. Some men have low amounts of testosterone for many reasons.

That is usually treated with medicines, but it need not be so. There are two different methods for you to improve your testosterone levels without medications. The first is for your long-term testosterone levels. Take two capsules of cod liver oil with butterfat rich in vitamins. Take short minute ice baths when you wake up and before bedtime. You can also eat three nuts when you wake up and before bed. The second method is for the short term. Consume at least milligrams of cholesterol three hours before bed the night before sex.

Lesson 1: Oversimplify your health.

That works because testosterone is derived from cholesterol, which is mainly produced while you sleep. Also, eat four horse nuts, 20 raw almonds and two capsules of cod liver oil and butter, four hours before sex.

The next step is to reinvent yourself, focusing on improving your performance in physical activities. Improving your vertical jump: Begin by making ten conventional jumping jacks, ten with forward arms, five steps backwards on each side of your body, five steps to the side on each side, ten full leg swings, and twenty seconds of jump rope, landing on the front part of your feet and straight legs, as fast as possible.

Once you complete these exercises, you can measure your vertical jump base distance and save your results. To improve the initial average, you must first change the way you jump.

You need to use your shoulders and upper body strength to pull back. You should also leave your arms at the highest point without pulling them back. Narrowing your squatting position can also help you improve your heel.You also need to make sure you have enough vegetables to maintain your caloric intake while you are on a diet, as vegetables do not have many calories. Tim Ferris lists a few of the common mistakes people do.

The first rule of dieting is to avoid white carbs. Download PDF: I talked with an old friend, Dr. Website language: Scientific research has found that the body burns more energy when subjected to cold temperatures. Potassium Assists in preventing fatigue. The lower your hip, the better the angle to touch the G spot.

When running, keep your chin down and do not look up.

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