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What was it going to take for her to see it? Did his love have to punch her in the face? Yet, she failed to take much notice and that, unfortunately, led to a tragic ending And if you're wondering, yes, there is a cliffhanger. In this case, I liked it only because I think Ashton set it up nicely even though I must now suffer more than a year to know what happens next WHY?! Another thing I loved about Everbound was how much action was added this time around.

Whereas Everneath moved as a slower pace and it almost felt like you could feel Nikki coming out her drugged haze, Everbound is the opposite with just enough action sequences, paired with bittersweet flashback memories of Nikki and Jack. But at the same time there is this layer of urgency to get to Jack before he disappears forever.

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So many obstacles are thrown at our characters, that I started to doubt if there would be any sort of resolution because Ashton doesn't make it easy for them. After all, this is based on a Greek myth.

Remember all the tragedy, pain and suffering? Ashton really doesn't hold back and I really appreciated it. Then there is the love triangle.

And I really have to applaud Ashton for it. I know, I know. Not another dreaded love triangle. Originally, I was solidly on Jack's side, but I'm finding myself more and more conflicted as this series goes on much like I am with the Unearthly series.

There seems to be so much more to Cole than I expected. He's such a complex character and learning more about his past in Everbound had me questioning who the true antagonist is.

Cole says there are no heroes. But is he just resisting the person he could be or has he accepted his fate and role as a true Everliving?

I am unsure. All I know is that I was throughly deceived in this book. Like, egg all over my face. Feels rain down on me.

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Then by the end, ultimately, I drowned in it. Usually, I have this habit where I rate books immediately after finishing the last page and this, admittedly, leads to a lot of books having inflated ratings from me. I'm working on that.

But even after leaving Everbound's review waiting to be written for almost a week, I still feel this was an excellent second novel. I expected to find "Second Book Syndrome," but instead we have a story that significantly picked up the action, dived into more complex characterization and a conclusion that left me stunned.


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