PDF | This article intends to analyse crossings between words and the Word. Celalalt Noica-mărturii ale monahului Rafail, însoţite de câteva. I'd like to recommend the place where everyone could probably find cultura duhului rafail noica pdf to word, but probably, you would need to. Volume/Issue: Volume 4: Issue 1. First Online: 10 Apr Page Count: – DOI: raudone.info Open access. Download PDF.

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Father Rafail Noica, son of the great Romanian philosopher. Constantin . Rafail , Celalalt Noica – mărturii ale monahului Rafail, însoţite de câteva cuvinte de. Download PDF from Scribd for Mozilla Firefox Right Clik- 8 Sept CELALALT NOICA EPUB DOWNLOAD – Celalalt noica scribd downloader. Best and Free. Schools 5 - 10 9 Cf. Celălalt Noica. Mărturii ale monahului Rafail Noica înso ţite de câteva cuvinte de folos ale părintelui Symeon, Bucureşti, Editura Anastasia.

If someone tries to fight this, I will take this to Request for Mediation.

And I daresay this ethnocentric view would lose. Wikipedia generally does not look kindly on people trying to say that their countries or institutions hold a more special or holy place among others.

Crculver , 11 Jan UTC Against active ignorance and ideology-based stickers, unsubstantiated and really mean[ edit ] I have attempted to show Have you attempted to edit the article, or to find anything pertinent, about the subject matter?

Mediate what? Mediation works with good will partners. You only attempt, by your own admission, to offer a party line. We need serious contributors here not supervisers. If you want to supervise, simply find something you are competent in, or only comfortable with. I will not take the tag you want to stick to me. If you want to write a neutered, castrated, touristical brochure please remember this is an encyclopedia.

This is written by experts, for anybody to judge, not by commissars of the Wiki people who want to promote the new Stalinism.

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I have spoken to several Who are they? Can't they speak for themselves? Can't you be serious? What's that? A menace, an argument, or a scholarly debate?

Or a fact? So we don't take this into consideration. However, the scholarly community has overwhelmingly held that the Church in Romania dates from a later time I never heard a more blatantly stated half-truth. Is this good will? On exactly what do you base your opinion? Put data and knowledge where your mouth is! Ah, I see.

So you don't care to know anything about the article and you only want some POV to prevail. Well, in this case it's all clear and settled. Go [NPOV here]. Who are you to say that? Are you a prophet, a collaborator or just a troll?

Why don't you sign your contributions with some credentials. As a whole, for things you either don't care to understand, or you don't want to be understood outside your self-centered, egotist, indeed manic point of view, we don't have arbitration, we have disinterest.

We really are not interested in your guesswork and your asking around. If you can edit something pertinently, in good will, with at least some proof of interest, or even if only you can argue, using facts and reason, please go ahead.

If not, do not, please also do not make me lose time with your "stickers" and name calling game. I will only answer arguments based on data from you, since I really have no time to lose with ideological komissars promoting the POV of the party line against "the opium of the people".

This makes Wikipedia a Fictionary where someone wants to rewrite everything without the notion of truth. With love in Christ, Cleanup[ edit ] Being not an expert, I nevertheless find the article rather unclear.

The very old history claimed is in stark contrast to the autocephaly. At least the status before autocephaly should be better explained. In the article and on this page! In brief, the Romanians were Christianized during the Roman Empire and were then isolated from the rest of the Christians until around the 11th century, when Byzantine Orthodoxism was adopted. In , after the Romanian independence was gained, the Church separates itself from Byzantine Orthodox Church and becomes "autocephalous".

Bogdan Talk , 12 Jan UTC This is downright wrong, and corresponds to a hmm, let's say, what, a "sixth grade" reasoning? Frankly, my fellow citizen, could you care to explain in writing using a language of reason, how could Christians in a whole country be isolated for eleven centuries? This scandalous argument was used by Roessler, a reactionary "historian" to deny Romanians the right to exist. Nothing is isolated in this world, and Christians neither. Bogdane, you may wish to study some bibliography before making irresponsible communications in public.

What about the Epistle to Diognet? I don't know what you mean by Byzantine Orthodoxism, perhaps you care to explain this in terms of Orthodoxy.

Also, I presume you know about the Schism. Before, everybody was Orthodox except for heretics. Lastly, I don't understand the quotation marks in autocephalous. The sequence of tenses in English, used properly couldn't hurt either if you care to express rationally. All in all, Bogdan, it's time for you to grow up to the task and be a responsible editor. Two links were dead at the time of my testing. Some links have no content at all about the Romanian Orthodox Church.

I dunno why the previous "trimmers" used such "logic" as scissors.

I leave to them, since I think it's up to them to mend the fences, and not only the logical thread which they cut. On the other hand, I should have been more careful with logic myself. The logical thread is now broken. In fact, the only thing which still seems clear at this point in time and I take the opportunity to answer your kind suggestions is autocephaly.

Theologically, the Church is something different than an institution. Canonically, it is an institution and therefore there are laws, dependencies, and relationships of an institutional kind, to which the ROC abide. The article should have made the point, and explain the canonical and the theological standpoints clearly. See you soon again here, in the limits of time in this crazy world!

It is the Body of Christ in this world. Canonically, the Church is an institution and therefore there are laws, dependencies, and relationships to which autocephaly corresponds. This explains why the Romanian Orthodox Church, a national church since the Romanian nation exists, needed autocephaly after the independence of the Romanian state, and also why this Church is as old as Christianity itself.

Unique to Romanians are a number of theological and canonical features: Although this is not always recognised by the outside world, Romanians regard their church to be the first national, first attested, and first apostolic church built by the Apostles themselves in Europe. This not a matter of pride, but an opportunity to pursue a spiritual mission in the world which is uninterrupted since the times of Jesus Christ Himself, as carried on by Saint Paul, and saint Andrew.

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The stabilizing compensator is assured by the way of a linear quadratic optimal procedure. Even among ethnic Romanians there are thousands of Uniate Catholics and, especially among the youth, atheists. It comes with these features: - Upload many files at once from your desktop. Ursu and I.

An advanced resource.

Lastly, I don't understand the quotation marks in autocephalous. If you can edit something pertinently, in good will, with at least some proof of interest, or even if only you can argue, using facts and reason, please go ahead.

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