Manage your business anytime, anywhere with the Booker Mobile App! Our completely revamped app makes it easy for Booker customers to: • View and. It provides local service businesses with a way to help them run their businesses from a smartphone, tablet computer or a laptop or desktop PC. With Booker. Booker simplifies spa and salon management with Online Booking Software. Discover why Spas & Salons trust Booker to manage scheduling, integrated.

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Booker Logo. Sign in to Booker. e.g. BeSalonandSpa2 What is this? Your Booker Booker Software Inc. | Privacy. Warning: Booker does not support Internet. Square's appointment software and app shows your calendar, services and pricing. Send custom Let customers book online 24/7. All your services are. Easily block websites and apps on your computer, phone, and tablet with Freedom. The original and best website and internet blocker - Freedom blocks.

Kennel booker is one of the best systems we have found for our kennel! Whenever we have an issue their staff is quick to find a solution and add plug ins to tailor it to our needs. I tried a few different sites but as soon as I tried this one I knew it was going to be good. With Stephen's help, it's perfect for our business and it's extremely easy to use which is great as we need something quick and reliable.

I like that Stephen is constantly looking to improve the software which is great for us. I am excited to use Kennelbooker to it's full capacity, especially with the new updates coming soon. Overall, I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for easy to use software, value for money and great customer service.

Excellent program and has everything I need to run my business I must of looked at 10 plus kennel programs before choosing Kennel Booker. I am so glad I did choose KB.

Very easy to use and train staff on. Stephen is very good to work with, always happy to hear your ideas and take them on board and add it the program. Online payment system talks perfectly to the customers booking. I am also looking forward to new features what will be added in I wish I found this program years ago!! This is an incredible program with amazing customer support!! I'm still working on using all of the options properly but with the great support I think I'll figure it out before long.

Its much easier than any others I have tried. One huge bonus is it auto updates to my google calendar on my phone! My customers love it and think its really easy because all they need to know is their email and no need to remember a password.

If you are looking for a booking software stop looking now and use this! The Best Kennel Software Ever! We started using this Kennel Booker after trying a few others that claimed that they were easy to use and had great support - which was never the case.

We lucked out and downloadd this product. The best thing we could ever do for our new and growing business. Customer Service could not be better, and if I think of something, a simple email and normal response is within 15 minutes, if not sooner. Software is easy to use and price is great! Records can be scanned in or entered manually. Thank you Stephen and crew for always being here for us, you make our business your business!! Skip the rest, this program is the best hands down.

I tried several highly rated programs before luckily finding kennelbooker. As someone who mainly uses a mobile to work, I have to use the computer most of the time anyways.

Control distractions. Focus on what matters.

Hoping this system gets better over time, as we are mandated to use this for our business at present. The app is awful. I have to text my coworkers to view my schedule for me sometimes because this app is awful. Just get square. I never really write reviews but booker wastes so much of my time daily that I needed to. Please fix your app. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Should say somewhere - at the end if you do not get a pop up saying Thank you for your appointment - you are missing information or your selection didn't go through. I wish there was a more integrated system for marketing that allows target marketing, I didn't like having to download yet another system like Mail Chimp and now HireFredrick. Really gets very expensive. Thank you for using Booker and for your thoughtful feedback.

We've put a lot of effort into helping the system run faster with greater stability so hopefully you're seeing those improvements. Happy to hear that it's working so well for you overall! Ashely from Pinnacle Investigations.

Booker is a godsend for so many salons. It is very user-friendly and they have implemented the use of embedded training videos for all the features; this is a wonderful tool and works very well for people who are visual learners, which most stylists happen to be.

For salon managers and owners, Booker offers a variety of tools: The downside to being a web-based software: Booker has been awesome enough to provide a separate website where they allow you to report issues of the system being down and also announcing known issues.

Their customer service makes up for this issue.

Booker Software

Crystal from Emerson joseph. Booker is always breaking on the busiest days, unreliable. Booker does help us with booking appointments. Our clients really enjoy online booking, however i saw there is going to be an update in the next week. I will be curious to see how quickly they ruin what already works Crystal - Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to leave a review for Booker!

We're so happy to hear that your clients enjoy our online booking features. We also want to thank you for providing constructive feedback on certain features that you feel are not working up to your standards. I will relay this information to our product development team so they are aware of the issues you are experiencing. We truly value your feedback and your business.

Stay tuned for future updates - we're always evolving the product. Thank you! So there is no perfect product, including Booker, BUT About 2 years ago, we became very frustrated with horrible customer support from our current solutions—they literally did not have a phone number to reach a real person in any circumstance.

The role Booker would play for us was mission critical so I did some serious due diligence before selecting Booker. I created a massive feature spreadsheet that compared the 4 top contenders. Booker and one other option appeared to be the best on paper. So I called Booker and grilled that sales person for literally 3 hours about all the nuances of Booker.

She was cheerful and knowledgable I think her name was Erica and answered pretty much all of my questions. We have over 60 employees, so training and switching our software backbone is a huge hassle—you really want to choose the right long term partner so you don't have to deal with all that work again.

I'd say Booker gets 98 out of issues and features. It is very elegant and thoughtfully designed and a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis. So much more robust and clean that our previous patched together solutions. Yes, on the rare occasions when the Booker servers go down for an hour at 3pm, you will curse their name, but you will also quickly forgive, because no cloud based solutions has perfect uptime, and this cloud based solution is soooooooo much better than our previous desktop apps.

Yes, we push the limits of the features.

But so far, Booker appears to still be the best available option. Side note: Robert Schmidt in support is a rockstar and really gave us a lot of good advice and strategic insights related to using Booker. They really know their stuff and try hard to help you. And they don't speak English as a 3rd language or live in Bangladesh!

Well thought out, elegant interface. Feels like they are resting on their laurels with features—slow to fix or add features. Lori from Plumyumi Day Spa and Boutique. The ability to serve multiple locations and the ability to book appointments and sell retail simultaneously.

I like the fact that Booker can be used for multiple locations and is helpful with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics.

I can use the data to determine what I need to do differently regarding sales, promotions, etc. I can also use the data to determine what services, promotions, etc. The customer support is lacking. It has been so frustrating to speak to so many different reps. The notes they take and calls they log has been very inconsistent, making follow-through to a resolution impossible.

Even when issues have been pushed through to technical support or the development team, we have gotten little to no helpful feedback. I feel the software could use some updating to improve on the ease of use. Mostly, I feel customer support reps should be trained to actually offer "support," rather than offer a "pat" answer and such as, "This is not a Booker issue," or "I can't really tell you why that is happening, call us again if the problem reoccurs.

In all fairness, our particular "case," which includes many different issues has been escalated to someone in management, but this has taken several months. I have been using Booker for several years now. I use it not only to run my business but to manage my life! I love that a little cupcake is displayed next to a client's name on the schedule when their birthday is near so I can remember to ask about their plans and make them feel special.

This kind of thing makes clients want to keep coming back! Love the app as well as a quick reference.

Customer service is rapid and always more than helpful. With a few more modifications and minor improvements, I would rate this company 5 stars! Thanks, Booker! There are a few bugs that still need to be worked out, especially with the app. Sometimes I have to cancel an appointment instead of just adjusting it, and then the client gets confused about the cancellation email. Also, I'm confused about the referral program. I recently referred a friend and she signed up.

I have heard nothing back about it. Thank you so much Sara for your feedback and for using Booker. We're so glad that it's working for you! We'll be in touch about the referral issue, or contact support booker. Great Technology for Salons that want to scale and grow. Online Booking. Flexibility with using Rooms vs. Ability to manage all aspects of clients and employee data.

There's a lack of Sales Funnel Integration with Frederick i. Currently, i'm using Clickfunnels and other email software to close that loop to create email sales funnels as well as other sales funnels from paid traffic sources.

Digital Marketing is the future of all businesses and a crucial component of that is Sales funnels from organic traffic and paid traffic from FB ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads to enter into Sales Funnels. We have been doing that manually using Clickfunnels and Other Email Software providers.

Scheduling, moving, canceling, and changing appointments is easy. We are able to schedule, complete orders, keep up with client profiles, and take inventory with ease. It gets the job done for our spa and we rely on it completely! It was a great software choice for us. We would not use anything else. I love the client profile.

With this feature, we can see everything we need to know about the client's appointment when we print out the itinerary for the day. This way, we have all of the up-to-date info for the client and mistakes are less likely to be made.

I love that. I would love to see the "document storage" feature to become compatible with tablets and phones. I would like to see our service providers be able to look at their phone or tablet and see their clients profile before they perform their service.

I love that we have gone paperless and have stored all of our Client Intake Forms on Booker, but I would like to see easier access to them. Valerie from Body Harmony, Inc.

It has helped me to professionally organize my spa connecting me with staff and business and clients all in one package. VERY professional and it helps to make my business shine on all levels. There are a few suggestions I have had that are business needs would make things easier and was never able to resolve working them out. They are still I consider serious concerns.

There is nothing available to meet those needs, so I just modified and tweaked and moved on. Hi Valerie, We are so very happy to hear that Booker has helped you to run and grow your business for so many years. Thank you so much for your great review. In terms of product suggestions, you can always send these to support booker. You can register here: Hope this was helpful! Thank you, Aly. Vanessa from Hair Etc by Vee.

Still Using Booksmart?

I love the loyalty points for my clients to be able to earn, I love being able to precharge and charge for no-shows as well as charge premiums for certain days of the week. And all of this happens while I focus on doing hair.

I do not have to sit around and do anything but set it up. They give you a training call and help you with the features and setup. I learned it quickly but if I have a question I can simply call and speak with someone promptly.

I did have it once before and cancelled because of the price, then I came back because I found they were going to integrate with the clover mini as I already had one but it still hasn't worked out for that. I'm really waiting for that feature. Its just all around inclusive just somewhat costly.

Wish add-ons were visible to clients and can be set individually to desired service. Also client facing terminal is needed. Hate having to manual input charges outside of the system.

I have to have 2 different merchant processors because of the issue with the clover. App works horribly for taking appointments over the phone.

Access and sync your files anywhere

Deposits cannot be charged so I have to go into the browser version from my tablet. Michael from Cherry Lash Lounge. So there is no perfect product BUT We've run our beauty business for 8 years now using a variety of non-integrated systems including AppointmentQues and Intuit POS.

About 2 years ago, we became very frustrated with the total lack of customer support from our current solutions'they literally did not have a phone number to reach a real person in any circumstance. We have over 60 employees, so training and switching our software backbone is a huge hassle'you really want to choose the right long term partner so you don't have to deal with all that work again.My business is a little unique in some areas and Stephen was on the ball helping to tweak the software to match our needs.

Booker lets businesses undertake all manner of daily tasks, including booking customer appointments, processing payments, managing employees, tracking inventory, and building long-term customer relationships. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. We have been doing that manually using Clickfunnels and Other Email Software providers.

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