Editorial Reviews. Review. "A high-five to Chloe Neill for keeping this long running series so fresh and clever. The Chicagoland Vampire Series is, hands down. Get Free Read & Download Files Blood Games Chicagoland Vampires 10 Chloe Neill PDF. BLOOD GAMES CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES 10 CHLOE NEILL. free download blood games chicagoland vampires 10 chloe neill repair pdf manual download rebirth of a nation the making of modern america 1st.

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Also available as: Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. But even though Merit has had wild adventures, this may be her deadliest yet A killer is stalking Chicago, preying on humans and leaving his victims with magical souvenirs. Can Merit find the killer before she becomes a target?

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Blood Games

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Darkness Shatters: Book 5. Bound by Flames. Misplaced anger, throwing up walls, trying to misdirect the issues—all so real! And Chloe Neill continues to prove my point time and again in this series. Thank you for making Methan feel real, for not taking the easy way. By the by, Merit handled herself beautifully through this, and Zee and I are going to explore that more in a later post. We were all so angry at Mal, because what she did was despicable and selfish.

Just a bit. Then in Biting Bad she was so contrite, so worried about relapsing when she used magic that I knew she was truly seeking to make things right.

In Blood Games, Mallory lays herself bare by baldly telling Merit that she misses her, needs her friendship, and wants to spend more time together. A few random, non-spoilery things that delighted me in Blood Games: Merit dances.

Merit and Jonah attend a Con.

Hilarity ensues. It was only a matter of time before Chloe Neill, a frequenter of Cons and conventions, took Merit to one. Ethan and Luc have a bff spat. So yea, Merit being all alpha about Ethan's safety only made him come across as a coddled, damsel in distress weakling. There's nothing remotely attractive about a hero who runs to safety whilst the heroine endangers herself for him.

Blood Games

Any growth they had together as a couple went out the window. Ethan was back to his lying, distant, douchey self… And instead of Merit properly challenging him, she either begged for some sort of communication or waited submissively to the side whilst he stopped acting like a melodramatic teen.

Honestly, it was like reading a YA novel the way he was acting, and his secret wasn't even that big a deal… The fact he couldn't trust Merit with it showed how little he thought of her. What was most irritating was when Merit basically accepted that Ethan was old and couldn't change his ways, thus she would bend and compromise and put up with any half truths, manipulating, and lying he did in the future. So yea, Ethan will get away with not sharing and opening up to Merit whilst she gives all of herself to him… since when have one sided relationships been romantic or healthy?

Why don't the so called heroes ever get called out on their double standards and hypocrisy?

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Why don't they love the heroines enough and put as much into the relationship as the heroine does? Why can they act like douches and be forgiven straight away whilst heroines are punished for smaller things? Nicole was kind of the only one who turned out half decent, but even then she had to resort to blackmail, threats, and slyness to achieve her goals, and at the end it was made clear that she was sneaky and untrustworthy… Heaven forbid, a female leader who doesn't turn out crazy or evil or incompetent.

Apparently women in power don't know how to do their jobs or are crazy.

See a Problem?

Her best friends were meant to be Mallory and Lindsay yet they shared very few scenes together compared to the male characters. Merit didn't even mention her mum or sister more than once, yet her dad and granddad got loads of mentions in comparison. Also, all the various female hating going on was tiresome especially when Merit got along with all the guys.

Why don't the RG tell Merit and Ethan to piss right off, they're only interested in themselves, Merit's not even a proper member. She's done nothing for them that doesn't involve Ethan or her House, the members are meant to be there for other Houses but she only cares about using them for herself… That would be fine if she and everyone else didn't act like she was such a wonderful speshul little snowflake.

I also didn't need to know what Ethan's eyes looked like every 5 seconds or what outfit he was wearing, it was irrelevant. Everyone else came last. Her friendship with Mallory no longer seemed genuine, it was like Merit only experienced emotions when it came to the menfolk.Merit witness's a shifter shifting into his animal.

This time she is forgiven especially for the "Merit waking up hungry" scene. Merit, as Sentinel, is supposed to be protecting the House ruler Sullivan. It was clear she thought they were nothing but shallow twits and that she was better than them.

The Cadogan family is the best. I have never before been so dumbfounded and upset about a cliffhanger ending. Enabled Page Flip: Both story lines were better than the last book, in my opinion, and I just personally enjoyed "the little details" that Chloe sprinkled in better this time too. The day after the break-up, Sullivan's old mistress Lacey Sheridan shows up.

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