WORLD OF WARCRAFT Long ago, on the idyllic world of Draenor, the noble orc RISE OF THE HORDE An original tale of magic, warfare, and heroism based. Though the young Warchief Thrall ended the demon curse that had plagued his people for generations, the orcs still wrestle with the sins of. just looked on my Nook and I'm quite surprised that with all the Warcraft titles that are available for download on it, RotH isn't one of them.

World Of Warcraft Rise Of The Horde Ebook

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World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde (Warcraft: Blizzard Legends) - site edition by Christie Golden. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC. World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde - Ebook written by Christie Golden. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. "World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde " by Christie Golden Click Here To Download >>> World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde Overview - Though.

You also talk too much. I've got it from here. If you liked the movie, you will find this book confusing. If you didn't like the movie, you'll find this book equally confusing only it will make more sense.

This is a story the Warcraft movie novelization re-did. And I don't like when that happens. It's an alternate universe. A piece of the story told in a different way. Major consequences are still the same, but the story is way off. Like a scholar finally sat down with you and told you the history as it really happened.

You can choose to ignore the ramblings of that drunken bard from Mary's Tavern. Although everyone seems to believe him. So who's lying here? It's Star Wars all over again. The scholar Disney comes in, telling you how Leia and Han had a kid called Ben who becomes some Kylo Ren, but deep inside you know they have three kids, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin, as you remember many of their grand adventures.

This book is the victim of the history rewriting. It's painful for me to see so many things changed just to fit better with some new grander agenda. I know how well Golden can write. I read over 10 of her books. Not one of her masterpieces.

Also, she committed a nearly unforgivable audiobook sin. She narrated her own work. There are some things you just don't do unless you're very experienced or very entertaining.

She's neither. Also 2, she re-wrote this book 10 years later in a completely different way, confusing just about everyone.

If the scholar keeps telling new stories, many people will believe him. These new stories are better told, with more shiny details. And young people don't learn anything from history anyway. But old people will still trust the words of the drunken bard from Mary's Tavern. View all 11 comments.

Nov 22, Leeanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: World of Warcraft: The book is enjoyable, the plot is pretty solid, and the characters are spot on. In the author biography, Golden states that she is a World of Warcraft player and it shows - there are little things thrown in that any Warcraft player will appreciate. Each chapter starts with a brief introduction from Thrall, the current chief of the new Horde.

He is writing the history of the old Horde, World of Warcraft: He is writing the history of the old Horde, the Horde that destroyed their own world and invaded Azeroth, the Horde that perpetuated genocide on the draenei and slaughtered the humans.

"world of warcraft"

The story of the orcs starts with a noble race, living peacefully on Draenor. The orcs have coexisted with the draenei for hundreds of years, ever since the draenei arrived on Draenor fleeing from their ancient enemies. While the orcs take pleasure in hunting animals and bloodlust, they are not killers and have a culture, family groups, a belief system. But all that changes when the Burning Legion turns a key orc to their side, and he leads the orcs on a terrifying descent into madness.

Only one clan stands apart, the Frostwolves; their leader Durotan watches helplessly as the orcs are corrupted by demons. Golden depicts this tale with plenty of emotion; I felt for Durotan's situation. How many of us have watched someone do something we know is wrong, but we can't change their minds? Most of us have, I'm sure. The story is known, especially if one is a Warcraft player; but Golden fleshes out the story very nicely. How many Warcraft players have visited Durotar, or Orgrimmar?

The figures these places are named after, Durotan and Orgrim, are key characters in this book.

The additional background detail it provides will delight any Warcraft player; this is one of my favorite novels based on the universe - I've read all of them, and read them all multiple times.

Oct 27, Kenchiin rated it really liked it. Yes, that was a pun.

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View 1 comment. Jan 01, Christine rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: WoW players and lore lovers. I loved it. I've been playing WoW for six years now and have always loved what little compared to how much of it there actually is, anyway hints of the story I got from reading the quests and listening to the NPCs talk, but I wanted to learn more. That's when I decided to begin reading the novels, and I don't regret a moment of it. This book really brings you closer to orcs and draenei alike read: I re-rolled an orc shaman right afterwards.

Golden does an excellent job at bringing their bruta I loved it. Golden does an excellent job at bringing their brutal, and often tear jerking, struggles to life.

The story recounts back to the days of Durotan, Thrall's father, and the trials the orcs go through to eventually reach Azeroth. Evidently, Thrall has acquired much information through an old friend of his father's Drek'Thar , and has decided to put the story of the orcs down on paper. He tells us of the life of the orcs before their corruption by the Burning Legion and what little was known of the mysterious draenei.

But he also recounts the tale of how the two races became enemies, despite their previously peaceful coexistence.

It is an amazing tale of strength, determination, and knowing when to keep your mouth shut to save those you cherish most. If you've played any Warcraft games, this book will give you that, "Oh, I know that guy!

Even if you haven't played, this is a good place to start.

La tragica vicenda relativa alla corruzione degli orchi vista sin dal principio, ma non solo P triste storia dei draenei guidati dal loro profeta Velen.

Lancerei un urlo alla Grom Hellscream quello nella copertina… particolarmente azzeccata per la gioia. A questo giro a Ner'zhul hanno fatto le scarpe: May 15, Mamen B. En este libro Golden nos presenta a Durotan y Orgrim, con sus correspondientes clanes, que son dos orcos que se hacen amigos a pesar de las diferencias.

Kil'Jaeden y posteriormente, el demonio Sargeras. Como el anterior, lo recomiendo si gustas de la historia y el lore del mundo de Warcraft, porque si no, esta novela y la anterior es bastante simple tanto en argumento como en escritura.

Jun 15, W.

Chronologically, "Rise of the Horde" is the first entry into the lore of Warcraft. It peers into the Draenor, the change of relations between Orcs and Draenei, the foundation of the Horde, and prepares the stage for the first Orcish invasion of Azeroth. Christie Golden does a good job telling the tale. Characters like Durotan, Orgrim, Ner'zhul and Gul'dan are well described, their personalities coherent with their actions. Although the pace is rather quick, since the short book spans a solid numb Chronologically, "Rise of the Horde" is the first entry into the lore of Warcraft.

These should also expect certain treats, with the description of familiar game elements, such as the Warlock pets and spells. The prose is good, and the introduction offered in Thrall's voice before each chapter presents an interesting view point of the events taking place. Although it's hard to be surprised with the book's ending, since you're clearly shown the characters' intentions, it is still a very pleasant story, satisfactory for both fans of the renowned computer games, or for complete newcomers.

But if you are familiar with the characters, and have visited the mentioned places in-game, I think you will enjoy it quite a bit. I did.

World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde

If you are brand new to the World of Warcraft books, this is a pretty good place to start. It tells the story of how the conflict between the peaceful and harmonious orcs and draenei occured in Draenor, and why the portal to Azeroth was created. Mar 20, Nic rated it it was amazing. Personal Response I am a fan of the World of Warcraft universe.

I started to read this book awhile back but never finished it; not because I had not liked it but because due to time spent elsewhere. I loved the book.

Being that I was a World of Warcraft player I fell in love with the story, and this book gave me a chance to dive deeper into the lore.

Knowing that the universe around World of Warcraft is much bigger than many people think. Plot The book was written in a way to predate Azeroth. It started when the Orcs and Draenei lived in peace.

The Orcs were natural inhabitants of Draenor, they were a shamanistic people believing in the elements and spirits of ancestors. The Draenei where an alien race chased away from their homeworld be evil beings of the Burning Legion. Relations between the two races quickly diminish when mysterious Being appears to a young shaman named Ner'Zhul.

This Being promises to help his people. The first to Drink was the mightiest warrior of all the clans Grom Hellscream, all the orcs then follow him. Than the Orcs normal skin turned to a demonic shade of green and their eye to blood red. They slaughtered the Draenei wiping out whole cities, none were shown mercy.

The Being Told them of a way to make portals to other worlds to turn the Orcish Horde loose upon. This then leads into the other novels and the beginning of Warcraft I.

In the beginning all Ner'zhul wanted was for his people to be safe. Throughout the story Ner'zhul became corrupted and power hungry. This told how power twisted and changed the two.

Setting The book took place on a foreign world of Draenor. Draenor was home to the Orcs. Draenor was divided based off what clans controlled certain parts of Draenor such as the Frostwolf Clan controlled the north, and the Shadowmoon Clan controlling the south. Draenor was described as vast in size and gave much room for wars that were waged of its continents. Draenor had tall mountains and open prairies which lead to many interesting conflicts.

The book took place many years before any of the events of the Warcraft Games. The events of the book took place after the events of the War of the Ancient. Theme The theme of the book was how the shadow of evil can corrupt anyone. The theme also was to set up the beginning of Warcraft and it gave the backstory to the universe. The book served as a tool for players from the World of Warcraft universe to had become more involved with the lore.

The book gave meaning behind many things that happened in the game and a back story to events untold in the games or other places. Real life sucks :- The series curse continues. Every single one I loved in the past and continued reading in turns to shit bad for some reason.

Chronologically, this book takes place before Tides of Darkness and its end is the beginning of the Horde invasion of Azeroth and the start of battles with the Alliance. Like in the movie?! Very much not like in the movie.

Reading this felt strange. I've never been in such a bloody war, but I can Back to Goodreads after over two months. I've never been in such a bloody war, but I can imagine something like this: Being on the battlefield for years, fighting the losing battle. Then, years after, discovering the Tome of History and reading about everything you experienced but somehow different. Victors write the history and, in this case, it has been twisted to suit some other agenda.

The sole reason this book felt weird all the time I've been reading it is the fact it was written back in ! This was the original lore, shaped by the game and companion books to then be almost completely abandoned and reshaped into something else for the shooting of the first movie ten years later just to be able to present the Warcraft saga to as many people on the planet? You also talk too much. Blizzard Legends. Published October 15th by Blizzard Entertainment.

Rise of the Horde: Rise of the Horde No.

Christie Golden ,. L'ascesa dell'orda Paperback. Narodziny hordy World of WarCraft, 2. Published February 15th by Wydawnictwo Insignis. Der Aufstieg der Horde site Edition. L'Ascension de la Horde Paperback. L'ascension de la Horde. Rise of the Horde ebook. L'ascension de la horde site Edition. Published November 5th by Blizzard Entertainment.Stormrage book Set after WotLK.

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Partner Games. site Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The reader only spends a limited amount of time with the Draenei so it is be expected, but their genocide has more gravitas on the side of Orcs rather than them. The Well of Eternity.

More Details And young people don't learn anything from history anyway. It was great to find out the background story of how the Orcs arrived in Azeroth and why they are enemies of the Humans and Alliance.

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