Answer ID | This article explains how to reset a My Book Live or My Book My Book Live and Duo Online User Guide and Solutions WD SmartWare. Hello all, when trying to download the software ISO from the site for the 2TB MyBook Live, i get the whole MB file downloaded but see no. wireless network using WD SmartWare™. Every time you you log in, WD 2go mounts My Book Live to your computer like a local drive and provides access to.

Western Digital My Book Live Smartware

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raudone.info: WD My Book Live 2TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS Share Files Automatic backup with WD SmartWare for Windows; Compatible with Apple. download from Scan - 1TB Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage WDBACGHCH-EESN, MB/s Read, G-bit LAN, WD SmartWare. Western Digital des gammes My Book, My Passport, My Book Live, My Cloud et My My Book Elite USB Go (+ WD SmartWare) (WDBAAHECH) .

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To recover encrypted data, our engineers image as much of the hard drive as possible, then decrypt the image. In this data recovery case, recovering data from this Western Digital NAS array would present a challenge for our engineers.

The drives were healthy. Or, rather, they had been before the client accidentally reformatted them. Hard drive damage comes in two flavors: physical and logical.

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Physical, obviously, refers to actual physical damage to a drive. These hard drives had been logically damaged by the accidental reformat performed by the client.

This data lost due to logical damage could have been anything—filesystem metadata, actual files, etc. It took some hard work to work around the SmartWare encryption on both drives.

But the experts in our data recovery lab were able to persevere. This case ranked a 9 on our ten-point case rating scale.

Longer version: As we, the computer-savvy netizens of the physical world, continue to amass more and more digital media and create endless bytes of data, storage has become increasingly important in our everyday lives.

Thus, it came as no surprise when Western Digital recently overhauled its entire external drive lineup with password protection, encryption, and built-in backup software.

The drive is the same height as its predecessor 6. The drive also has a new illuminated capacity gauge and an icon showing whether the drive has been locked via password with encryption. The faux book shape may not be for everyone, but it does hide rather nicely if you put actual books remember them?

Generally speaking, the drive is pretty quiet, although there is the usual buzz and hum during large backups. When you first plug it in it is going to ask you to install some software. To do this go to this website.

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Once there you have to select the version of WF Mybook you own. In my case it is just the plain jane MyBook drive.

Click wether you are on a PC or Mac. I chose PC. You are going to need to click the utilities button on the right side of the screen See screenshot 6.

Clicking on the utilities button should bring you to this page.The VCD should now be hidden. Additionally, in the event that a file is deleted, lost, or a previous version of a file is needed, WD SmartWare Pro makes it easy to quickly restore and retrieve backed-up data.

It's configured as RAID 0 by default, and there's also a very handy web configuration interface that lets you easily set up shares, users, view your backups and more.

Rather, the bigger challenge would come from something just about every Western Digital external hard drive has. Once installed, SmartWare will scan your computer defaults to drive C: Perhaps it is a very deep protocol exchange under another app?

When SmartWare Requires Smart Engineers Dealing with full-drive encryption such as SmartWare can make for a bit of a headache in the data recovery lab. download Now If you're still making excuses about why you aren't running local data back-ups, this drive is prepared to shoot down every one of your tepid arguments.

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