Method book showing beginning bassists how to construct solid walking bass lines, including swinging play-along CD. Endorsed by A dozen additional walking bass techniques, once the basics have been mastered. Download PDF. Walking Bassics book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This book gives you all the basic principles underlying solid walking bass. Walking Bassics and millions of other books are available for site site. Walking Bassics Spiral-bound – January 2, by Ed Fuqua (Author), Chuck Sher (Editor).

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Thoughtfully conceived, informative, concise, and organized with the needs of the young musician in mind. - EDDIE GOMEZ ( bassist. Bass Book - Gary Willis - Progressive Bassics - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Jaco Pastorius - The Greates Jazz-Fusion Bass Player. Bass Book - John Patitucci Electric Bass - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Bass Book - Gary Willis - Progressive Bassics. Uploaded by.

It is even possible to teach drummers to do this, first with the form, then by playing snare drum phrases in imitation of the melody or common riffs associated with the tune. Ed's first chord line chart is based on the changes to "September In The Rain," a very typical 32 bar tune and a very good choice to illustrate his points. The only thing I missed from Ed here is emphasis in delineating the form of the tune, in this case a 32 bar chorus with AABA form.


Since the 32 bar song forms are completely foreign territory to today's youth it would behoove the jazz teacher to spend some time on this subject. A "fifth" item to emphasize in addition to the chord line would be the form.

I have my jazz students use a 8 column, 4 row table, 32 cells, one for each measure and its chord changes, to notate the chord line.

This graphic representation makes the "blocks" of the tune's harmony easier to visualize and remember.

Walking Bass Lines

Another thing I would add is for all bassists to reach a level of simple jazz theory to be able to play chords on the piano or keyboard. Hearing the changes and the ability to "pre-hear" where the tune is going is something every bassist will need to "let your ears do the driving.

The benefit of the bass teacher teaching these is self evident - no one can teach what the harmony and form structure of a tune from the bass- perspective to the bass student better than the bass player himself.

Ed's sound on bass in the accompanying CD has just the right mix of "ping" and "ring" and is a great recorded sound to emulate. He also spends considerable time on the "drive," or sense of propelling things forward that a bassist and drummer must develop when playing mainstream jazz. Domashevich] — Quarter Tones.

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"Walking Bassics" by Ed Fuqua

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However, due to the evolving publishing standards some of them were difficult to date, thus their chronology and precise place of origin remain to be researched more thoroughly in the future.

Wenzel Hause may rightly be considered as a father of modern bass pedagogy, and it is certainly of importance to understand his work in all the lands he was active during his lifetime which includes not only his native Bohemia, yet also France and the other European countries.

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Simple Walking Bass Line For Jazz Beginners

However, due to the evolving publishing standards some of them were difficult to date, thus their chronology and precise place of origin remain to be researched more thoroughly in the future. As with our Google ads , we want to keep it as simple as possible, to just get started.

Boston: Jean White,

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