Vanity Fair. William Makepeace Thackeray. This eBook was designed and published by Planet PDF. For more free. eBooks visit our Web site at. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. WHEN Thackeray wrote “Vanity Fair,” in –7–8, he was living in Young Street , “Vanity Fair,” was then unfinished, but its success was made and he.

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Download our free ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks to read on almost any device — your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, site Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people. Vanity Fair is an English novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, which follows the lives of Vanity Fair at Project Gutenberg · Vanity Fair at Feedbooks · Vanity Fair at Planet PDF · Vanity Fair at Penn State University · Vanity Fair public .

Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading, reading or sharing them. As the manager of the Performance sits before the curtain on the boards and looks into the Fair, a feeling of profound melancholy comes over him in his survey of the bustling place.

There is a great quantity of eating and drinking, making love and jilting, laughing and the contrary, smoking, cheating, fighting, dancing and fiddling; there are bullies pushing about, bucks ogling the women, knaves picking pockets, policemen on the look-out, quacks OTHER quacks, plague take them!

Look at the faces of the actors and buffoons when they come off from their business; and Tom Fool washing the paint off his cheeks before he sits down to dinner with his wife and the little Jack Puddings behind the canvas. An episode of humour or kindness touches and amuses him here and there—a pretty child looking at a gingerbread stall; a pretty girl blushing whilst her lover talks to her and chooses her fairing; poor Tom Fool, yonder behind the waggon, mumbling his bone with the honest family which lives by his tumbling; but the general impression is one more melancholy than mirthful.


When you come home you sit down in a sober, contemplative, not uncharitable frame of mind, and apply yourself to your books or your business ….

He returns home to find Becky singing to Steyne and strikes him down on the assumption—despite her protestations of innocence—that they are having an affair. Rawdon finds Becky's hidden bank records and leaves her, expecting Steyne to challenge him to a duel.

Becky, having lost both husband and credibility, leaves England and wanders the continent, leaving her son in the care of Pitt and Lady Jane. Two girls close up their box of dolls at the end of the story.

As Amelia's adored son George grows up, his grandfather Mr Osborne relents towards him though not towards Amelia and takes him from his impoverished mother, who knows the rich old man will give him a better start in life than she could manage.

After twelve years abroad, both Joseph Sedley and Dobbin return. Dobbin professes his unchanged love to Amelia. Amelia is affectionate, but she cannot forget the memory of her dead husband. Dobbin mediates a reconciliation between Amelia and her father-in-law, who dies soon after.

He had amended his will, bequeathing young George half his large fortune and Amelia a generous annuity. Becky has fallen in life. She lives among card sharps and con artists, drinking heavily and gambling.

Becky enchants Jos Sedley all over again, and Amelia is persuaded to let Becky join them. Dobbin forbids this, and reminds Amelia of her jealousy of Becky with her husband. Amelia feels that this dishonours the memory of her dead and revered husband, and this leads to a complete breach between her and Dobbin.

Dobbin leaves the group and rejoins his regiment, while Becky remains with the group. However, Becky has decided that Amelia should marry Dobbin, even though she knows Dobbin is her enemy.

Becky shows Amelia George's note, kept all this time from the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, and Amelia finally realises that George was not the perfect man she always thought, and that she has rejected a better man, Dobbin. Amelia and Dobbin are reconciled and return to England.

Becky and Jos stay in Europe.

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Jos dies, possibly suspiciously, after signing a portion of his money to Becky as life insurance, setting her up with an income. She returns to England, and manages a respectable life, although all her previous friends refuse to acknowledge her. Characters[ edit ] Becky and Emmy as girls, from one of Thackeray's illustrations at the beginning of the book.

Emmy and her family encounter Becky by chance at a charity event on the last page of the novel. Not very beautiful, she is frequently ignored by men and women but is well-liked by most men who get to know her because of her personality.

This popularity is then resented by other women. She begins the work as its heroine "selected for the very reason that she was the best-natured of all" [26] and marries the dashing George Osborne against his father's wishes, but the narrator is soon forced to admit "she wasn't a heroine" after all [27] as she remains soppily devoted to him despite his neglect of her and his flirtation with Becky.

After George dies in the Battle of Waterloo , she brings up little George alone while living with her parents. She is completely dominated by her increasingly peevish mother and her spendthrift father, who, to finance one of his failing investment schemes, sells the annuity Jos had provided. Amelia becomes obsessed with her son and the memory of her husband. She ignores William Dobbin, who courts her for years and treats him shabbily until he leaves.

Only when Becky shows her George's letter to her is Amelia able to move on, though she informs Becky that she has already written to Dobbin to ask him to come back.

She eventually marries Dobbin. In a letter to his close friend Jane Octavia Brookfield while the book was being written, Thackeray confided that "You know you are only a piece of Amelia, my mother is another half, my poor little wife y est pour beaucoup".

She is described as a short sandy haired girl who has green eyes and a great deal of wit.

Becky is born to a French opera dancer mother and an art teacher and artist father Francis. Fluent in both French and English, Becky has a beautiful singing voice, plays the piano, and shows great talent as an actress.

Without a mother to guide her into marriage, Becky resolves that "I must be my own Mamma". She is extremely manipulative and, after the first few chapters and her failure to attract Jos Sedley, is not shown as being particularly sincere. Never having known financial or social security even as a child, Becky desires it above all things.

Nearly everything she does is with the intention of securing a stable position for herself, or herself and her husband after she and Rawdon are married.

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She advances Rawdon's interests tirelessly, flirting with men such as General Tufto and the Marquis of Steyne to get him promoted. She also uses her feminine wiles to distract men at card parties while Rawdon cheats them blind. Marrying Rawdon Crawley in secret was a mistake, as was running off instead of begging Miss Crawley's forgiveness.

She also fails to manipulate Miss Crawley through Rawdon so as to obtain an inheritance. Although Becky manipulates men very easily, she is less successful with women. She is utterly hostile to Lady Bareacres [34] , dismissive of Mrs.

In the present instance Miss Pinkerton's "billet" was to the following effect:— The Mall, Chiswick, June 15, 18 MADAM,—After her six years' residence at the Mall, I have the honour and happiness of presenting Miss Amelia Sedley to her parents, as a young lady not unworthy to occupy a fitting position in their polished and refined circle. In music, in dancing, in orthography, in every variety of embroidery and needlework, she will be found to have realized her friends' fondest wishes.

It is particularly requested that Miss Sharp's stay in Russell Square may not exceed ten days.

The family of distinction with whom she is engaged, desire to avail themselves of her services as soon as possible. This letter completed, Miss Pinkerton proceeded to write her own name, and Miss Sedley's, in the fly-leaf of a Johnson's Dictionary—the interesting work which she invariably presented to her scholars, on their departure from the Mall.

On the cover was inserted a copy of "Lines addressed to a young lady on quitting Miss Pinkerton's school, at the Mall; by the late revered Doctor Samuel Johnson.The Marquis of Steyne had given Becky money, jewels, and other gifts but Becky does not use them for expenses or to free her husband. A common critical topic is to address various objects in the book and the characters' relationships with them, such as Rebecca's diamonds or the piano Amelia values when she thinks it came from George and dismisses upon learning that Dobbin provided it.

Deeply rooted structural discrimination continues to hold down women and people of color, and more than one-fifth of all American children now live in poverty. He also has broad sympathy with a measure of comfort and financial and physical "snugness". He allows Amelia to continue with her obsession over George and does not correct her erroneous beliefs about him.

She is eventually presented at court to the Prince Regent and charms him further at a game of " acting charades " where she plays the roles of Clytemnestra and Philomela.

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