exterior, "Um gato de rua chamado Bob" ficou 52 semanas Bowen e do gato Bob foi destaque na mídia nacional como exemplo de. explanation about ebook pdf um gato de rua chamado bob portuguese edition, its contents of the package, names of things and what they do, atividade de. James Bowen (Surrey, 15 de março de ) é um autor e artista de rua, baseado em Londres. Seus livros A Street Cat Named Bob e The Worls According Bob, escritos . Um gato de rua chamado Bob foi nomeado para Book Awards do Reino Unido Criar um livro · Descarregar como PDF · Versão para impressão.

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Bowen James - A Street Cat Named Bob 0. Dokument: pdf ( KB). stron .. pdf. Um Gato de Rua chamado Bob - James Bowen 1 wyświetleń, stron. 29 mar. exterior, "Um gato de rua chamado Bob" ficou 52 semanas Bowen e do gato Bob foi destaque na mídia nacional como exemplo de. de rua chamado Bob" ficou 52 semanas consecutivas na lista dos mais um pouco da história de "Um Gato de rua chamado Bob": É uma.

But I could tell he thought I was OK. In the daylight I could see that he was a gorgeous creature.

A Gift from Bob

He had a really striking face with amazingly piercing green eyes, although, looking closer, I could tell that he must have been in a fight or an accident because there were scratches on his face and legs. It was very thin and wiry in places with at least half a dozen bald patches where you could see the skin.

I was now feeling genuinely concerned about him, but again I told myself that I had more than enough to worry about getting myself straightened out. So, more than a little reluctantly, I headed off to catch the bus from Tottenham to central London and Covent Garden where I was going to once more try and earn a few quid busking.

Part of me was disappointed. But mostly I felt relieved. My heart sank a bit when I went down again the next day and saw him back in the same position again.

By James Bowen

By now he was slightly more vulnerable and dishevelled than before. He looked cold and hungry and he was shaking a little. So I knocked on the door of the flat. I felt I had to say something. If this was their pet, it was no way to treat him.


He needed something to eat and drink — and maybe even some medical attention. A guy appeared at the door. Is this your cat? For a second he looked at me as if I was slightly mad. Must have smelled cooking or something.

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Well, as I say, nothing to do with me. I made my mind up immediately. I rattled it at him and he was immediately up on all fours, following me.

I could see he was a bit uneasy on his feet and was carrying one of his back legs in an awkward manner, so we took our time climbing the five flights of stairs. A few minutes later we were safely ensconced in my flat. Apart from the telly, all I had in there was a second-hand sofa bed, a mattress in the corner of the small bedroom, and in the kitchen area a half-working refrigerator, a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. There was no cooker.

The only other things in the flat were my books, videos and knick-knacks. At that time I had a broken parking meter in one corner, and a broken mannequin with a cowboy hat on its head in another. I fished out some milk from the fridge, poured it into a saucer and mixed it with a bit of water. I know that - contrary to popular opinion - milk can be bad for cats because, in fact, they are actually lactose intolerant. He lapped it up in seconds.

I had a bit of tuna in the fridge so I mixed it up with some mashed up biscuits and gave that to him as well. Again, he wolfed it down. Poor thing, he must be absolutely starving, I thought to myself.

After the cold and dark of the corridor, the flat was five-star luxury as far as the tom was concerned. He seemed very pleased to be there and after being fed in the kitchen he headed for the living room where he curled up on the floor, near the radiator. As I sat and watched him more carefully, there was no doubt in my mind that there was something wrong with his leg. Sure enough, when I sat on the floor next to him and started examining him I found that he had a big abscess on the back of his rear right leg.

He also had a lot of scratches, one on his face not far from his eye, and others on his coat and legs. I sterilised the wound as best as I could by putting him in the bathtub then putting some non- alcoholic moisturiser around the wound and some Vaseline on the wound itself.

He spent most of the rest of the day curled up on what was already his favourite spot, near the radiator. But he also roamed around the flat a bit every now and again, jumping up and scratching at whatever he could find. Having ignored it earlier on, he now began to find the mannequin in the corner a bit of a magnet. He could do whatever he liked to it.

I knew ginger toms could be very lively and could tell he had a lot of pent-up energy. When I went to stroke him, he jumped up and started pawing at me. I spent the evening watching television, the tom curled up by the radiator, seemingly content to be there.

He only moved when I went to bed, picking himself up and following me into the bedroom where he wrapped himself up into a ball by my feet at the edge of the bed. As I listened to his gentle purring in the dark, it felt good to have him there.

He was company, I guess. On Sunday morning I got up reasonably early and decided to hit the streets to see if I could find his owner.

There was almost always a photocopied appeal for the return of a missing pet plastered on local lampposts, noticeboards and even bus stops. There seemed to be so many missing moggies that there were times when I wondered whether there was a cat-napping gang at work in the area. He was happy to walk by my side as we took the stairs to the ground floor. Outside the block of flats the cat began pulling on the string lead as if he wanted to head off. I guessed that he wanted to do his business.

He then returned to me and happily slipped back into the lead. He must really trust me, I thought to myself. I immediately felt that I had to repay that trust and try and help him out.

My first port of call was the lady who lived across the street. She was known locally for looking after cats. She fed the neighbourhood strays and got them neutered, if necessary.

When she opened the door I saw at least five cats living inside. Goodness knows how many more she had out the back.

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It seemed that every cat for miles headed to her backyard knowing it was the best place to get some food. She saw the tom and took a shine to him straight away, offering him a little treat. I had a feeling she was right about him being from somewhere far from Tottenham. Out of interest, I took the cat off his lead to see if he knew what direction to go in.

He seemed completely lost. He looked at me as if to say: Press up and down key to select.

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