“I don't want to be a night bird,” Plop told his mummy. “Dark is nasty.” “You don't know that,” she said. “You'd better find out about the dark before you make up. The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark Nearpod pdf. 1. Presentation: The owl who was afraid of the dark 1/67; 2. Poll Presentation: The owl who. by Jill Tomlinson: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. ISBN: # | Date: Description: PDFe04 | A gorgeously illustrated picture.

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Draw the tree. Draw Plop standing on the branch outside his nest hole. Draw a moon and stars. Draw Mr Barn Owl flying. There is a field beside Plop's. Page 1. The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark who Plop meets what they mistake him for what they think about the dark. Page 2. Performed by Mark Collier, Helen Crevel and Chloe Phillips from UK's. Blunderbus Theatre Company, “The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark” tells the story of.

Can you think of alliterative ways of describing an animal e. The author uses the phrase 'a fountain of dancing stars sprang up from the ground' to describe the fireworks. Can you think of other ways of describing your favourite fireworks? Plop doesn't like his name. Can you make a list of possible alternatives? Listen to the audiobook version of the story.

Could you record your own, with sound effects? Can you plan and write a story about another animal who is afraid of something that that animal normally likes? Write another story about an owl adventure.

Maths Make a timetable that shows the things that you do on a typical day. Add the things that Plop does during his day. Science Write a report about owls.

What is their habitat? What do they eat?

What special abilities do they have? Can you find out about different types of owl? Make a list of animals that come out in the daytime and a list of animals that come out at night.

Think about the different noises that animals make.

How do they use these to communicate with each other? Use a telescope to look at the stars, like the man in the story. Can you find the names of different constellations in a book? Computing Use painting software to create an amazing firework scene. Art Mrs Barn Owl explains that the dark can be 'silver or blue or grey or lots of other colours'.

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Poll Presentation: Are you afraid of darkness?

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Yes No Sometimes Presentation: Open Ended Question Presentation: What other things are you afraid of? Have you ever seen an owl? Yes No I can't remember Presentation: What do you know about owls?

Fill in the Blanks Presentation: Plop and his and are Barn Owls. Owls are nocturnal. They sleep during the and hunt at. Owls have big round and have very good. They have very good too.

Barn Owls have faces and snowy white under parts. Their upper parts are. Owls eat and small birds.

Owls swallow food whole. Draw It Presentation: Plop and his parents live at the top of a tree. Now that you also know a little bit more about owls could you: Dark is exiciting Black cat Small boy Camp-fire boy Presentation: Dark is kind Old lady Little girl Man Presentation: Dark is fun Plop Old lady Camp-fire boy Presentation: Dark is necessary Man Little girl Black cat Presentation: Dark is wonderful Small boy Plop Man Presentation: Dark is beautiful Black cat Camp-fire boy Old lady Presentation: Find the words in capital letters.

Why did the boy think the night was exiting? Here are Plop and his mummy and daddy watching fireworks. Draw what they saw.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Plop swallowed his in one huge glup. The night was and cloudy. Plop did not get his working in time. Carrots help someone to in the dark. Plop thought that it was only who slept in the daytime.

Why did the old lady like the dark? Quiz Presentation: Have you ever gone camping? Yes No Presentation: What do Boy Scouts do with the fire? Jump over it.

Sleep around it. Sing and tell stories. What is the difference between a campfire and a bonfire?Listen to the audiobook version of the story. Make a list of animals that come out in the daytime and a list of animals that come out at night.

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Can you make a list of possible alternatives? How do they use these to communicate with each other? Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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