MEDIA. TRAINING. WHY. TALK TO THE MEDIA? This media training guide was created as a reference tool for you The Media Training Bible: Things You. Editorial Reviews. Review. "The advice in The Media Training Bible is both timely and timeless. I’m pleased to announce that as of this morning, The Media Training Bible: Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview, is now available as an eBook in all major formats. The Media Training Bible is organized as two-page lessons, each packed.

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The Media Training Bible by Brad Phillips is one of the most comprehensive and well-organized books about media training ever written. The Media Training Bible Things You Absolutely Positively Need To Know Before. Your Next Interview - [PDF] [EPUB] The Media Training. the media training bible things you absolutely positively need to know before your next interview ebook brad phillips the media training bible pdf the media.

Make good eye contact with the reporter or the person to whom you are talking Be as natural as possible. People will be more impressed by a sincere manner than by a polished response. Look alert For a television interview, be aware of what your body language suggests. Remember that the camera might zoom in on you even when someone else is talking. If you like a reporter's question or someone's response, show your enthusiasm Smile.

Nothing makes you look worse on TV than an extremely serious or — worse — angry or resentful manner. The more relaxed and pleasant you seem, the more believable you are. Some tips about speaking: Speak clearly but don't raise your voice.

Be discreet. Even if you make comments "off the record" or in confidence, you are still talking to a reporter. If you appear with a member of the opposition for a joint interview or debate don't ask him questions; it simply gives him more press time that could be yours. Be polite, but not passive.

If your opponent is dominating the conversation, firmly but politely interrupt. Avoid arguing with other guests who don't agree with you, BUT be assertive. If you become angry at something a reporter or someone else says during an interview, show your anger after the interview or in the opinion pages.

It may not be unreasonable, however, to voice your anger calmly and straightforwardly. Democracy embraces the right to disagree with the government. How dare you insult me like that! Avoid using technical jargon that may not be understood by your audience. If you are uncomfortable with a question, don't feel pressured to answer it.

You don't have to answer personal or hypothetical questions. Instead, bring the focus back to your message and answer the question that should have been asked. Use stand-by responses such as "I don't think that's a relevant question"; or "What's more important to me is Stay focused on the topic you want to discuss. Don't get sidetracked, especially if you are interviewed with your opponents.

Either answer it briefly, and then turn the answer back to your main point, or show how it relates to your main point in the first place. Use statistics that are meaningful to your audience. They should refer to familiar situations and conditions that mambers of the audience can identify with, and may have experienced themselves. Show your sense of humor. Humor disarms people — just make sure that you use it in appropriate places.

As the interview winds down, summarize what you've said to the reporter or audience.

After an interview Thank the reporter for his or her time and offer to answer questions that may come up later. Offer to be available so the reporter can double check your quotes with you. If you don't like what a reporter wrote about your organization, keep it to yourself unless you can back up a contrary opinion with fact. If a reporter misrepresents the facts, ask for a correction in print or on the air. Always be professional and courteous with reporters even when you don't like them!

Regardless of the circumstances of your interview -- over the phone, in person, over the radio, on television -- if you can anticipate the questions the media want answered and know exactly what you want to tell them i. Information calls or meetings Make sure you know, by name, the reporter you want to speak to. Before you call, find out when the reporter you want to speak with is most likely to be available Explain your credentials and your organization.

For example, say, "I am calling on behalf of Tobacco Free Youth, a local organization with over members. If not, find out when she will be free.

[PDF] The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your

You will undoubtedly get better reception if you make your pitch after the work is finished for the day's issue or program. Be confident and assertive, but not obnoxious. Reporters are human: they respond better to courtesy and pleasantness than to rudeness.

Give your pitch: Explain what the suggested story is and why it is significant Get to the point quickly and give the reporter the important facts first Tell the reporter where she can verify this information and collect more Keep your responses simple and to the point Make your main points two or three times, using the sound bites you've prepared Background If you're nervous or unprepared, ask the reporter when you can call back or schedule another time , so you can collect your thoughts and notes Answer the questions as best you can.

Even if you don't like the angle, the reporter may contact you for help later and you may have another opportunity. Make sure you have your facts straight. Be prepared to suggest your own news angle to the reporter, or sidebars to help further your advocacy goals If you don't like the reporter's approach, try to reframe the issue Use words and phrases that help frame or reframe the issues If you don't know the answer, help the reporter find someone who does Media events We should never underestimate the power of one interview carried out by a single reporter.

But media coverage from several different sources all at once dramatically raises your current level of publicity and the possibility for future and more varied coverage. One way to attract attention from a wide range of news sources is to stage a media event.

A media event is a meeting with many representations. The same rule applies here as directly above. A piece of street theater, for instance, may not be simple at all — but it may be great television, or make for a great newspaper story.

Visual Designed to highlight your initiatives and issues Held in plenty of time for reporters to make deadline Your story should ideally be big enough to draw in journalists from all kinds of media The most common and easiest media event is a press conference, which is basically an interview held with a roomful of reporters.

Instead of talking to a reporter one-on-one, you will be addressing journalists from many publications, and possibly many types of news media. For a press conference or other media event you will need: A very significant story A lot of media people in attendance A media coordinator, at least for the event itself.

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