The Joyful Guide to Lachrymology - site edition by Peter Barnes. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. I'm interested in reading about this very rare and mysterious book, and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a copy of it!. Members of the band Tool convinced many people to go hunting for Ronald P. Vincent's "Joyful Guide To Lachrymology," on the study of.

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BEFORE YOU BELIEVE WHAT'S BELOW, FIND "THE JOYFUL GUIDE TO LACHRYMOLOGY" . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Download as PDF · Printable version. The Joyful Guide To Lachrymology book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. If you can even find this book, I recommend reading it. Lachrymology literaly means the science of crying and nard James Keenan from the band TOOL m. .

One night, while visiting with certain band members and talking about Vincent, someone in the room suggested that I check to see if his name might not be an anagram for something else.

Admittedly, the thought hadn't occurred to me before.

Within minutes we typed Ronald P Vincent into an anagram program on the Internet I believe it was www. And there were plenty of them, hundreds of different word combinations, but none of them seemed to spell out anything but garbled nonsense. After about a half an hour of sitting in the darkened room alone, straining my eyes as I scrolled down the seemingly endless column of meaningless arrangements of letters, suddenly there was something that caused me to lift my hand from the mouse.

Under my breath I jokingly uttered "Bingo. Immediately I called the others into the room.

The joyful guide to lachrymology ebook

My friend Camella Grace came in first, and stared at what I was pointing to on the computer screen with a mock-nervous laughter. She then went to get Adam who didn't believe it until he saw it for himself.

Writing in his The Book of Thoth, Crowley states that the Harlequin is an aspect of that fellow who is clad in motley, the Fool, and makes the important connection to the Coat of Many Colors of Jesus and Joseph, relating this to the iridescence associated with a particular stage of the alchemical process known as the Peacock's Tail might this also be related to the fact that peacock's feathers are covered with eyes?

Therefore, in the processional Hermetic fair, which itself was a science disguised as a grotesque parody of the Sacred Family the deeper meaning already lost save for a few illuminated adepts , the Holy Fool was the Savior, the messenger who delivers his people from bondage and who has mystical powers over death that is, one who has been liberated from the bondage of the ultimate illusion of life itself and who has experienced that which lies outside one's self [i.

As Arcanum number zero, which is attributed to aleph and designated the eleventh path between Kether and Chokmah on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Fool thus represents the "unmanifest or transcendent.

In another card of the Major Arcana, Adjustment, Crowley changed the name of this Tarot trump which in the old pack was called Justice , we are shown a masked female harlequin figure who is finely balanced on the tip of her toes within a diamond teardrop? Crowley observes that she is "the partner and fulfillment of the Fool, and equates the dance of harlequin with the phantom-show of manifestation. Considering that the significance of the individual cards read by today's fortune tellers is in all likelihood much different from what their original intended meaning was although much of which is still relevant , there may be an even deeper occult formula associated with this card, one that Crowley either wasn't consciously aware of or didn't want to comment on.

However, I am of the opinion that he at least had an inkling of the same portentous mystery that is adumbrated in Vincent's pseudo-diary For in speaking of this card as the feminine compliment of the Fool, Crowley claims that the letters attributed to it, Aleph Lamed "constitute the secret key of The Book of the Law and that this is the basis of a complete qabalistic system of greater depth and sublimity than any other. The details of this system have not yet been revealed. It has been thought right, nevertheless, to hint at its existence by equating the designs of these two cards.

With the ambiguous symbolism and intentionally abstruse phrases such as "snuffing out the jeweled flame of illusion to find paradise in the black spark divine", he was hinting at a formula that pertains to the qabalistic supernals that exist beyond the abyss.

In order to find the 'guide's' blinding snow-white light, dedicated scholars of the occult, or even better, those who possess certain necessary insights into these matters must first plough through it's 'darker' opacities. One wonders if it is this same system that was hinted at by Crowley in The Book of Thoth that we are given a foretaste of in Kenneth Grant's Nightside of Eden being the fourth book in his Typhonian Trilogies. In the book, Grant alluded to a proposed Nightside Tarot as has been outlined, albeit it in a rather shadowy manner pun intented by Robert Taylor in Starfire Magazine Vol.

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II, No, 2. In the illustration that accompanies the article, as an example of the symbolic designs of the Nightside Tarot, we are shown a card from the Minor Arcana which Taylor who designed it tells us is provisionally entitled "The Ace of Stones. This formula Accordingly, it is Ma'at's symbols, the scales of balance, and the feather that are important here.

For as Grant points out: "The magical siddhi occult power associated with this tunnel is the ability to balance upon the treacherous and funambulatory way that leads from the negative to the positive in the realm of creative chaos.

In other words, it enables the magician to spin a web across the gulf of the Abyss, thus constructing a tenuous and perilous bridge between non-being and being. It should be evident by now that I don't think Vincent's The Joyful Guide to Lachrymology has anything to do with the evolution of one's self through crying as therapy.

As valid as a form of psychotherapy that Lachcrymology may be with regards to inner advancement and psychological development by learning to deal with any emotional and physical pain that has been inflicted upon one's self, despite the lachrymose poetry, this was not the true message that Vincent was trying to impart to his readers.

Therefore, rather than a psychotherapeutic process as described, it is in reality something wholly different. This is why in the very first sentence of the book Vincent asks his readers to "Let not my tears fall unnoticed. Veiled behind the lachrymose prose, in the paradoxical onslaught of colors from Vincent's tenebrant flame, is a secret formula of magical initiation.

With the depressions of spirit and melancholy tone of the work, the author reveals himself to be the 'Holy Fool', complete with his crocodile tears again, the pun is intended here - see Tarot trump Atu 0 for the corresponding symbolism, that which has been 'Set' in place.

Rising up And wiping the webs and the dew From my withered eye. This pertains to the 'lachrymology' in ancient Egyptian mythology where "the God RA wept and his tears fell to the ground and turned into bees. According to the author, this honey in question was not the sweet, syrupy substance made by bees as food from the nectar of flowers and found in the combs of hives.

Nor was it the honey used for libations, delicacies or in the preparation of cosmetic green eye-paint that was so fashionable among Egyptian women of the time. Pretty soon, bells started sounding, the tintinnabulation of which wouldn't cease.

I do not think Lachrymology meaningless. Not for nothing it is my screen name. The misspell is also intentional-- Lacrymology , UTC It is and has always been Tool's style to brilliantly mask serious insight creatively in jokes via symbolism Intentionally vulgar and over-the-top sexuality Stinkfist , excessive profanity and black-comedy Aenima have been used over and over throughout Tool's artistic history to conceal and yet accent the real message lying dormant within, waiting for anyone open-minded or humorous enough to see through and understand the true meaning in and behind the vulgarity.

Lachrymology is much the same, and is simultaneously a humorous yanking of the chain of Tool fans and a serious message to thinkers and soul-searchers far and wide that pain and emotional-exertion Jungian Abreaction , evident through tears or pineal-secretion, are self-justifying and central to the spiritual needs and pursuits of the universal humanity Obviously I don't think Lachrymology is useless either, for I have worn an Eye of Horus around my neck since it replaced my cross at age Why do you misspell it in your screen name?

I keep the english look on it because in spanish people do a lot of the opposite with english words, for example the use of the verb chatear from the english 'to chat' that is used only for online chatting.

I see it kind of a kind of joke attack against that. By the late nineties I started getting into a band Called Tool and Maynard Keenan the front man mentions it in a couple interview Cds.


Actually Adam Jones talks about it more. Now that I am searching around on the internet, I am learning that possession of that book would be very nice to have. That old gypsy lady is long gone and that old girlfriend is even more illusive. She lived down the road from us and she said that she could not say for sure where she got it, Just that it had a lot of information.

I remember that it talked about how all ancient beliefs and religious views derive from the experience of pain, of suffering. I remember that the book repeatedly mentioned the importance of experiencing struggle, mourning and crying.

See a Problem?

That is the reason for evolution.On the surface, this appeared to be just another romance novel, but in actuality, if we are to believe his sources who the author describes as authorities on western esotericism , it was an alchemical treatise in disguise. Just as The Joyful Guide to Lachrymology wasn't registered with the Library of Congress, neither had Voyage en Kaleidoscope been officially registered in the catalog of the French Bibliotheque Nationale.

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Ancient fire to quench one's thirst, Now deathly cold in the Tomb of Birth Another similar case would be the strange history and mysterious circumstances surrounding the burning on the lawn at Bury House, Gosport, Hampshire in of almost the entire stock of Mary Anne Atwood's A Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery a book which has since been reprinted from a copy that survived the bonfire after the issue of the book was abruptly stopped.

Obviously I don't think Lachrymology is useless either, for I have worn an Eye of Horus around my neck since it replaced my cross at age Although the cause of death was attributed to accidental poisoning from tainted oysters, those close to the author believed that the oysters were deliberately infected.

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