change how you read this book if Griffin were made invisible by magic? 8. How do the shifts in . The Invisible Man –Chapter-wise Summary. CHAPTER 1: The. THE INVISIBLE MAN CHAPTER SUMMARIES CHAPTER 1. The Strange The Strange Man's Arrival Summary A stranger arrives in Bramblehurst railway station . .. This chapter brings us current with events in the first chapter of the book. Chapter Summary for H.G. Wells's The Invisible Man, chapter 1 summary. Find a summary of this and each chapter of The Invisible Man! Download a PDF to print or study offline. Download Study Guide. Contents . Light and windows are mentioned repeatedly throughout the novel. H.G. Wells uses both.

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The Invisible Man is the story of a gifted young university student who A scuffle ensued in the inn and the Invisible Man was hurt. however, have taken the idea much farther; we are thus blessed with novels such Chapter wise Summary. THE INVISIBLE MAN - Free download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd CHAPTER 1. The Strange Mans Arrival Summary A stranger arrives in Bramblehurst railway station. .. Class XII – Novel – the Invisible Man – Academicseasy. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Invisible Man, by H. G. Wells. This eBook is for the CHAPTER I . bowed his bandaged head quite politely in acknowledgment of her explanation. .. down in the bill," and he went on ticking a list in the exercise book before him. .. looked very wise and grave indeed.

He moved in socialist circles and used fiction to explore his political ideas. Wells died in Introduction The Invisible Man is the story of a gifted young university student who invented a new formula to become invisible.

He became invisible but made two mistakes. He did not inform anyone about the formula and without inventing the reverse process, he applied on himself. He had to face many problems in London as it became difficult for him to get food, clothing and shelter. He came to Iping as he wanted to do research to find out the reverse formula. But his strange appearance and odd behavior made the people of Iping suspicious. As his money came to an end, he stole from the house of the Vicars. He was cornered many times but he managed to escape by taking off his clothes.

He met his fellow scientist Dr. Kemp at Burdock who betrayed him. He called Dr. Kemp a traitor and tried to kill him. Finally, he was killed by the people on the road. Characters Mr. The stranger was wrapped from head to foot and no one could see his face. Hall, the owner of the inn thought that the stranger had either met with an accident or had an operation on the face.

His bags and baggage contained only bottles and three note books. The stranger kept to himself in his room and conducted experiments. He wanted to be alone and undisturbed as he hated being disturbed while at work. His rude and strange behavior made him unpopular with the villagers and they suspected him to be a criminal. There was a theft in the house of Buntings at a time when the stranger was not in his room.

Hall went inside his empty room and were surprised to see the bed sheets dancing. The terrified owners chased him out of the inn with the help of Mr.

Jaffers, the village constable. Griffin then met Mr. Marvel, a local tramp to whom he confessed that he was invisible. He threatened to kill him if he betrayed. He returned to Iping with Mr. Marvel to take his three note books and other belongings. Since he had no clothes on, he could not be seen by anybody. After travelling a long distance, they came to Burdock where Mr. By this time, the story of the Invisible Man was in the newspaper and the whole country knew about it.

A scuffle ensued in the inn and the Invisible Man was hurt. Unknowingly, an injured and bleeding Invisible Man took shelter in the house of Dr. Kemp, who happened to be his associate in college. Griffin told his story to Dr. Being a student of medicine, he was suddenly attracted towards Physics and function of light. He invented a chemical by which he made a piece of wool invisible.

He then tried it on a cat and then on himself. He did not inform anyone about his invention as he feared that somebody else would take the credit of his invention.

At first, he thought only of the advantages of being invisible but gradually he found the disadvantages too. He needed food, clothing and shelter as the weather was changing and snow would settle on his body. He came to Iping to do research and find out the reverse process which he had not invented. His body was like a thin sheet of glass. The food that he ate could be seen going down his throat until it was digested.

Only the dogs could sense him. He wanted his three note books from Mr. He told Dr. Kemp that together they could unleash the Reign of Terror in that small town. Kemp did not keep his promise to maintain secrecy. He had informed Colonel Adye about the presence of the Invisible Man in his house. Seeing the police, Griffin ran out of house calling Kemp a traitor. A siege was laid in the whole town of Burdock to catch the Invisible Man under the guidance of Dr.

The Invisible Man attacked the house of Dr. Kemp as he had realized that Dr. Kemp had betrayed him. Kemp and beaten to death. He also preserved the note books from Dr. Kemp and the outside world as he hoped that this would fetch him fortune someday.

Nevertheless he has no compassion for the cat, for his father or for any of the people he takes advantage of in the course of trying to survive invisibility. On the contrary, he descends from committing atrocities because they are necessary to his survival to committing them simply because he enjoys doing so.

This theme of corruption in the absence of social law has become a motif that is explored in other literary works. Well created his story with very little psychological elaboration or character development. Other writers, however, have taken the idea much farther; we are thus blessed with novels such as Lord of the Flies, and Heart of Darkness, along with short stories by Poe and Melville. Questions based on the plot, theme and character Q1.

Why did the people of Iping turn hostile towards the stranger? Griffin aroused the curiosity of the people of Iping from the very first day. He did not talk to anyone. He confined himself in the room and talked to none. His bags contained only bottles. His rude and unusual behaviour aroused the curiosity of the people. Tedd Henfrey who had come to mend the clock was rudely asked to leave.

He warned Mr. Hall that the stranger could be a criminal in disguise as he had a suspicious nature. When his bags arrived the dog came and tore off his bandage. He rushed to his room to change followed by Mr. Hall who offered to help but he was pushed out of the room. Suspicion arose when Dr. Cuss saw his empty sleeve in the place of an arm and the people started disliking him. The Vicar and his wife saw the candlelight in the middle of the night in their room and their money and gold vanished away.

When Mr. Hall found his room empty they were attacked by an invisible person and saw the furniture dancing. This infuriated Mrs. She thought that the stranger was a spirit. Hall brought the police to catch the stranger but the invisible man pushed everybody and escaped. Describe the meeting between Marvel and the Invisible Man. He was sitting alone and trying his boots. Suddenly, a voice talked to him.

He answered the voice but when he looked around, he found no one. He thought probably he was drunk, so could not see anyone. The Invisible Man then started throwing flints at him to show that he was an ordinary man but invisible who needed food, clothing and shelter like any other man.

Marvel felt his hand, face, and chest and was convinced. The Invisible Man told Marvel that he had chosen him as he wanted his help and would be rewarded. He also warned him against betrayal. A terrorized Marvel promised to help. Marvel had to do things according to the wishes of the Invisible Man. As Mr. Huxter chased him, Marvel had to run for his life.

The story of the Invisible Man was in the papers. Marvel tried to tell the mariner about the Invisible Man but was stopped by him. Tired and exhausted, he ran for his life with the books of Griffin and the money that Griffin had stolen. At Burdock, Marvel entered the Jolly Cricketer and hid himself in the kitchen but was pulled out.

A fight ensued between Griffin and the police. Marvel escaped and landed in the police station. The owner of the money stolen by Griffin could not be found, so it remained with Marvel. He is no more a tramp but rich man. He has preserved the note book of Griffin away from the outside world. He hoped that someday it would fetch him a fortune.

He is bundled from head to foot with only the tip of his nose showing. Hall, the owner prepares a supper for him and offers to take his coat and hat, but he refuses to take them off. When he finally removes the hat, his entire head is swathed in a bandage. Hall thinks he has endured some accident. She tries to get him to talk about himself, but he is taciturn with her, although not particularly rude. Teddy deliberately takes as long as he can with the clock, taking it apart and reassembling it for no reason.

The stranger finally gets him to hurry up and leave. Offended, Teddy talks himself into believing that the stranger is someone of a suspicious nature, perhaps even wanted by the police and is wrapped up to conceal his identity. Teddy runs into Mr. It would seem that the stranger intends to stay awhile. Hall goes home intending to investigate the stranger, but is put off by the short-tempered demeanor of his wife. Fearenside, the cartman, owns a dog that starts to growl when the stranger comes down the steps to help with the boxes.

The dog tears open the trouser leg, whereupon the stranger goes quickly back into the inn and to his room. Concerned about the possibility of injury, Mr. He gets a glimpse of what seems like a white mottled face before he is shoved by an unseen force back through the door.

The stranger soon reappears at the door, his trousers changed, and gives orders for the rest of his luggage. Hall enters later to tend to his needs and catches a quick glimpse of him without his glasses.

His eyes seem hollow; he quickly puts his glasses on. She starts to complain about the straw on the floor, but he tells her to put it on the bill and to knock before entering his rooms. He then works behind the locked door all afternoon. At one point, Mrs. Later she takes him tea and notes the broken glass and a stain on the floor.

Cuss Interviews the Stranger 1.

The Invisible Man | Study Guide

The stranger works diligently in his room until the end of April with only occasional skirmishes with Mrs. Whenever she disapproves of anything he does, he quiets her with additional payment. He rarely goes out during the day, but goes out nearly every night, muffled up regardless of the weather. His identity becomes a topic of speculation in the town.

Another group of people believe he is a piebald and could make a lot of money if he chose to show himself at the fairs. All agree, however, that due to his habits of secrecy, they dislike him. The curiosity of a general practitioner named Cuss is aroused, and he contrives for an interview.

During the interview the stranger accidentally removes his hand from his pocket. Cuss is able to see down the empty sleeve to the elbow. Cuss leaves in terror and tells his story to Bunting, the vicar. The Burglary and the Vicarage Mrs. She wakes her husband and the two watch and listen as a candle is lit and papers are rustled in the study. When they hear the telltale clink of money, Rev. Bunting rushes into the study with a raised poker, but the room appears to be empty.

Their money disappears and at one point they hear a sneeze in the hallway but are unable to locate or see the intruder. The Furniture that Went Mad 1. The Halls arise very early in the morning on Whit-Monday in order to take care of some private business having something to do with their wine cellar.

Hall notices that the door is ajar. A few minutes later, he sees that the bolts on the front door of the house are unlocked although he remembers shutting them on the previous night. The guest is not in his room, but his clothes, shoes, and even his hat are scattered about. As the Halls are investigating, the bed-clothes suddenly gather themselves into a bundle and toss themselves over the bottom rail.

Then a chair flies toward Mrs. The legs of the chair are brought to rest against her back, propelling her out of the room.

The door slams and is locked behind them. The Halls decide that the stranger is a spirit. They send for Sandy Wadgers, the blacksmith who is also supposed to be an exorcist. Wadgers is joined by Huxter, and together they ponder the likelihood of witchcraft and contemplate the propriety of breaking through the door in order to examine the situation more closely.

However, before they can carry out any such action, the door opens and the stranger emerges, wrapped and bundled as usual. He distracts them long enough to enter the parlor and slam the door against them.

The Unveiling of the Stranger 1. The stranger remains locked in the parlor all morning. He rings his bell for Mrs. Hall several times, but she does not answer it. About noon, he emerges and demands to know why his meals have not been brought to him. Hall tells him that his bill has not been paid in five days. She refuses to accept the excuse that he is waiting for a remittance. For his answer, the stranger removes all his head wrappings, including his nose and moustache.

He thus looks like a person with a missing head. At the sound of screams a crowd of people run toward the inn. Bobby Jaffers, the village constable, appears with a warrant. The stranger slaps Jaffers with his glove, but then says he will surrender. He will not accept handcuffs, however. As the constable, Halls and others watch, the man removes the rest of his clothes, becoming invisible before them.

He tells them that he is invisible. Jaffers wants to take him in for questioning on suspicion of robbing the Bunting home.

In Transit An amateur naturalist named Gibbins is relaxing out on the downs and hears someone coughing, sneezing and swearing. Frightened, Gibbins gets up and runs home. Thomas Marvel 1. Marvel is an eccentric bachelor and local tramp who likes to be comfortable and take his time about things.

He has come across a pair of boots in a ditch.

He has tried them on and found them too big, and is occupied in contemplating the boots when he hears a voice nearby. Marvel talks about boots with the voice for several minutes before turning to see his visitor and finding no one there. First Marvel tells himself that he has had too much to drink, then that his imagination has played some sort of trick on him. The Invisible Man begins throwing things at Marvel to convince him that he is not just imagining the presence. Eventually the Man convinces Marvel that he is real and is in need of an accomplice who will first give him food, water and shelter.

He delivers an unfinished threat of what he will do if Marvel betrays him. Iping has nearly recovered its earlier holiday atmosphere. As only a few people had actually made contact with the Invisible Man, the general population is soon able to reason him away as some trick of an overactive, holiday imagination.

Around , Mr. Marvel enters town and is observed by Huxter to behave rather strangely. He makes his way down the street almost reluctantly. A few minutes later, he re-emerges, apparently having had a drink, and walks as if he is trying to act nonchalant.

Soon he disappears into the yard and re-emerges with a bundle wrapped in a tablecloth. Huxter thinks some robbery has taken place and tries to follow Marvel when he is tripped in a mysterious fashion and sent sprawling. Life was returning to normalcy in Iping but people were still having apprehensions. The festival mood had set in. A stranger entered the village and proceeded towards 'Coach and Horses'.

Mr Huxter kept a keen eye on him. As soon as he realised that the stranger was a thief, he ran after him. His chase was brought to a halt in a mysterious fashion. Flashback of what happened when Mr Marvel conducted the thievery was being discussed. Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting were examining the stranger's room. They found his diary, but were unable to understand anything. Mr Marvel helped the Invisible Man to enter the room.

The Invisible Man took the two in hostage. This chapter is in continuation of the things that had happened when Mr Marvel visited Iping. They heard Mr Huxter's shouts. Mr Marvel was being chased by the villagers.

The invisible Man lost his temper.

The whole village was filled with fear. The journey of Mr Mrvel with the Invisible Man continued.

The Invisible Man threatened him of dire consequences if he again tried to deceive him. Mr Marvel was helpless.


He tried to get rid of the Invisible Man by telling him that he was no good. And elderly mariner saw Mr Marvel sitting on a bench, beside him were books. The mariner initiated the talk about the Invisible Man. Mr Marvel was about to let the secret out.

The Invisible Man started hurting Mr Marvel. Mr Marvel left the Mariner. The mariner got to know later that he was near the Invisible Man. Dr kemp was in his study. The Man ran through the streets; he had money in his pockets. The man turned out to be Mr Marvel. He was running because Invisible Man was after him. In the Jolly Cricketers In short summary: Mr Marvel ran into the 'Jolly Cricketers' to save himself.

The people there provided him with shelter. The Invisible Man entered from the back door. Mr Marvel was caught by the Invisible Man. People tried to save him from the hands of the Invisible Man.

Shots were fired and Mr marvel was saved. Dr Kemp heard the shots being fired. After some time, the doorbell rang, but no one was there, he was a bit restless. He noticed a spot of blood but ignored it. He then noticed blood on the door knob. Dr Kemp met the Invisible Man. The Invisible Man revealed his true identity to Dr kemp. Griffin didn't trust Dr Kemp. He said that he would answer Dr Kemp's questions the next day.

Dr Kemp started ti get his facts right. He searched for the news of the Invisible Man in dailies. Through his readings, he came to know about Marvel's experience. He was not sure of Griffin's mind. He spent the night in the study collecting more information about the Invisible Man. Ignoring the breach of faith, he wrote a note to Colonel Adye at Port Burdock.

Griffin started narrating the things which let to his invisibility. He had left medicine to pursue physics. He discussed his theory to gain invisibility. Dr Kemp realised that Griffin's theory was indeed true.

Griffin had worked like a slave. For many years, he kept his research a secret. Finally, he figured out how to make a human invisible. He stole his father's money to complete the research which eventually led to his father's death. Griffin went to bury his father. He was not sorry for his father. Griffin remembered his old life amidst the old places. The apparatus of the experiment was arranged.

The experiment began and he achieved his first success. Griffin tried to make a cat invisible, but was unable to get rid of the claws and eyes.

Plot Summary and Chapter Wise Summary of The Invisible Man

Moreover, Griffin was suspected of operating on animals. This resulted in a fight with the landlord. Griffin thought that his experiment was in danger; and thus, planned to get away, and sent three books and a cheque book to the post office. He drank some of his own potion. The potion gave him a suffering. Slowly, but agonisingly, he became invisible. He dismantled the apparatus before others barged in. Then he set the house on fire.

Griffin's initial difficulty was in adjusting with the invisibility; however, it was also his advantage. Griffin realised that it is not an easy business as he was pained and hurt when people stepped o him or hit him from the back. He started feeling helpless. The dogs were always able to trace him and barked at his invisible appearance.

Later, he was spotted by two young boys, however, he gave them a slip. The first adventure left him in bruises and cold. The story continued. Griffin needed food and shelter. He went into a giant departmental store.

He hid himself and waited till the store was empty. After getting his fill, he got the idea of dressing up and faking an appearance. Though, he slept, he got nightmares.

Unfortunately for him, the store opened before he woke up. The workers spot him. The search for the thief began. Griffin ran and hid himself. Finally, he had to take off all the clothes to become invisible again.

Griffin was upset about his situation. He planned to fake an appearance by using a false nose, wig and other things. He got into a shop having theatrical costumes. The shop owner was very alert and he sensed that someone has entered in the house. He locked all the doors.


Griffin realised that he must hurt him in order to get the stuff he wants. Kemp was disgusted at his behaviour but still kept him busy.

Griffin further told him about his initial lodgings and plans, about the problem at Iping, of Mr Marvel and the three books. Dr Kemp had a secret plan.

Griffin continued with his story. Griffin wanted to establish a reign of terror. Dr Kemp was shocked to hear this. Griffin heard a sound coming from downstairs. He realised that Dr Kemp had cheated him.A pounding begins at the door and then a window is broken in.

Dr Kemp ran for dear life; but kept his cool. Seconds later, Hall lands on the ground as if he had been attacked by a football player. Introduction The Invisible Man is a science fiction novel by H. Though, he slept, he got nightmares.

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