The Great Gatsby. Reading Guide. About the Author: Francis Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the greatest. American writers. He is often considered the most . The Great Gatsby: STUDY GUIDE AND ACTIVITIES. INTRODUCTION TO GATSBY. In order to become better acquainted with the time period and setting of the. The United States of America enters World War I, and Jay Gatsby fights for . American Dream is not material possessions, although it may seem that way.

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MONTANA REP STUDY GUIDE / NATIONAL TOUR / THE GREAT GATSBY. M I S S I O N. Montana Repertory. Theatre tells the. STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS - The Great Gatsby. Chapter 1. 1. How does the narrator describe Gatsby? 2. From where did the narrator come and why? 3. The best study guide to The Great Gatsby on the planet, from the creators of SparkNotes. Get the Get the entire The Great Gatsby LitChart as a printable PDF.

On base in Alabama in , he met and fell in love with Zelda Sayre, who refused to marry him unless he could support her. He returned to New York to pursue fame and fortune. The publication of his first novel, This Side of Paradise, in , made Fitzgerald a literary star.


He married Zelda one week later. Though now considered his masterpiece, the novel sold only modestly. The Fitzgeralds returned to the United States in Fitzgerald published several more novels, including Tender is the Night , but none matched the success of his first. Deep in debt because of their ritzy lifestyle, the Fitzgeralds began to spiral into alcoholism and mental illness. Fitzgerald died of a heart attack on December 21, Zelda died eight years later in a fire.

Download it! Everything is grey. The chapter is dull and there is no relevance just a loss of hope. The eyes are the eyes of God and the loss of God in the modern world. Evaluate Myrtles talk of her unhappy marriage.

What does she seem to be trying to justify?

Myrtle claims she married George because he was a gentleman. In reality what she wants is an old timey gentleman with money. AKA Tom 3. How does Myrtles speech reveal her character? Myrtle is simple minded, selfish, dimwitted, low self-esteem, and not the pretty sister. What does the scene in this New York apartment reveal about Tom?

About Myrtle? Tom is abusive, selfish, and only there for his own reasons. Does Nick enjoy the afternoon at the apartment in New York?

Why or why not? Nick did not enjoy his superficial company and becomes drunk for the second time in his life. He doesnt remember much of that evening. Chapter 3 1. Chapter 3 describes Gatsbys little party. Enumerate details about the party itself, about the guests and about their conversation and behavior.

The party is huge and the place to be for the young and rich. Gatsby throws around his money and belongings like nothing. Nicks explanation is that the guests behave like at an amusement park. Describe the meeting between Nick and Gatsby. Comment on Fitzgeralds skill in preparing for Gatsbys entrance into the story. There is an unexpected but casual meeting between Nick and Gatsby. Gatsby is still mysterious and sneaky like a magician.

In what way are Nick and Gatsby similar at this point? Why are they paradoxical? Gatsby and Nick were in the army at the same time. Both are outsider, uncomfortable, and loners. They contradict each other. What is the reason for Nicks breaking the story at this point? Read the section beginning with Reading over what I have written so far. Nick wants to explain that these events have taken place over a period of time and that he doesnt just attend parties.

Now the real story has begun, since all our main characters have been introduced. At the end of Chapter 3, Nick meets Jordan again. The author includes several episodes that emphasize her carelessness and basic dishonesty. Discuss these instances. What do they reveal about Jordan?

About Nick? Jordan is a hypocrite, with the discussion about careless driving, lying about her bad driving, leaving the top down, and not liking dishonest people. Notice the last paragraph in Chapter 3. Is Nick being overly proud here? Nick comes out a little cocky and arrogant but honestly he is just being a realist.

Chapter 4 1. The introductory section of Chapter 4 gives a long roster of those who attended Gatsbys parties. How do they behave toward their host? Why, then, do they accept his hospitality? They dont treat Gatsby or his house in a polite manner, they just want to have a good time.

Describe Gatsbys car? Rich cream color, bright nickel, a monstrous length, and a windshield that mirrors a thousand suns. Discuss the details that Gatsby shares with Nick about his past. The discussion is of oxford, Gatsby carries a medal with him from Montenegro and all his family is dead meaning he inherited all his money.

Does Nick believe Gatsbys story? Nick believes him at first but when he pushes about the middle west and Gatsby chokes on his words things dont really match up. Who is Meyer Wolfsheim? What seems to be his connection with Gatsby? He is a gambler and Gatsbys business partner. He fixed the World Series and is Jewish.

He could have connection to the mob and his cufflinks are made from human molars. Summarize the story. In Louisville, Kentucky Daisy and Gatsby knew each other. Gatsby was shipped off to war and daisy tries to sneak out to say goodbye. Afterwards she doesnt date soldiers and gets engaged to a man from New Orleans.

Day of the wedding she is drunk with a letter she will not let go of. They give her a bath put on her pearls and throw her back downstairs. Explain the epigraph on the title page of the novel.

What does it reveal about Gatsby and his love for Daisy? He will do whatever it takes to get her.

Do we know why Gatsby has so many parties? Why did he download the house? He was hoping Daisy would walk into one of his parties and also to be close to her. What new meaning do you see in the last two paragraphs of Chapter 1? What does Nick mean when he says, Then it had not been merely the stars to which he had aspired on that June night?

He was reaching toward Daisy thats why he bought a house near the woman he loves.

The Great Gatsby Questions

When Gatsby spoke to Jordan in his library in Chapter 3, he had devised a plan involving Nick. What was it? Why did he not ask Nick directly? So he can invite Daisy to tea along with Gatsby. Chapter 5 1.

Gatsbys actions in preparing for Daisys arrival seem both flamboyant and absurd. What does he do? Gatsby doesnt want Daisy to feel like any of it was set up. Discuss Gatsbys actions once Daisy arrives. How do we know he is nervous? How does he try to impress her? Gatsby movements are stiff and awkward.

He tries to impress daisy with his house and his belongings. Toward the end of the chapter, Nick attempts to explain the expression of bewilderment that had come back into Gatsbys face.

What explanation does Nick give? Why, in his opinion, is daisy not at fault?

Gatsby had a sad, doubtful, unbelievable look on his face. Gatsby has built up this huge thing on the daisy he use to know. Describe Daisys reactions during the course of her meeting with Gatsby.

Daisys reactions are over the top emotional because of the situations being thrown at her so suddenly. Has Nick been affected by the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy?

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In what way? Yes, he feels sympathetic, frustrated, disappointed, and happiness.

Chapter 6 1. What was Gatsbys real name? Why and when had he changed it? His real name is Jay Gatz, he changed it at the age of , when he met Dan Cody. In what way was Dan Cody involved in Gatsbys destiny?

The Great Gatsby Summary & Study Guide

Gatsby wanted to be Dan Cody minus all the alcohol. He was the master and Gatsby was the apprentice. Why does Tom attend Gatsbys party?

How does this scene reveal that contrast between Gatsby and Tom? Tom goes to keep an eye on daisy and learn more about Gatsbys true nature. Gatsby is more polite then Tom and Tom doesnt understand how to be at a party.

What is deeply ironic in Toms statement,. I may be old-fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me?

Its ironic because he is being a hypocrite. He is doing exactly what he said he didnt like. Note the reactions of Tom and Daisy at different times during Gatsbys party. Did they enjoy themselves? Tom didnt like the party at all. Daisy didnt enjoy the guests, she had her moments but overall didnt enjoy herself. What suspicions does Tom have about Gatsby? What does he vow to do? That Gatsby is a bootlegger and will figure out the truth.

What do Nick and Gatsby talk about after the party? They discuss that daisy didnt like the party.

What is Gatsby expecting of Daisy that prompts Nick to warn him, I wouldnt ask too much of her. You cant repeat the past? Gatsby is expecting the daisy he knew five years ago.

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Chapter 7 1. Note the use Fitzgerald makes of the weather as a background for significant events. Point out examples in this chapter and in previous chapters.

When the group goes into town and everyone complains about the broiling heat. Just like the arguments between tom and Gatsby. When daisy comes to tea and the rain is pouring it lets up every time he mood lifts. Gatsby has made some changes in his lifestyle that so concerned Nick that he went to check on him.

What changes do you note? Why did he make them?

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He has fired his whole staff for daisy and to not have any rumors. Analyze daisys attitude toward her child as evidenced in this chapter and in Chapter 1.Chapter 1 Questions 16pts 1.

His real name is Jay Gatz, he changed it at the age of , when he met Dan Cody. The holocaust is referring to the death of the main characters relationships, Gatsby and Daisy and Tom and Myrtle, and George and Myrtle.

East egg is traditional and west egg is a little more modern. Discuss the details that Gatsby shares with Nick about his past. Box , Clayton,. When Nick says that Gatsby wanted to recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy, what do you think he means?

Nick remembers his father s suggestion that a sense of the fundamental decencies is parceled More information.

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