Divergent is the debut novel of American novelist Veronica Roth, published by Harper Collins The novel has been compared to other young adult books such as The Hunger Games and .. Soundtrack · The Divergent Series: Insurgent – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant. The Divergent trilogy is a series of young adult science fiction adventure novels by American novelist Veronica Roth set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian Chicago. The trilogy consists of Divergent (), Insurgent () and Allegiant (). A related book, Four (), presents a series of short stories told from the. Excerpt from Insurgent. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Back Ad. Praise for Divergent. Books By Veronica Roth. Credits.

The Divergent Book

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Divergent (Divergent, #1) Rate this book (Divergent #1). by and the Divergent Series (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four: A Divergent Collection). Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene ( Divergent, # Divergent is the debut novel of American novelist Veronica Roth, published by Divergent, the book, was published on April 25th but Allegiant takes place. Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the main protagonist and narrator of the Divergent series. Upon their troubled conflict in the third book (Allegiant), they still cared for.

Four uncovers Erudite's plans to use Dauntless to stage an attack on Abnegation. Tris overcomes her fear landscape, and the Dauntless initiates are injected with a "tracking" serum. Tris shares her feelings for Tobias, and is ranked first at the initiation ceremony.

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A junction on the Chicago "L" , one of modern Chicago's train systems. Dauntless demonstrate their fearlessness by jumping on and off moving trains throughout the novel. The serum transforms the Dauntless into hypnotized soldiers to attack Abnegation.

Tris and Tobias' Divergent abilities allow them to escape to the Abnegation compound. Tris is shot and they are captured. Erudite leader Jeanine, mastermind of the attack, injects Tobias with an experimental serum that overrides his Divergence.

Under Jeanine's control, Tobias oversees the attack from the Dauntless control room. Tris is almost drowned in a tank, but is rescued by her mother, who reveals she is also Divergent before she is killed helping Tris escape.

Tris is forced to kill Will, who attacks her under the influence of the simulation. She finds her and Tobias' fathers, explaining the truth behind the attack. They fight their way to Dauntless headquarters, where Tris' father sacrifices himself. Tris is attacked by the mind-controlled Tobias; unable to kill him, Tris surrenders, causing Tobias to break free of the serum's control.

They shut down the Erudite simulation and free the Dauntless. They rejoin the initiates, and board a train to the Amity sector to find the Abnegation survivors.

Style[ edit ] Many reviewers stated that the novel's writing style offers a distinctive, terse prose that creates a fast-paced reading experience. Susan Dominus, writing in The New York Times described the style as "brisk pacing, lavish flights of imagination and writing that occasionally startles with fine detail". Critic Antero Garcia describes the thematic similarity between these dystopian novels as an interest in the "grasp of power between youth and adult authority" and compared the novel to Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Divergent adds a new layer of complexity with its creation of an illusion of democracy for participants in its fractioned society, with the factions controlled by outside forces. If one cannot contribute to society, they are cast aside to become "factionless" and are deprived of access to an identity and resources. How to read Eric Powell comic book series? How to read Jodi Taylor series? Kelsey Desrochers.

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Box books? A couple of guys ask her if she's 16 or really Insults like "idiot," "stupid," "loser," "jerk," "shut up," "freak," and the pejorative nickname for Abnegation members, "Stiff. The Dauntless drink unspecified alcohol at parties, dinner, and in one scene Four is seen looking tipsy.

Divergent Books in Order:

Parents need to know that this dystopian teen novel is the first of a trilogy. It includes the markers of the genre, including fantasy violence, a fractured society, Big Brother-esque monitoring, as well as romance.

The year-old protagonist chooses to live in the "brave" faction, where members routinely try to out-do each other physically and recklessly act like daredevils to prove their fearlessness. The initiation process is brutal and bloody, and kills or seriously injures a few characters. Violence escalates as the end of the book approaches, culminating in a blood bath.

The romance is sweet and progresses from lingering looks to a few kissing sessions, but there's no sex and characters express fear of going too far, too fast. Add your rating See all 54 parent reviews.

Divergent, Book 1

Add your rating See all kid reviews. In the Chicago of the distant future, society has willingly segregated itself into five "factions: All year-olds take an aptitude test revealing their true faction and then choose one to join -- regardless of which one they were born into. When Abnegation-born Beatrice Prior's results are inconclusive, her tester informs her she's a "divergent" and should never mention her results to anyone.

Believing herself too selfish to be any good in Abnegation, she chooses Dauntless, where she rechristens herself Tris. During the dangerous bloody Dauntless initiation process, she develops feelings for her handsome, mysterious instructor Four, who never fails to challenge her to perform her best, even as others grow jealous of her unexpected skills. And Tris beings to realize being a Divergent has both advantages and disadvantages.

Roth, who wrote the book as a college student, has earned a tremendous amount of first book buzz, and the hype is well-deserved.

She uses some devices that fans of dystopian novels will recognize -- a compartmentalized society, a misfit protagonist, dangerous secrets, and a cliffhanger ending -- but still manages to create an unstoppable plot that's remarkably original. Tris is a refreshingly smart and self-possessed year-old protagonist, and readers will fall in love with her leading man right along with her.

But the romance, while as swoon-worthy and fluttery as you'd expect from a teen novel, is actually secondary to the book's deep messages about identity and controlling societies. This is an impressive and provoking start to what should be a fascinating series. Families can talk about why so many books are coming out about teens growing up in dangerous futuristic societies, like Matched or The Hunger Games. Is the dystopian genre becoming overcrowded?

What does this book have in common with other books you've read?

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Divergent (book)

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For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Common Sense's Impact Our impact report:Beatrice's unusual test results come to play too, and in a major way. When I first started reading Divergent I thought the world builing left much to be desired. Before I begin, my usual disclaimer that this review will contain logic, griping, complaining, spoilers, and the general deconstruction of everything that the fans hold dear.

Main article: There are dystopias that bank on romance Matched or Delirium. If one cannot contribute to society, they are cast aside to become "factionless" and are deprived of access to an identity and resources. Add to that a truly engaging, endearing character in Tris that the reader can fully connect with and I think this series has the potential to be very strong going forward.

Not that I don't like love stories normally but I usually give any dystopia or science fiction a hard time for having to squeeze a romance in there to make the book complete. She doesn't even know what a magazine is.

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