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Read "The Accidental Vampire An Argeneau Novel" by Lynsay Sands available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Ever since. The Accidental Vampire (Argeneau Vampires, Book 7) other books are available for instant access. view site eBook | view Audible audiobook . Vampires Are Forever (Argeneau Vampires, Book 8) by Lynsay Sands Mass. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: The Accidental Vampire Argeneau 7 Lynsay Sands PDF. THE ACCIDENTAL VAMPIRE ARGENEAU 7 LYNSAY.

I would recommend the book version for this novel. Jan 25, Brenda b rated it really liked it Shelves: No one and nothing about this book was even remotely rational. This book was a complete farce and devolved into a wasteland of stupid. Here we have a Heroine who was accidentally turned into an immortal a. Doing blood drives for her, getting her a coffin to sleep in, providing for her ever need. Who the hell would really do that? Lo and behold a half a dozen vamps show up and they are super nice, friendly and accommodating - yes, because apparently Walt Disney was the co-author.

So the main part of the story is about 5 of the vamps courting the heroine while they are all staying the SAME house. I don't know about you, but that is four too many dicks for me. The heroine is a complete do-gooder and the hero is just ok. And since this apparently takes place in Disney land, everyone finds a life mate among the geriatric residents of this ridiculous town.

Some cheesy, contrived drama at the end, and a total waste of my Saturday morning. Sep 14, Taylor Hull rated it it was amazing.

Lynsay Sands does it again! Absolutely love this series. It's funny, sexy, has a few crazy twists, and this scientific spin on vampires is very interesting. You won't be disappointed!

The Accidental Vampire

Nov 11, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: It's not exactly discreet placing an ad in the paper - and since Vincent works for the Vampires ruling Council, it's his job to access the damage and possibly bring this potential "Rogue Vampire" back to the council for judgement. Vincent is in for a surprise when he gets to Port Henry to meet Ms. He is greeted by the captain of the local police and told to have a seat while the others arrive.

Apparently 6 vampires had been invited down to spend the week getting to know the Vampire in the ad. Oh - And she doesn't know about the ad. Apparently the town felt bad for Elvi not having a mate and they put the ad in the paper for her. So the entire town knows about Elvi the Vampire. What is the council to do about this?!?!

I think this might be my favorite in the series so far. I love that Elvi is an accidental vampire - and that she is embraced by the entire town. Also - the whole love angle was quite fun. Elvi having several suitors to choose from was fun to watch. There is a hint of mystery in this as with the other books - but I always feel that it is very secondary to the primary plot - which is the relationship between one Argeneau vampire and one mortal.

I do like how fast I read these Argeneau books, I start them, and then I just continue until I am finished. A fast, good book. It's book 7, but this is a series that you can jump around a bit in. Still book 1 explains the nano thing fully, sure it is explained here too so if you want to, then jump right in and read this one. The book also has a map of all the members in this big family, and this is good. How on earth Elvi was not noticed before I do not know. Small towns I guess.

Yes she is the re I do like how fast I read these Argeneau books, I start them, and then I just continue until I am finished. Yes she is the resident vampire, now that is a nice little town I would like to visit where they are so nice against the undead who craves blood. Desert Isle Keeper And this is one of the fun things about this book. Elvi does not know anything about vampires. She thinks they are soulless, likes coffins and all those myths we all know so well.

But these vampires are not really vampires and she will learn her lesson. She was nice, because she was so lost when it came to all of this. Then we got the hero, Victor, who is old as dirt and comes to town as he is an enforces and Elvi, well she is breaking a lot of laws. But there will be passion, other suitors and someone else in this book will find love too. The Accidental Vampire A story I really liked.

Fun and light is the word. The story idea itself came about because I received several e-mails from older readers complaining that all the heroines were younger. I thought to myself, hmmmm…. Why not have an older heroine? Elvi immediately came dancing into my head. I love when that happens!

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It was great fun playing with she and Victor. Chapter One It was a high-pitched scream that woke Elvi.

Piercing and full of terror, it ripped her from sleep and had her moving before she was quite awake. She started up abruptly only to curse and drop back down when her head slammed into the wooden lid of the coffin.

Groaning at the pain vibrating through her skull, Elvi closed her eyes against the stars dancing before them and pressed a hand against her forehead. Concern clutching at her, she reached out with the hand not holding her head and gave the coffin lid a shove that sent it flying open.

She then had to release her head to get up. Climbing out of a coffin was a two handed job, and ridiculously strenuous first thing in the morning. Especially before her first bag of blood. Elvi cursed her way out of the contraption, her bare feet slapping to the hardwood floor, then hurried out of her room without even bothering to grab a robe to cover the white cotton nightgown she wore. Another scream cut the air as she raced up the hall. She spotted the woman at once, standing on the bed in her robe, backed against the wall, silver hair a chaotic mass around her head and eyes wide with panic.

The woman was waving a body brush wildly in the air at a bat that was swooping just as wildly around the room near the ceiling. She was also, apparently, screeching every time the winged animal came anywhere near her Elvi saw as the bat swerved to avoid hitting the far wall and swooped back toward Mabel, setting off another shriek of terror.

Veering to the side to avoid the waving shower brush, the bat swept through the open bathroom door and briefly out of sight. Elvi rushed over in time to see the bat make a sharp turn as it neared the far wall of the bathroom. Realizing that it was headed back toward the doorway, she slammed the door closed, trapping it inside. It was hot, Elvi. I live here too. The bedroom ones, at least.

Trust me, I know it was hot. Where are you going? She knows there's more to being undead than what she saw in Dracula , but she can't very well ask her mortal friends about proper biting etiquette. But when her neighbors placed a personal ad for her in the local paper, she never imagined she'd meet Victor Argeneau, a vampire who could have his pick of any woman—dead or alive.

Rich, powerful, and drop—dead gorgeous, Victor's the perfect man for a novice neck—biter like Elvi. He's willing to teach her everything he knows, but he'll have to do it fast. Someone's out to put a stake through her new vamp life, and only Victor can keep her safe—and satisfied—for all eternity. Sweet Dreams. Dana Marie Bell.

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Dana Marie Bell. He hated feeling stupid so allowed his testiness to show. Sep 14, Taylor Hull rated it it was amazing. An English Bride in Scotland. Terry Spear.

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