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*This publication supersedes TB , dated 15 September This technical bulletin must not be interpreted to mean AOAP minimizes. For an AOAP overview, see TB 43–, AOAP Army Oil Analysis Program. Guide For Leaders And Users (Apr 10). The pub walks you through how. This technical bulletin must not be interpreted to mean AOAP minimizes the need to employ proper maintenance practices and strong.

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TB JOAP for Leaders - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Joint Oil Analysis Program Guide for Leaders and Users. TB AOAP ARMY OIL ANALYSIS PROGRAM GUIDE FOR LEADERS AND USERS Take a look at the sample for this book and for. ”. in. the. Pub. Number box and click Search,. then select the pub link that . appears and the TB will open in. PDF format. The pub walks.

Abbreviation and Terms Program Description II Responsibilities Commanders Major subordinate command, division, and brigade commanders Battalion Commander Higher Echelon Maintenance Officer Newly Assigned Equipment Enrolled Equipment Transfer VI When to Sample DA Form Oil Sampling Valve Oil Sampling Pump Oil Sampling Tube Oil Analysis Drain Method Aviation Two Sample Example Oil Analysis Recommendation and Feedback Maintenance Request Abbreviations and Terms AOAP Forms This publication also informs the equipment maintainer what supplies to obtain, how to prepare forms and where to seek assistance when unusual situations are encountered and appropriate information is not contained herein.

These instructions are applicable to all commands, units including US Army National Guard and US Army Reserve , installations, and activities that operate or provide maintenance support to Army aeronautical and non-aeronautical equipment. Abbreviations and Terms.


Abbreviations and special terms used in this bulletin are explained in appendix A. Program Description.

Worldwide laboratories equipped with advanced diagnostic instruments can detect and measure damaging component -wear particulate and lubricant contamination before it becomes visible to the human eye. Proactive maintenance is known within the Army maintenance arena as the single most important means of achieving savings unsurpassed by conventional maintenance techniques.

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The approach supplants the maintenance philosophy of "failure reactive" with "failure proactive" by avoiding the underlying conditions that lead to component faults and lubricant degradation.

Its central theme is to extend the life of the component as opposed to making repairs when often nothing is broken, accommodating failure as routine and normal, or preempting crises failure maintenance in favor of scheduled maintenance.

AOAP sampling is a quick, efficient and effective way to monitor both the health of the equipment and lubricant.. An oil sample can save hours of component maintenance downtime through early detection of such problems as faulty air induction systems, leaking cooling systems, loose crossover fuel lines, and abnormal wear rates of oil wetted parts.

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You are here. Search VA Forms. Inform students that PMCS is the foundation of unit level maintenance.

The DA Form Feeder report will show you current maintenance readiness at all levels from Department of Army down to a single unit at any given time. Army - US Army Medical Enter name of the.

Enter location of unit in.

Overseas units list APO. This publication is a rapid action r e v i s i o n.

Army Form DAR - usa-federal-forms. The first page by www.

TB 43-0211 AOAP (30Apr2010)

The form, which may be locally reproduced, applies to all tasks in this STP. Trainers may have DA Form R overprinted with information unique to their training requirements before reproducing it.If an extension is missing, report it.

Lube face of each bearing How long does it actually take to obtain a sample? Keep the tool area uncluttered. What happens if we do not comply with laboratory recommendations? PS 3 Missing grommets can doom air lines when they pass through the nose box.

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