He talked about the character not so much as 'Hannibal Lecter the cannibal psychiatrist', but as Satan thomas harris tacerea mieilor this fallen angel who's. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download thomas-harris-tăcerea-mieilor Free in pdf format. More From emma Tacerea Mieilor - Rezumat Carte. Uploaded by. emma Zilele Noastre Care Nu Vor Mai Fi Niciodata-Fragmente-din- carte.

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Starling is sent to Lecter with the offer of a deal: if he assists in Catherine's rescue and Buffalo Bill's capture, he will be transferred out of the asylum, something he has continually longed for.

Lecter expresses skepticism at the genuineness of the offer.

After Starling leaves, Lecter reminisces on the past, recalling a conversation with Benjamin Raspail, a former patient whom he had eventually murdered. During therapy sessions, Raspail told Lecter about a former lover, Jame Gumb: after Raspail left Gumb and began dating a sailor named Klaus, Gumb became jealous and murdered Klaus, using his skin to make an apron.

Raspail also revealed that Gumb had an epiphany upon watching a moth hatch.

Lecter's ruminations are interrupted when Dr. Frederick Chilton — the asylum's administrator and Lecter's self-styled nemesis — steps in. A listening device allowed him to record Starling's offer, and Chilton has found out that Crawford's deal is a lie.

He offers one of his own: If Lecter reveals Buffalo Bill's identity, he will indeed get a transfer to another asylum, but only if Chilton gets credit for getting the information from him.

Lecter agrees, but insists that he be allowed to give the information to Senator Martin in person, in Tennessee. Unknown to Chilton, Lecter has secretly collected the ingredients for an improvised handcuff lockpick , which he deduces will be useful at some point during the travel.

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In Tennessee, Lecter toys with Senator Martin briefly, enjoying the woman's anguish, but eventually gives her some information about Buffalo Bill: his name is William "Billy" Rubin, and he has suffered from "elephant ivory anthrax", a knifemaker's disease.

He also provides an accurate physical description.

The name, however, is a red herring : bilirubin is a pigment in human bile and a chief coloring agent in human feces, which the forensic lab compares to the color of Chilton's hair.

Starling tries one last time to get information from Lecter as he is held in police custody.

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He offers a final clue — "we covet what we see every day" — and demands to hear her worst memory. Starling reveals that, after her father's death, she was sent to live with a cousin on a sheep and horse ranch.

One night, she discovered the farmer slaughtering the spring lambs , and fled in terror with a mare also destined for the slaughterhouse whom she named Hannah. The farmer caught her and sent her to an orphanage, where she spent the rest of her childhood.

Lecter, seeing the parallels between the helpless lambs and the equally helpless Catherine, thanks her for her candor, and the two share a brief moment of connection before Chilton forces her to leave.

Shortly after this, Lecter escapes by killing and eviscerating his guards, using one of their faces as a mask to fool paramedics. Starling continues her search for Buffalo Bill, deducing that he knew his first victim, Fredrica Bimmel, from everyday life.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: It appealed to all of those genre things that get me excited about any sort of entertainment. Within six hours, her blouse is found on the roadside, slit up the back: Buffalo Bill's calling card. Search inside document.

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