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The foot posture measurements include the foot posture index FPI [ 10 ], navicular height and the medial arch index. The FPI is a valid clinical tool with a good inter-item reliability. It quantifies the degree to which a foot can be considered as being in a pronation, supination or neutral position. The evaluation of the medial arch is made by measuring the Djian-Annonier angle on the radiograph of the foot in side view.

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It is drawn from the lowest point of the calcaneus, the talar head and sesamoids. The measurement of navicular height is a direct anthropometric measure of the distance between the navicular tuberosity and ground with the subject in relaxed calcaneal stance.

Although it is important to know and to understand the foot characteristics in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis, few studies have examined the foot posture in this population. Two interesting studies compared foot posture index FPI scores between people with knee OA and controls, and the conclusion assumed that people with medial compartment knee OA have a more pronated foot type in comparison with controls [ 11 , 12 ].

The aim of our study was to evaluate foot characteristics of medial compartment knee OA patients and asymptomatic people in Morocco, and to assess the degree of the association between foot posture and knee OA in comparison to other population.

Patients The patient group was defined as any patient who consults for knee pain related to medial knee osteoarthritis diagnosed on X-ray. In patients with bilateral knee OA we studied the most painful side.

Each compartment of the knee joint medial compartment, lateral compartment and patella-femoral compartment was graded and participants with predominantly medial compartment OA were included in the study.

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Participants from the OA group were included if they were able to walk independently without any pre-existing neurological or other orthopaedic condition that affected their walking. Patients with a history of trauma of the knee, an inflammatory arthritis or microcrystalline pathology and previous joint injury were excluded from the study.

The control group consisted of healthy people with no clinical knee osteoarthritis selected from general population. All patients and controls gave their written informed consent before being included in the study. Methods All measures were made by the same examiner. We noted the weight, height and BMI of the two groups. An examination of the knee was performed in the group of patients in search of a genu varus or valgus.

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The grade of the knee OA was assessed using the Kellgren and Lawrence classification on a radiograph of the knee. For both groups, we measured in the lower limb affected by osteoarthritis the navicular height, the foot posture index FPI and the medial arch.The Morris water task was modeled by hiding a sensor under the carpet of a room Invisible Sensor.

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