Please click on the link below to download your Abs7 instruction manual as a pdf. Slendertone Abs3 Toning Belt Unboxing & Set Up Video. What do I need to work Slendertone Abs3? How do I control my Slendertone Abs3?. Please click on the link below to download your Abs5 instruction manual as a pdf.

Slendertone Instructions Download

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Please click on the link below to download your Abs instruction manual as a pdf. Please click on the link below to download your Abs8 instruction manual as a pdf. Slendertone Arms Toner Instruction Manual · Slendertone Arm Toner Product Set Up Video · What toning programmes does the Slendertone Arms Toner feature.

Why tone your abdominal muscles abs? To have a firmer, more toned stomach is one good reason. However, did you know that the abs are very important for good shape and posture?

For some people, these muscles can be difficult to exercise effectively - sit-ups require good technique. It is a unisex belt and is fastened around your waist, under your clothes, during use. Attachment pin This connects the unit to the toning belt.

The pin must be fully inserted into the bottom of the unit.

Adhesive Pads Pack of 3 adhesive pads. Your adhesive pads are placed onto your toning belt before use. When you wrap the belt around your waist these pads must be in contact with your skin so that signals can be sent to your muscles.

Batteries Pack of 3 batteries AAA 1. These must be inserted into your unit for it to work. Quick Start Guide This is an additional guide that you can use to help get you started.

Your unit has 4 buttons and 5 light indicators, which make it easy to operate. English d e ta i l e d u n i t i n f o r m at i o n To insert the batteries, remove the battery cover from the front of your toning unit as shown. Programme Button 2. Increase Toning Intensity 3. Decrease Toning Intensity 1. You may also pause the exercise by pressing this button briefly. Insert the batteries making sure they are positioned correctly.

Increase Toning Intensity : Press this button to increase the intensity of the exercise. Decrease Toning Intensity : Press this button to decrease the intensity of the exercise. Replace the battery cover once the batteries are inserted. Programme Button P : This yellow button is used to select the toning programme you wish to use. When you switch the unit on, it will be set at programme 1. To change to programme 2, just press this button. The battery cover must be closed before you switch the unit on.

Remove the belt from the pack and lay it down so that the yellow stitching on the belt is facing you. In this way, the programme light is on the left and the power light is on the right. Connect your unit to the belt using the attachment pin found on the belt. Push the unit down onto the pin. Make sure you push the unit fully onto the pin or else your toning belt will not work — this is a safety feature.

This light glows to indicate that your unit is switched on and ready to use. This light remains on for the duration of the programme unless the unit is paused, when it will flash. Intensity Lights: There are three yellow intensity lights. Programme Light: The green programme light is directly above the programme button. It glows when programme 2 is selected and goes off again when you switch back to programme 1.

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The programme light also indicates low battery power by flashing. Now that you are familiar with the different parts, you can begin to set up your unit.

Section 2 will explain how. There is 1 large square pad and 2 smaller oval pads. The two sides of the pads are different, one side has a grid pattern on it while the other side is black. Step 4 — Remove the covers from the black side of the pads. Remove the large covers from the black side of all 3 pads.

Slendertone Abs Instruction Manual

Do not throw these covers away as you will need to put them back onto the pads at the end of your session. English Step 3 — Remove the covers from the patterned side of the pads and place the pads on the belt. Patterned Side These pads must be placed on the belt. NOTE: iii Now remove the covers from the patterned side of the 2 smaller oval pads.

Step 5 — Position the belt on your body. Wrap the belt around your waist so that the pads are pressed firmly against your skin a , positioning the large square pad over your navel belly button. Stretch the ends of the belt around your waist until the small pads are between your hip bone and ribs on either side of your body b. Fasten the belt tightly around your waist using the strap, but not so tight as to cause discomfort.

The pads are waterbased, so you may find that they are cool when placed on your skin. In the example below, the user places the smaller pads in the location nearest to the central pad.

Use the guidelines below to help you choose the correct pad location. Before you progress, make sure that all 3 silver studs are fully covered by the pads. The intensity lights will indicate that the toning intensity is increas increasing. You will feel the muscle contractions getting stronger. Muscle toning can be an unusual, but pleasant sensation. It may tickle to begin with. This progresses to a smooth muscle contraction as the toning intensity increases.

The abdominal muscles contract and tighten. To get started, follow these simple steps. After this the green power light will come on and remain on for the duration of the session. Power Light Step 2 — To begin toning, press and hold the increase intensity button.

Hold this button down until you feel your muscles contracting. Choose a toning level where you feel a strong but comfortable contraction. This will vary from person to person so set a level that suits you.

Firms that market EMS devices are required to comply with appropriate FDA premarket regulatory requirements before they may legally sell their devices. The firm must be able to demonstrate that these devices are as safe and as effective as similar devices that are legally marketed.

Devices may only be marketed for uses that are established for the device or for uses that the firm can support with data. At this time, FDA is not aware of scientific information to support many of the promotional claims being made for numerous devices being widely promoted on television, infomercials, newspapers, and magazines.

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Why should I select an electrical muscle stimulator that is legally marketed according to FDA regulations? Electrical Muscle Stimulators that have not met FDA premarket requirements are illegal, and the FDA has not determined whether or not they are properly designed, manufactured, and labeled to provide reasonable assurance that they are safe and effective.

Does that mean that it's unsafe to use an electrical muscle stimulator that has not met FDA requirements? Using a product that has not met FDA requirements isn't necessarily unsafe or dangerous. But it could be. FDA has received reports of shocks, burns, bruising, skin irritation, pain, and interference with other critically important medical devices e.

Unregulated devices also may have safety problems associated with cables and leads that can lead to accidental shock and electrocution by users and other household members, including children. If I use an electrical muscle stimulator that has met FDA regulatory requirements, will it give me the same kind of effect that lots of sit-ups, stomach crunches and other abdominal exercises will? Using these devices alone will not give you "six-pack" abs.

Similar offerings may include just the belt and pads or pads designed specifically for a man or a woman, but the way the Slendertone Flex models operate are the same from all retailers. Since many of the warnings and cautions for correct usage are included in the manual, it is recommended you use it for your directions. Reading through the three pages of caveats can be a bit daunting. There are limitations on who should use the product, and specifically, who should not use it, such as pregnant women, women who have had a c-section delivery within the past three months, anyone with recent scarring or injury to the abdominal area where the belt will be placed, those with a pacemaker, users who may have an adverse reaction to the gel product used with the belt, and anyone else who may not take well to having electrical muscle stimulation on a daily basis.

Once we established that it was indeed safe to use the product, we followed the Quick Start guide to begin our first session. It was a breeze to insert the batteries, attach the unit to the belt, and determine our size from among the three recommended circumferences offered.

It was time to fix the gel pads over the metal area, which proved to be a challenge. The directions were simple enough: remove the backing from the gel pads, place them on the belt, and then remove the coverings from the front side of the gel pads.SDI reserves the right to substitute a product of equal or better quality if an identical product is not available at the time of replacement. After this the green power light will come on and remain on for the duration of the session.

If the problem persists, you should stop using the unit. Use your toning belt as part of a healthy lifestyle. The directions were simple enough: remove the backing from the gel pads, place them on the belt, and then remove the coverings from the front side of the gel pads. Other toning units are available for other areas of the body - details are available at www.

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