Simon's Cat vs. the World and millions of other books are available for site site. Simon's Cat vs. the World Hardcover – October 1, "Cat lovers will adore this and will nod in recognition of real-life cat behavior; cartoon fans will delight in Tofield's graceful skill. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Simon's white cat steps into a Technicolor world in this collection of all-new cat cartoons based on the popular ( Simon's Cat vs. the World. By: Simon Tofield. This year, the world's favorite cat faces his biggest series of challenges yet, as he takes on the.

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Boasting over million hits on YouTube, Tofield's Simon's Cat cartoon shorts have become an Internet phenomenon, and he has published. Simon's Cat vs. the World book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Simon's Cat proved his authority in the house. He return. In this brand new book we see Simon's Cat face any feline's most dreaded scenario Published: 3rd October ; Available as: Paperback / eBook; Pages: ! Illustrated in glorious full colour, Simon's Cat vs The World explodes from the.

At the age of nine, Simon received his first kitten, a stray rescued from a farmer's barn.

Simon’s Cat vs. the World

He has had cats ever since. When not attending to his cats' needs, Simon likes painting, reading history books, and spending time in the great British countryside. His Simon's Cat short films have garnered hundreds of millions of views, and the book versions have been international best sellers.

What elevates Tofields simple but expressive line drawings above the large litter of competing kitties is his keen grasp of cartoon physics and comedy cat antics. Cat owners and aficionados will have several delighted "Yes, cats really do that " reactions reading this. Fans from all over the world have fallen for this adorable but anarchic feline who will do just about anything to be fed.

Simon Tofields beautiful drawings and warm humor come alive on the page in this irresistibly charming book--an outgrowth of the enormously popular short films featured on YouTube. Like all great cartoon creations, from Peanuts to Asterix, from Garfield to Tintin, "Simons Cat" has continued to evolve by introducing new characters and new storylines.

After the runaway success of the first two books "Simons Cat" and "Simons Cat: Beyond the Fence" , Simon welcomes a cuddly new addition to the family in the form of Simons Kitten, who is sure to delight Simons millions of fans.

This book features exclusive bonus materials available only in this edition, including a how-to-draw Simons Cat section and a sheet of removable stickers.

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Simon Tofield is an award-winning illustrator, animator, and director at Tandem Films in London. His Simon's Cat short films have garnered hundreds of millions of views, and the book versions have been international bestsellers. It is a fun book to read and look at. The World" is one of those books that manages to stay interesting for both parent and child or just a kitty-loving adult in general Cat owners and aficionados will have several delighted 'Yes, cats really do that ' reactions reading this.

Great for bringing the laughs to you or the Simon's Cat fan in your life.

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We have the usual reluctance to go for walks, go to the vet, or basically do anything we want the cat to do. Now he takes on the world! After all, what can one say about something that is, ultimately, an all-ages picture book? Puffing up after seeing themselves in a mirror. Available as an e-book for: Simon's Cat is highly amusing and a source of good quick fun.

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