Sahih Al Bukhari is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh), also known as the Sunah. Each hadith in this collection was checked for. Sahih Al-Bukhari Compiled By Imam Abi Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ismail Al Bukhari () A.H – () A.D. Translator: Dr. succeeded in rendering the meanings of A1-Jârni' Ac-SahI,z (SahIh Al-Bukhâri) into English in a simple comprehensible style free from complications.

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The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari – Arabic-English (9 Volumes) by Muhammed Ibn Ismaiel Al-Bukhari (Author), Muhammad. Sahih al-Bukhari (Arabic: صحيح البخاري ), as it is commonly referred to, is one of the six Download Sahih Bukhari in Urdu Volume 1 (PDF File MB). Sahih Bukhari is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin al-Mughira al-Ja'fai) was born.

He began authoring books and narrating hadith while still an adolescent.

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At that time I also authored a book of history at the grave of the Prophet at night during a full moon. At the age of sixteen, he, together with his brother and widowed mother, made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

From there he made a series of travels in order to increase his knowledge of hadith. He went through all the important centres of Islamic learning of his time, talked to scholars and exchanged information on hadith.

It is said that he heard from over 1, men, and learned over , traditions. His book is highly regarded among Sunni Muslims, and considered the most authentic collection of hadith, even ahead of the Muwatta Imam Malik and Sahih Muslim of Bukhari's student Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj. This book will be a great addition to your library while giving you a true perspective on the traditions of the Prophet PBUH.


During his childhood his father died and his mother took on the entire responsibility of bringing him up. Your email address will not be published.

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The particular arrangement and ordering of chapters. This expresses the profound knowledge of the author and his understanding of the religion. This has made the book a more useful guide in understanding of the religious disciplines.

The book of Bukhari is the more authentic of the two and more useful. They considered it a good effort and testified to its authenticity with the exception of four hadith.

Shehadeh uses gender theory to critique the hadith, [14] while Farooq believes that such hadiths are inconsistent with reforming Islam. The clarification is given in a hadith reported by Aisha in Imam Zarkashi's hadith collection: " He [Abu Hurairah] came into our house when the Prophet was in the middle of a sentence.

He only heard the end of it.

What the Prophet said was: 'May God refute the Jews; they say three things bring bad luck: house, woman, and horse.Muhammad al-Bukhari has followed two principal criteria for selecting sound narratives. Each book contains anywhere from one to chapters with each chapter containing several Ahadith. Welcome Guest!

The brief compendium has yet to be found. There are many books that noted differences between these versions, the best known being Fath al-Bari.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir Arabic. This expresses the profound knowledge of the author and his understanding of the religion.


My Qalam. He was raised by his mother because his father died when he was an infant.

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