This book, Prayer Rain, is dedicated to late Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola, a minister of God, who understood the power of prayer. He was a man mightily. Read "Prayer Rain" by Dr. D. K. Olukoya available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Prayer Rain provides a way out for all those wallowing helplessly under satanic harassment. Knowing Prayer Points. Prayer Rain Prayer For Rain, Book Club Books, Books To Read, Christian Prayers. Visit Prayer For Rain, Prayer Book, Pdf Book, Scriptures, Spiritual Warfare.

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Financial Deliverance. Power for Explosive Success. The Evil Cry of your Family Idol. When the Enemy is Already Inside. Deliverance from Triangular Powers.

The Prayer of Jehu. Raiding the House of the Strongman. Charge Your Battery. Dealing with the Satanic Exchange.

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While Men Slept. The Star Hunter. The Wicked Exchange. Born Great But Tied Down. Dancers at the Gate of Death.

Mfm Prayer Rain

Wasting the Wasters. Divine Re-positioning. Dealing with Unprofitable Roots. Prayer Passport to Crush Oppression. Release from Destructive Covenants. Deliverance of the Brain. Prayer Warfare Against 70 Mad Spirits. Your Mouth and your Warfare. Power to Shut Satanic Doors.

Praying by the Blood of Jesus. Deliverance by Fire. Healing Through Prayer. How to Find the Presence of God. Deliverance of the Tongue. Dealing with Hidden Curses. God of 24 Hour Miracles, Arise. Prayers to Move from Minimum to Maximum.

Mfm Prayer Rain

Prayers to End your Dry Season. The Unlimited God. When You are Under Attack. Let Fire Fall. Contending for the Kingdom. Dealing with Spiritual Defilement. Dreaming Divine Dreams. Power Against the Enemy Opposed to your Shining. Prayer is the Battle. Tied Down in the Spirit. Power to Recover your Birthright.

Power to Recover Your Lost Glory. The Problem of Bewitched Hands and Feet. How to Pray When Surrounded by Enemies. Basic Prayer Pattern. Possessing the Tongue of Fire. Overpowering Witchcraft. Safeguarding your Home. Praying to Dismantle Witchcraft. Your Ministry and Your Ancestry. The Mystery of Mobile Curses.

Open Heavens through Holy Disturbance. Pray your Way to Breakthrough. Power Against Captivity. Too Hot to Handle. Taking the Battle to the Enemy's Gate. Prayers to Destroy Diseases and Infirmities.

The Wealth Transfer Agenda. The Chain Breaker. Biblical Principles of Dream Interpretation.

Power Against Marine Spirits. Idols of the Heart. The Star in your Sky. Handling the Sword of Deliverance. Bringing Down the Power of God. The A-Z of Complete Deliverance. Violent Prayers to Disgrace Stubborn Problems. Baptism of Fire. The Skeleton in your Grandfather's Cupboard. Drawers of Power from the Heavenlies. Praying Against the Spirit of the Valley. Family Deliverance. Breaking Bad Habits. The Mystery of First Fruit Offering.

Kill Your Goliath By Fire. The Secret of Greatness. Dealing with Destiny Thieves. Your Uzziah Must Die. Secrets of Spiritual Growth and Maturity. Power Against Unclean Spirits. Your Marriage and Your Ancestry. Livingstone's birthplace in Blantyre David Livingstone's birthplace, with period furnishings Livingstone was born on 19 March in the mill town of Blantyre , Scotland in a tenement building for the workers of a cotton factory on the banks of the River Clyde under the bridge crossing into Bothwell.

He and his brother John worked twelve-hour days as piecers , tying broken cotton threads on the spinning machines. He was a student at the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School in —40, with his courses covering medical practice, midwifery, and botany.

Neil Livingstone was a Sunday school teacher and teetotaller who handed out Christian tracts on his travels as a door-to-door tea salesman. He extensively read books on theology, travel, and missionary enterprises. This rubbed off on the young David, who became an avid reader, but he also loved scouring the countryside for animal, plant, and geological specimens in local limestone quarries. Neil feared that science books were undermining Christianity and attempted to force his son to read nothing but theology, but David's deep interest in nature and science led him to investigate the relationship between religion and science.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Influenced by revivalistic teachings in the United States, Livingstone entirely accepted the proposition put by Charles Finney, Professor of Theology at Oberlin College, Ohio, that "the Holy Spirit is open to all who ask it". For Livingstone, this meant a release from the fear of eternal damnation.

Monteith's Blantyre cotton mill were also important from ages 10 to 26, first as a piecer and later as a spinner.

After reading the appeal by Gutzlaff for medical missionaries for China in , he began saving money and entered Anderson's College, Glasgow in now University of Strathclyde , founded to bring science and technology to ordinary folk, and attended Greek and theology lectures at the University of Glasgow.

Later in life, Gallagher became a priest and founded the third oldest Catholic Church in Glasgow: St. Simon's, Partick originally named St. A painting of both Gallagher and Livingstone by Roy Petrie[ who? In addition, he attended divinity lectures by Wardlaw, a leader at this time of vigorous anti-slavery campaigning in the city. He continued his medical studies in London while training there and in Ongar, Essex where he and other students were taught Greek, Latin, Hebrew and theology by the Rev.

He was excited by Moffat's vision of expanding missionary work northwards, and he was also influenced by abolitionist T. Buxton 's arguments that the African slave trade might be destroyed through the influence of "legitimate trade" and the spread of Christianity. Livingstone, therefore, focused his ambitions on Southern Africa.

They stated, "The lion, the lord of the night, kills our cattle and sheep even in the daytime". Livingstone felt that, if he could kill just one lion, the others would take it as a warning and leave the villages and their livestock alone. Therefore, he led the villagers on a lion hunt. Seeing a large lion, he fired his gun, but the animal was not sufficiently injured to prevent it from attacking him while re-loading, seriously wounding his left arm.

The broken bone, even though inexpertly set by himself and a missionary's daughter, bonded strongly, enabling him to shoot and lift heavy weights, though it remained a source of much suffering for the rest of his life, and he was not able to lift the arm higher than his shoulder. He abandoned Chonuane, his next mission, in because of drought and the proximity of the Boers and his desire "to move on to the regions beyond".

Just as important had been the three journeys far to the north of Kolobeng which he had undertaken between and and which had left him convinced that the best long-term chance for successful evangelising was to explore Africa in advance of European commercial interest and other missionaries by mapping and navigating its rivers which might then become "Highways" into the interior.

Livingstone had reached this point coming from the south, in Capetown, it was the northern frontier missionary post. Livingstone set out from Linyanti to the north-west, up the Zambezi, believing this would map the best "highway" into Africa. He had the help of 27 African guides and warriors loaned by Sekeletu, chief of the Kololo in Linyanti. They reached the Portuguese city of Loanda Luanda on the Atlantic after profound difficulties and the near-death of Livingstone from fever.

Livingstone realized the route would be too difficult for future traders, so he retraced the journey back to Linyanti. Then with men, loaned by the same chief, he set off east down the Zambezi. On this leg he became the first European to see the Mosi-o-Tunya "the smoke that thunders" waterfall, which he named Victoria Falls after Queen Victoria.

Eventually he successfully reached Quelimane on the Indian ocean having mapped most of the course of the Zambezi river. Livingstone's accomplishment made him famous. Like other missionaries of the era he had a low success rate and is credited with a single conversion.

His motto—now inscribed on his statue at Victoria Falls—was "Christianity, Commerce and Civilization", a combination that he hoped would form an alternative to the slave trade, and impart dignity to the Africans in the eyes of Europeans. Slave traders and their captives bound in chains and collared with 'taming sticks'. From Livingstone's Narrative Livingstone believed that he had a spiritual calling for exploration to find routes for commercial trade which would displace slave trade routes, rather than for preaching.

He was encouraged by the response in Britain to his discoveries and support for future expeditions, so he resigned from the London Missionary Society in According to his Victorian biographer W. Garden Blaikie, the reason was to prevent public concerns that his non-missionary activities such as his scientific work might show the LMS to be "departing from the proper objects of a missionary body".

Livingstone had written to the directors of the society to express complaints about their policies and the clustering of too many missionaries near the Cape Colony, despite the sparse native population.

In a letter from the directors of the LMS, which Livingstone received at Quelimane, he was congratulated on his journey but was told that the directors were "restricted in their power of aiding plans connected only remotely with the spread of the Gospel".

When he was approached by Roderick Murchison, president of the Royal Geographical Society , who put him in touch with the Foreign Secretary, Livingstone said nothing to the LMS directors, even when his leadership of a government expedition to the Zambezi seemed increasingly likely to be funded by the Exchequer.

Livingstone had suffered over thirty attacks during his journey but had deliberately understated his suffering so as not to discourage the LMS from sending missionaries to the Kololo. Consequently, the missionaries had set out for a marshy region with wholly inadequate supplies of quinine and they had soon weakened and died. However, it turned out to be completely impassable to boats past the Cahora Bassa rapids, a series of cataracts and rapids that Livingstone had failed to explore on his earlier travels.

Expedition members recorded that Livingstone was an inept leader incapable of managing a large-scale project.

David Livingstone

He was also said to be secretive, self-righteous, and moody, and could not tolerate criticism, all of which severely strained the expedition and which led to his physician John Kirk writing in , "I can come to no other conclusion than that Dr Livingstone is out of his mind and a most unsafe leader". The expedition became the first to reach Lake Malawi and they explored it in a four-oared gig.

In , they returned to the coast to await the arrival of a steam boat specially designed to sail on Lake Malawi. Mary Livingstone arrived along with the boat. She died on 27 April from malaria and Livingstone continued his explorations.

Attempts to navigate the Ruvuma River failed because of the continual fouling of the paddle wheels from the bodies thrown in the river by slave traders, and Livingstone's assistants gradually died or left him. The Zambezi Expedition was castigated as a failure in many newspapers of the time, and Livingstone experienced great difficulty in raising funds to further explore Africa. Nevertheless, John Kirk, Charles Meller, and Richard Thornton, the scientists appointed to work under Livingstone, did contribute large collections of botanical, ecological, geological, and ethnographic material to scientific Institutions in the United Kingdom.

Richard Francis Burton , John Hanning Speke , and Samuel Baker had identified either Lake Albert or Lake Victoria as the source which was partially correct, as the Nile "bubbles from the ground high in the mountains of Burundi halfway between Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria " [20] , but there was still serious debate on the matter.

Livingstone believed that the source was farther south and assembled a team to find it consisting of freed slaves, Comoros Islanders, twelve Sepoys , and two servants from his previous expedition, Chuma and Susi.

He stayed here from 24 March to 7 April Livingstone set out from the mouth of the Ruvuma river, but his assistants gradually began deserting him.

The Comoros Islanders had returned to Zanzibar and falsely informed authorities that Livingstone had died. He reached Lake Malawi on 6 August, by which time most of his supplies had been stolen, including all his medicines. Livingstone then travelled through swamps in the direction of Lake Tanganyika, with his health declining. He sent a message to Zanzibar requesting that supplies be sent to Ujiji and he then headed west, forced by ill health to travel with slave traders.

He arrived at Lake Mweru on 8 November and continued on, travelling south to become the first European to see Lake Bangweulu.Share your thoughts with other customers. Safeguarding your Home. In a letter from the directors of the LMS, which Livingstone received at Quelimane, he was congratulated on his journey but was told that the directors were "restricted in their power of aiding plans connected only remotely with the spread of the Gospel".

Destroying Satanic Mask. Anointed by God, Dr.

Many important missionaries, such as Leader Stirling and Miss Annie Allen , would later work for this group.

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