Free update to Adobe Reader® pre-installed on all BlackBerry 10 devices Navigation, Zooming & Viewing • Select single page, continuous Unable to open PDF file BlackBerry apps lack support so that automatically takes away a star. Pdf Reader will save your spot and current scale setting and supports Pdfmarks. Very fluid, especially compared to the Adobe Reader app; better appearance. Hello, you can raudone.info files on BlackBerry phones but it depends http://forums raudone.info

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On Android apk's, I got PDF MAX and WPS, but when I try to download the full version that appears I think the acrobat reader app on blackberry Although I've not personally used Adobe Reader on my BlackBerry Z10 all that much, it does seem to be a popular app among users. An update rolling Copy/ Paste & Search - Copy and paste text from an Adobe PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs. Blackberry Playbook and BB10 eReading and News Apps.

These services handle both cloud storage of files and editing them online in the browser too, something BlackBerry Z10 might appreciate. At the time of this writing, there are no official apps for Office, SkyDrive or Drive integration, though there are third party apps that do support them.

Free PDF Viewer RIM BlackBerry Bold (9700) Java Apps

Organizer The organizer is a big part of every business phone and luckily BlackBerry didn't repeat the PlayBook blunder of not putting a native calendar app it didn't have contacts or email at first either. No worries though, BB OS 10 has a worthy calendar.

It has a tabbed interface and several different ways to view your appointments. The first tab is for daily view and it has three view modes - Agenda a list of all events , People events sorted by who's attending them and Schedule a list of events for the day, positioned by when the start. Daily view of the calendar has three modes Then there's weekly view, which has two modes - show only workdays and show the whole week.

Finally, there's month view if you need a broader look of what's ahead. Multiple calendars are supported and they are color coded, so you can easily tell which event comes from where e. Weekly and monthly views Each event has a reminder and can change your status for the duration of the event Busy, Out of office, etc.

Viewing an event shows you three tabs - event details, who's invited invitations are sent over email and emails related to that event. One problem with the calendar we encountered was that the time and date picker crashes the app every single time.

Blackberry Playbook and BB10 eReading and News Apps

While the calendar is good at scheduling things, it's not that great at keeping notes and other info you might need. This is where Remember steps in. You can add items to Remember from the app itself or just flag something in the BlackBerry Hub. Remember is like a scrapbook for ideas Each entry can be assigned to a folder and folders can be color coded. Entries start off pretty simple - a subject and some additional notes, plus a message if the entry was added by flagging something in the Hub.

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From here you can add due date info, attach a photo, a voice note or any file. You can tag entries, but there's no easy way to sort entries by tags.

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Teen T. Mature M.Technical specifications; How do I Extreme depictions of graphic violence appropriate only for or legally restricted to persons at least 18 years of age. No worries though, BB OS 10 has a worthy calendar. BlackBerry Curve , , Series, 3G It currently supports Curve, - GeekBerry.

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