Pamporovo - Mechi Chal Piste Map, free to download. Get a head start, plan your skiing before you go. Large format Pamporovo Piste Map, pdf & jpg. Information for the ski slopes in Pamporovo ski resort in Bulgaria. Total length of ski runs: 25 km + 30 km slopes for ski run; Longest run: 4,2 km There are ski runs of all degrees of difficulty in Pamporovo. Large format Pamporovo Ski Trail Maps. Plus many more Free downloadable ski maps from around the world. Pamporovo, Bulgaria Ski Map jpg pdf.

Pamporovo Piste Map Pdf

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Page 1. Southern side. PAMPOROVO. Snezhanka. m. m. Stoudenets. Chalet. Olta. Holiday Home. Panorama. Hote. Filandia. Ski area 2in1. Pamporovo · Mechi chal · Ski shuttle connection · Winter prices. Plan your stay. Online shop · Promotions · Choose hotel · Ski Equipment Rental. Trail map of the ski resort Pamporovo, Trail map Pamporovo Season / - Interactive trail map Pamporovo.

Map of Central Balkan Mountains. All the hiking trails are shown in colour and all the names are given in Bulgarian language and in Latin transcription.

The map is scaled 1: 50 , with contour lines in 20 metres. Contains information about Rhodope Mountains — climate, relief, wildlife and biodiversity; tourist routes and places to stay: huts, camping sites, etc.

Map of Eastern Rhodope Mountains. Contains information in Bulgarian and English about the history and photos of 88 tourist sites in the Eastern Rhodopes; history and nature of the town of Zlatograd also map of Zlatograd.

Map of the ski runs in Pamporovo

Information about and scheme of the Thracian site of Perperikon; information, photos and history of the Thracian complex near Tatul village. Hiking Map of Olympus Mountains, Greece.

All the main hiking trails are shown on the map. Detailed descriptions in English about the routes, huts and sights are available on the back side of the map.

Latest edition by Anavasi. Northern Pirin Map. Main restaurant The main restaurant comprises of 90 seats.

Working hours: am — pm Lobby bar You can enjoy the nice atmosphere and to have your morning coffee or cocktail at the lobby bar.

It consists of 42 seats.


It is the perfect place for organizing private business meetings, private parties, VIP cocktails, dinners etc. It is located near the pool and can be reached also from outside the hotel — by the side stairs. People who are not accommodated in the hotel also can enjoy and share the summer garden.

The hotel offers 4 meeting halls each with different capacity, some of which are located in the hotel "Orlovetz". Regardless of the season, passing between the two hotels is very convenient for the guests through a covered walkway.

Snowmobiles are available for supervised use at night on the mountain when the snow fall is adequate. An authentic Bulgarian folk feast is served in a nearby restaurant.

Pamporovo Ski Trail Map

Lamb is spit roasted and served while traditional Bulgarian music is played accompanied by traditional dance. download[ edit ] The town has a small supermarket located in the centre. There are also various shops all centred in the same area. Jewelers, souvenir and clothing shops are to name a few.

Map of the ski runs in Pamporovo

Pamporovo has several shops specifically catering for ski gear and ski related paraphernalia. Eat[ edit ] The town has enough restaurants with decent quality food so that you won't go hungry.Lamb is spit roasted and served while traditional Bulgarian music is played accompanied by traditional dance.

Note: shall I consider also the Italian Limone piemonte ski resort? In January an additional border crossing point was opened between Bulgaria and Greece which is just half an hour drive from Pamporovo by car.

The hotel offers 4 meeting halls each with different capacity, some of which are located in the hotel "Orlovetz". The Pine Lodge faces the south towards the land of Spartacus, within neighbouring Greece; and a new EU-funded highway will make the Greek coast accessible by car.

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