Christopher Paolini adalah penulis buku Eragon. Cinta Christopher Paolini pada fantasi dan fiksi ilmiah menginspirasi dirinya untuk memulai menulis novel. Seri novel ini berlatar belakang dunia fiksi bernama Alagaësia dengan tokoh utama seorang anak laki-laki remaja bernama Eragon dan naganya, Saphira. The Inheritance Cycle adalah seri novel fantasi karya Christopher Paolini. Sebelumnya diberi . Download E-Book (PDF) (Versi Indonesia) Eragon ( MB) ada yang tau link download novel eragon bahasa indo gak sih?:(please. Reply.

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Christopher Paolini

Paolini said: "if I have difficulty choosing the correct moniker, I use a placeholder name until a replacement suggests itself. He thought the name fit the book perfectly, but some of the other names caused him "real headaches".

Paolini "roughed out" the main history of the land before he wrote the book, but he did not draw a map of it until it became important to see where Eragon was traveling. He then started to get history and plot ideas from seeing the landscape depicted.

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He thought Eragon's growth and maturation throughout the book "sort of mirrored my own growing abilities as a writer and as a person, too. So it was a very personal choice for that book.

I went with a more human element with Saphira while still trying to get a bit of the magic, the alien, of her race. She transcended that, however, and became her own person, fiercely independent and proud. After he and the urgals kill the other elves, Durza attempts to steal an egg carried by one of the female elves, but is foiled when she causes it to vanish.

Infuriated, he renders her unconscious with a ball of fire and abducts her. Eragon is a fifteen-year-old boy who has lived with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran on a farm near the village of Carvahall, ever since his mother Selena, Garrow's sister, left him there right after his birth.

While hunting in the Spine, Eragon is surprised to see the blue dragon egg, which he believes to be a stone, appear in front of him.

A few months later, Eragon witnesses a baby dragon hatch from the egg. Eragon names the dragon Saphira , after a name the old village storyteller Brom mentions. He raises the dragon in secret until two of King Galbatorix 's servants, the Ra'zac , come to Carvahall.

Eragon and Saphira manage to escape by hiding in the Spine, but Garrow is fatally wounded and the house and farm are burned down by the Ra'zac.

Once Garrow dies, Eragon is left with no reason to stay in Carvahall, so he goes after the Ra'zac with his newly hatched dragon, seeking vengeance for the destruction of his home and his uncle's death. He is accompanied by Brom, who provides Eragon with the sword Zar'roc and insists on helping him and Saphira.

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On the journey, Brom teaches Eragon sword fighting , magic , the ancient elvish language, and the ways of the Dragon Riders. Their travels bring them to the city of Teirm, where they meet with Brom's friend Jeod.

Eragon's fortune is told by the witch Angela , and her companion, the werecat Solembum , gives Eragon some mysterious advice. With Jeod's help, they are able to track the Ra'zac to the southern city of Dras-Leona.

Eragon, a farm boy, stumbles upon a suspicious blue stone while hunting in the Spine an area that few would go to even in the best of times. He loses sight of his prey but brings home the stone anyway figuring that he might sell it. However, once folks find out it's from the Spine - they refuse to touch it.

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Begrudgingly, Eragon takes it home only to discover, a few short days later, that the stone is not a stone A dragon egg. And while Saphira his young dragon is cute for the first few weeks Soon, Eragon realizes that keeping a dragon, even a young one, is no easy task.

When a tragedy befalls Eragon's family, he sets off with Brom, a local storyteller, and Saphira on a quest for revenge. Along the way, he meets both friend and foe. He travels far farther that he ever dreamed possible and experiences losses that will irrevocably change him.

Pada musim panas , saudara tiri dari pengarang Carl Hiassen menemukan Eragon di toko buku dan menyukainya, dan Hiason membelinya untuk diperlihatkan pada penerbitnya, Alfred A Knopf. Knopf selanjutnya membuat penawaran untuk menerbitkan Eragon dan lanjutan.

Edisi kedua Eragon diterbitkan Knopf pada Agustus Pada usia 19 tahun, Paolini menjadi pengarang terlaris versi Newyorktimes. Semenjak saat itu Eragon diadopsi menjadi film dengan nama sama.

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Eldest, lanjutan dari Eragon, dirilis 23 Agustus Buku ketiga dalam siklus, Brisingr dirilis pada 20 September Meskipun Siklus warisan direncanakan sebagai trilogy, detail dari Brisingr telah menjelaskan keberadaan buku keempat yang belum diberi judul.

Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Belum Diperiksa. Artikel ini perlu dirapikan agar memenuhi standar Wikipedia Merapikan artikel bisa berupa membagi artikel ke dalam paragraf atau wikifikasi artikel.

Setelah dirapikan, tolong hapus pesan ini. Artikel ini tidak memiliki paragraf pembuka yang sesuai dengan standar Wikipedia.Hari berikutnya, Eragon diberi tahu sumber kekuatan Galbatorix: Forests suffer the effect of acid rain through damage to leaves, through the loss of vital nutrients, and through the increased amounts of toxic metals liberated by acid, which damage roots and soil micro organisms. In his Cross Channel: Evermore, Julian Barnes raises the issue of historical sites and the ways in which.

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