SUPREMACY OF THIS CONSTITUTION. 1—Sovereignty 59—Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission. the High Court for a new trial if––. AND EQUALITY COMMISSION. 59—Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission. . CHAPTER SIXTEEN—AMENDMENT OF THIS CONSTITUTION for appeal; and. (b) new and compelling evidence has become available. Oct 31, PDF | The Kenyan constitution, with discussion of the promulgated a new Kenyan constitution at a public ceremony in Nairobi attended by.

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This Constitution is the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya and shall have the months after the promulgation of a new Constitution, whichever is the earlier. The Constitution of Kenya is the supreme law of the Republic of Kenya. There have been three The new Constitution was approved by 67% of Kenyan voters. .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. The Kenyans endorsed a new Constitution in a referendum on the 4 th http://; Stefan Jansen.

A Short Note on Land Laws in Kenya

As part of the efforts to secure a unified jurisprudence on election laws, this compendium would play a big role in educating all stakeholders on where the law stands on a particular matter.

I have noted with satisfaction that the edition covers decisions from the magistracy all the way to the Supreme Court. Therefore, anyone who receives the benefit of reading this publication sets off on his role in the election management system with a huge advantage.

The advantage of knowing what the written law says and the manner in which the various players the EDR system have interpreted and applied the law. This publication should thus be seen as an attempt towards eliminating uncertainty in the management of elections in Kenya and as a reference tool for best practices in election management for the region.

In particular, the analysis seeks to review the approaches to resolving sticky issues that arose during the EDR processes, with a view to isolating what is the settled jurisprudence. This ensures that the understanding of the law in an area is clear and consistent, and reduces instances of inconsistent jurisprudence in the future.

The proposals for law reform will also go a long way in ensuring a coherent and cohesive body of legal norms that govern EDR going into the next EDR cycle. The Supreme Court annulled the 8 August presidential elections on the basis that they were fraught with many illegalities and irregularities which negatively impacted the integrity of the elections. It held that that no reasonable tribunal could uphold the 8 August presidential election.

The Supreme Court ordered a repeat election within sixty days. The IEBC initially scheduled the repeat poll for 17 October and later rescheduled the election to 26th October In the period between the annulment and the repeat poll, the opposition stated that it would not take part in the repeat poll because the illegalities and irregularities highlighted by the Supreme Court on 1 September had not been addressed. The opposition indicated that it had no faith in the electoral management body to carry out a credible repeat poll.

A political crisis ensued in this period with widespread protests which were met with the use of lethal force by state security agencies. Nevertheless, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC conducted fresh Presidential election on 26th October which the opposition boycotted, furthering the political crisis.

Structure of the Kenya Government

In , Parliament passes the constitution of Kenya Amendment act. In a committee of experts was appointed to harmonize the draft constitutions and come up with the new constitution.

In April Parliament approved the draft constitution by the CoE. In August the constitution was passed by a majority of Kenyans and on 27th August it was subsequently promulgated.

Constitution of Kenya

TEXT The independence constitution The new constitution of Kenya consists of 11 chapters, no comprises of a preamble, 18 preamble and no schedule, Hence chapters, and six schedules. Among other functions, the six schedules describe the national symbols of Kenya and also prescribe the oaths of office for holders of different constitutional offices. The house named the national National Assembly is the visibly assembly, bestowed upon with more powerful house that mostly the responsibility of making deals with national legislations national legislations applying to on Finance, Health etc whilst the all regions of the country.

Senate deals with county budgetary allocations and county matters. Crucial legislations for example impeachment of the President require approval by both houses of Parliament. Under chapter 11 of this constitution, two separate levels of government are discerned, The National Government and the County Government.

This court will handle appointed to serve. Furthermore, appeals relating to constitutional parliamentary approval of Judges matters and matters of general appointed by the President was public importance from the not provided. Appeals court. It also presides over Presidential impeachment proceedings.

It will constitute no less than 12 judges and will be headed by a Chief Justice appointed by the President. The president also has power to appoint judges, recommended by a judicial service commission for approval by parliament.


Presidency with too much power The government is accountable at its helm with almost zero to the electorate, through fellow accountability. For Corruption is seemingly present example the Judicial is vested at almost all state offices.

The Parliament also checks on the executive through scrutinizing the budget and also the workings of cabinet secretaries through calling them back to parliament to face the whole house or specific committees at times.A deadlock only finally broken by the intervention of the African Union through a mediation team headed by Kofi Annan , following the outbreak of serious post-election violence in early National Government Constitution History Human rights.

The chapter also establishes the two levels of Kenya's devolved government: the national government and the county governments.

You can read specific details of each chapter by downloading a copy of the new Constitution of Kenya Leasehold land tenure system which is the interest in land for a specific period subject to payment of land rent to the government and land rates to the county governments. Freedom of conscience, religion, belief and opinion; The right to a fair and speedy public trial; and Freedom of the media.

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