Blank printable calendar or other years. Add holidays or your own events, print using yearly, monthly, weekly and daily templates. Free Printable Calendar in PDF format. Free calendars that you can download, customize, and print. Calendars Mini Month Calendar calendar. Calendar - Best place for free online calendar. Online monthly calendar and printable holiday calendar are also available here.

Monthly Calendar 2014 Pdf

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Here you can customize any monthly calendar templates. page for more Calendar and PDF calendar page for calendars in PDF format. Lines, Triangles & Arrows Printable Desk Calendar INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF Monthly planner Handdrawn Typography Hipster on Etsy, $ Download a free printable calendar for or , in a variety of different formats and colors. These free printable calendars are available as PDF files that .

Specify each event on a separate line, with the date followed by the description of the event. The date and description should be separated by a comma or tab automatically detected.

If the dates contain commas, you must use tabs as the delimiter. Dates can be supplied in almost any format. Times are ignored, unless they are part of the event description. Select a standard event list from the drop-down box, and then use the "Add Events" button to add the events.

Choose "All Event Types" to add them all at once. Click the "Clear Events" button to clear the event list.

You can have multiple events on the same date, and events do not have to be in sorted order. Long event descriptions will wrap and fill the cell until the text eventually spills outside the cell. Any lines with invalid dates will be ignored.

You can use an online spreadsheet program like Google Spreadsheet to prepare and save your event list, then simply cut and paste the list into the box above. Unfortunately, they have encoded the data, and it must be manually retyped for use in this calendar.

Shading Select the days of the week to display with a shaded background color. By default, the weekend Saturday and Sunday is shaded in a light gray color.

Monthly Calendars

You can customize the color by entering the red-green-blue value in hexadecimal like HTML color codes. Look up color codes on this neutral colors color chart. Rules Set the number of rules to draw in each day cell.

Rules are horizontal lines for hand-written notes. Enter zero to obtain blank, unruled cells. For ruling, try five to eight. Adjust the number based on the paper size and the size of your hand-writing.

Font Size Click one of the preset font size buttons to automatically set the font sizes on the calendar. You can have small, medium, or large print, and these settings are optimized for letter-size paper. Enter custom font sizes if you want to make further adjustments, or for different paper sizes.

If your font sizes are too big for the paper size, the calendar will display junk, so use the custom sizes carefully.

The minimum font size is 3 and maximum is Wish List What other features would you like to see on this calendar? What other event lists are useful to you? Year is divided into six seasons each lasting for two months.

Tamil calendar follows 60 year cycle closely resembling to other calendars followed in Indian subcontinent. Day starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. Fifth month Aavani and tenth month Thai are considered as very auspicious for the wedding and other events. Fourth month Aadi is considered as inauspicious.

Chithirai - First month on tamil calendar. Chithirai first date is tamil new year. Usually falls on 14 April of english calendar. Chithirai month have 31 days.

Chithirai thiruvizha celebrated in this month. Vaigasi - Second month on tamil calendar. Vaigasi month have 31 days. Favorable month of Muruga Kadavul. Vaigasi Visakam is the most important day of this month.


Aadi - Fourth month on tamil calendar. Aadi month have 31 days.

Tamil people celebrate Aadi Amavasai and Aadiperukku. Thai - Tenth month on tamil calendar. Thai month have 29 or 30 days. Harvesting month and Pongal celebrations are done on this month.

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Panguni - Twelth month on tamil calendar. Panguni have 30 days.


This is the last month on tamil calendar. Tamil Monthly Calendar - The layout of the calendar lines up holidays and ensures the same number of Saturdays and Sundays in comparable months.

Look up color codes on this neutral colors color chart. These free monthly calendar templates allow you to create a professional looking calendar just by choosing a month and a year. Week Starts: Shading Select the days of the week to display with a shaded background color. Any lines with invalid dates will be ignored.

As per tamil calendar, tamil months starts with Chithirai and ends with Panguni. Excel Articles.

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