28 tea and a chat With Meredith Crawford, AKA super-blogger One Sheepish Girl . 59 dino Welcome to our refreshed Mollie Makes! Do you. 52 HOME TOUR Inside 91 Magazine founder (and Mollie Makes sat at the Genius Bar with other experts, offering styling advice to bloggers. Mollie Makes - Issue 66 - documento [*.pdf] CUSTOMISE Nancy Straughan Blogger and textile designer Nancy adores bears, and her.

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Create the blog you've always dreamed of with Mollie Makes Blogging, the new page special edition 'zine with expert tips and inspiration. OUR FAVE BLOGGER · TALKS INTERIORS Subscribe at 73 LOVING. Beautiful Here at Mollie Makes we like our Christmas to be relaxed. crochet flower frame - mollie makes - subscr molliemakes mollie makes mollie makes pr 01 loyal website. read pdf # mollie makes: woodland friends: crochet .

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Mollie Makes, of course! Lula magazine is another of my faves.

Lots of fashion magazines for inspiration with styling and colours. I also love Betty — lots of British magazines!

And Frankie is great. I like to read about topics that are outside my realm, to get inspired from a fresh perspective.

How would you describe what you do? Well until recently I was working as a web content specialist with Michaels. They found me through my blog.

Mollie Makes UK

But I got more confident in my writing and style, gained readers and people started to approach me. Describe a typical working day? I get up and manage all the social media for the CYC.

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Count 9 sts along from where the first back leg is this will become the belly and attach the yarn to the next st 10th st along.

Work 9dc, ch6 and join the last ch and the first dc with a ss. Repeat Rounds as the first back leg.

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Row 1 5dc, turn Rows ch1 does not count as st , 5dc, turn Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Work the flap between the front legs in same way. Using the tapestry needle, sew the front flap to both front legs and the back flap to both back legs. Fill each leg with stuffing.


Using the tapestry needle, sew the wide belly flap to the other side of the dinosaur. Then sew the belly flap to both the legs and the flaps between them, stuffing the body as you go.

Time to go explore.This Parisian-inspired velvet cape is the stuff of fairy tales. Like your gadgets? COM 9Subscribe at molliemakes.

She creates ornate calligraphy-based artwork, often used as a finishing touch at events ranging from weddings to fashion shows.

I want that to be part of my mission!

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