Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation programs supported by both Mac Microsoft PowerPoint (Figure 1). . SAVING AS A PDF. Microsoft has developed a series of online demo programs to assist people with This tutorial uses PowerPoint and you can use it as a quick reference. Microsoft, Microsoft Press, Access, ActiveX, Aero, Calibri, excel, Groove, infoPath, internet explorer,. OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, sharePoint.

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Microsoft PowerPoint has a completely redesigned user interface. been removed and replaced with a series of toolbars Microsoft calls “The Ribbon. Introduction to PowerPoint .. PowerPoint in a powerful presentation processor that creates slides, . There are 9 tabs in Microsoft PowerPoint If you refer to the Introduction to Microsoft Tutorial you'll find a . PDF or XPS – You can now save your presentations as PDF Files! Wow!.

PowerPoint Open a presentation or start a new one. Choose PowerPoint, Preferences, General and use the Enable macro virus protection checkbox to turn the macro warning on. You're perfectly safe from evil code.

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And from safe, useful code. Close the options dialog box, click the Developer tab then click Visual Basic to start the editor. Or choose View, Toolbars, Visual Basic to get shortcut buttons to the editor and for running macros.

Mac PowerPoint pre Weep inconsolably. No VBA for you. Add code In the VBA editor, make sure that your presentation is highlighted in the left-hand pane. Modules are one of the several "containers" that can hold VBA code.

If your code snippet already starts with "Sub XXX " and ends with "End Sub", simply click in the new module you just inserted and paste in the code. To make sure there are no serious syntax problems with the code, choose Debug, Compile from the menu bar. If there's a problem, you'll see a message explaining well Click OK and the problem line will be highlighted for you.

Fix it and compile again until you get no error messages. Put it to work Once your code's working properly, you can run it directly from within PowerPoint without having to start the VBA editor. Highlight the one you want to run and click Run or simply doubleclick the one you want. You can also view and run macros from other open presentations; choose the presentation where your macro is stored from the Macros In dropdown listbox.

You can also use Tools, Customize to create your own toolbar and assign a macro to it.

This problem may occur Keywords- Developing Software; Teaching Aid Module because of a lot of software on the market shaping CAL and educators in the teaching process applications. Haydn insisted that history lesson in the role The purpose of the project is: information and communication technologies is to train i to develop Teaching Aid TA based on the Microsoft students in literacy information - to know what they read, what Office PowerPoint , entitled "History of Southeast Asia: they see.

This includes students challenge the popular view, the Modernization and development", a four years program in Internet is the source of all truth and wisdom. Under normal using Malay Language.

Even though its use is also lesson to stimulate student interest. This IV. But there are The software is designed to provide clear disclosure to also graphics, audio, video, animation and interactive elements. History of All elements combine to produce an interesting integration of Southeast Asia: Modernization and development would be put the software, as well as to stimulate students' thinking.

Microsoft Office Button & Quick Access Toolbar

This will increase their interest in history subject. Development of this project can also help II. However, a Teaching Aid project is expected to alleviate the lecturer lectures as an TA software tool is very poor. Software has not been fully alternative teaching aid. In addition, in order to improve the implemented in schools, due to the lack of local software and effectiveness of classroom teaching and learning. The software communication and information for the consumer in order to content is in accordance with the history of Southeast Asia ensure smooth delivery needs.

Students' abilities and syllabus issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher information learning may achieve the target level, providing Education.

Module 5.0 – Introduction to Microsoft Word (Word Processing)

This software is focused on the sub topics about the appropriate resources, media consumption environment, human rights and financial interests. The project's target group and adequate laboratory and content.

Researchers need to is four years program students who are major in history. Development Analysis Attractive learning environment, graphics, text, audio and Selection of design development model discussed in this video are appropriate to attract users to learn.

In minimum hardware specifications.

In the form of education, the result will be something ensure their effectiveness, the inherent flaws and weaknesses that should help students in the learning process. There are various different models of change their behavior. In this model, it has six key steps [7]: a understand the Middle East conflict or unrest occurred in A Analyze learners Analyzing student the comprehensive historical background.

The basic characteristics of the user 4 List of Contents should be fine related to the theme and content, then enter into TA software content contained lesson of [10]: another phase. Then the target should be set out. Targets can be c The affect of Southeast Asia conflict development to the drawn, syllabus, curriculum guides, textbooks, documents or world.

Before building the next topic, the problem is to test students' understanding. At the end of the lessons, there IX.

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Researchers want this software development to help educators in the teaching 6 Selection of Software Development and learning process.Many web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9, include a download manager. After you install this download open the document you want to publish and then, depending on the program you are using, select Save or Publish to PDF or XPS from the Office or File menu.

In the form of education, the result will be something ensure their effectiveness, the inherent flaws and weaknesses that should help students in the learning process.

Slide 2. There is nothing less professional than a shoddy slide deck that hurts your eyes and puts you to sleep, and nothing more gratifying than a presentation that is clean, visually engaging and information-rich.

PowerPoint Open a presentation or start a new one. Highlight the one you want to run and click Run or simply doubleclick the one you want.

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