My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna. Today, my sister, Luna, and I are to be crowned princesses of Equestria. But I guess I shouldn't assume they will be amazing because I've never been the princess of Pegasi. Online PDF My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna (My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic), . As seen on the hit animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Learn all about the history of Canterlot and Equestria in this replica of the magical journal.

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This books (My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna (My Little Pony, Friendship. Read "My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna" by Amy Keating Rogers available from Rakuten. My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Princesses Celestia and Luna by Amy Keating Rogers is a.

I love the Everfree Forest and have been spending any free time I have exploring it, so we decided that I should search for the ponies while Celie stayed at the castle site and kept everypony calm, easing any of their fears. So I took off and did a sweep of the forest from above. I knew the path that the ponies had been taking for supplies, and their hoofprints had been well worn into the ground. But then they veered off in a different direction. It wasn't obvious why the ponies had gone this way, but all I could figure was that they needed to get supplies for a new source.

Sure enough, I finally arrived where the ponies had come for supplies, but there were no ponies. I hunted around, and when I turned the corner I saw a cave that was blocked by a gate of brambles.

My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters

Behind that gate I heard cries for help. It was the ponies! I ran to break them free. But before I was able to reach the cave, a huge, horrible, manticore flew at me, roaring in anger.

He lunged at me furiously and I didn't know what to do. I've never battled anypony, let alone a manticore! I took to the air to dodge his attack, but he just came right after me, since manticores have wings, too, of course! I realized that I also had magic on my side, so I fired at him with my horn, trying to stun him.

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But the manticore was obviously much more used to fighting than I was. He avoided every one of my shots. I was beginning to tire out when suddenly Celie came flying in to help me. I had never been so happy to see my sister! She shot a powerful ray at the manticore that was doubled by another ray from the ground.

I added a third ray, and together we held the manticore in place mid-attack and brought him to the ground. But then as he began to roar his answer, I realized that I actually could understand him! The manticore roared that the ponies had smashed and destroyed his home. They clearly had no respect for him, so he was going to make them pay!

No wonder he was so upset! Then all of a sudden, the manticore burst into tears! It was so sad! But they were still looking furiously at the manticore and clearly had not understood his language like I had. I quickly relayed to them what the manticore had told me. I explained to Celie and Star Swirl that the manticore must have seen the ponies dismantling his home and thought they were just tearing it apart, so he attacked and imprisoned them.

The three of us released the manticore, and he simply crumpled into a heap of sadness. He may have been playing tough on the outside, but he was a big softy on the inside. After freeing the ponies from their prison, everypony apologized for this terrible misunderstanding, and Celestia and I promised that it could be remedied. Then the most amazing thing happened. That manticore helped us find the supplies we needed, came back with us to the castle site, and actually helped us build.

When Star Swirl had arrived at the castle site and heard about the missing ponies, he had feared that I would need help. The castle is almost done! And I have to admit it, Luna was right! While the columns and arches of the castle are lovely, her added design elements are so much fun!

Though some ponies did give us weird looks when we were putting up the unusual decorations, like the paintings with no eyes and the hoof wall sconces.

Those things are creepy! Today, Luna and I played hide-and-seek in the Grand Foyer. Soon the Organ to the Outside will be finished. I can hardly wait! My sister and I were meant to rule together. You know what is the best part of building a super-weird castle with trapdoors and moving walls and a creepy organ with tunnels?

I get to test it all out to make sure it works. And once I know it does, I get to mess with everypony. This is going to be awesome! The castle is finally finished, and today, Star Swirl the Bearded arranged a royal introduction between Luna and me and King Bullion of the Unicorns.

I must say that King Bullion was very gracious to come to our castle, considering my sister and I are now taking over, so to speak. There are various kingdoms and empires that were established long before Equestria was founded. King Bullion is still the Unicorn king of his region. As the Alicorn princesses, we are simply there to provide protection for Equestria as a whole. While King Bullion seemed fine and quite secure in the situation, his daughter, Princess Platinum, appeared to have her tail in a twist about the whole thing.

In fact, she behaved really rudely.

She really does not do well with snooty behavior, especially from somepony like Princess Platinum, who is not only far younger than her but clearly just a pain in the hindquarters.

Cutting that snotty little unicorn Princess Platinum in her place was not only deeply satisfying, but also incredibly fun! After all, she could have been the princess of Equestria herself. If somepony like Princess Platinum thinks she can behave that way with anypony, let alone me, she is sorely mistaken. So I busted out my loudest and most terrifying Royal Canterlot Voice. Darest thou treat the princesses of Equestria is such a manner? We are not amused! Thy behavior is disrespectful. Ill befitting of one in thy position and reflects poorly upon the Unicorns thou art representing.

Perhaps thou shalt be stripped of thy crown and thy title? I expected that prissy princess to run and hide, but much to my surprise, she haughtily flipped her hair and stood her ground. But if she wants to get up in my business. Our lack of cutie marks dost not indicate a lack of maturity. Any more than thy brandishing one means thou art actually mature.

I looked at my friend Melvin the Manticore. He was up in the balcony watching this rather heated introduction. I gave him a wink.

My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters

And right on cue, Melvin came swooping down, letting out his most ferocious roar. She shrieked in horror. Thy cowardice wouldst have cost the lives of all the ponies in peril!

The princess composed herself and claimed that she would have gotten her wits about her and found a way to defeat the manticore. I had to give it to her. This Princess Platinum was not willing to go down without a fight. But then neither was I.

I began to back the princess up toward my throne. As I did, I looked over at Melvin and gave him another wink. He smiled and exited, knowing just where to go. Let us see how thou likest the view! She sat down with a beaming smile. But just as she did, Melvin hit a cord on the Organ to the Outside. The seat to the throne whipped the princess around and set her plummeting down through the tunnel and to the courtyard of the castle.

We all heard Princess Platinum shrieking. Suddenly, I began to feel really bad. Even if the other princess was behaving terribly. I ran outside, and the princess was simply a mess I felt even more horrible and was in the middle of apologizing for sending her spinning through the tunnels when she stopped me.

And then Princess Platinum actually started apologizing to me! She was terribly sorry for how she had spoken to Celie and me. It was not an appropriate was for a princess… for anypony… to behave. Relieved, I reached out my hoof to help her up, saying that would be really nice.

As I cleaned the muck out of her mane, the princess then asked me if, as her new best friend, I could give her lessons on how to speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice. She thought it was simply fabulous! We have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Nopony can deny that things with Princess Platinum started out rough funny, but rough. When she saw how plainly the castle was decorated, she offered to have the Unicorns weave tapestries.

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She created the most beautifully elegant images of Luna and me, and as the Unicorns hung them up on the walls, the tapestries provided that last bit of regal elegance the castle needed. Princess Platinum even designed our official seal for the Equestrian flag to fly on the top turret outside out castle.

She said she was having more flags made for all of Equestria. Today, Celestia scheduled a tour of the castle and a meeting with Private Pansy, Clover the Clever, and Smart Cookie, but I was just not in the mood to hang out with the four of them and talk about Equestria stuff.

So I pretended I was sick.

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Then when Celestia was giving them a tour of the castle, I went through one of the secret passageways and made that tour one they will never forget!

Scaring Private Pansy was too easy. Just walking through the Hall of Hooves almost made her pass out. But then when I reached my hoof through that secret hole and brushed her on the side, she nearly hit the ceiling, she jumped so high and those ceilings are really tall!

Smart Cookie was a little harder to scare. That gal is a tough nut to crack. I was watching her though a painting, trying to figure out how to fluster her. But then she stood right by a fake wall. I spun it around, sending her into a totally different part of the castle. When I spun her around again, I could tell that she was shaken up. Finally, I had to get Clover the Clever. And just like her name implies, this pony as her wits about her.

Being a Unicorn trained by Star Swirl, she has magic on her side. Every time I tried to trap or trick her, she countered it with a spell. She was clearly aware that something was ahoof! I hit the chords on the organ. Clover spun around in her seat and then went plummeting though a tunnel to the outside. I quickly raced back to my room and got back in bed. Sure enough, Celestia came in moments later to see if I was there.

I had a great meeting with Private Pansy, Clover the Clever, and Smart Cookie, the three representatives from the Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth ponies who originally came up to Canterlot. Let me amend that. They really represent these three races of ponies incredibly well. Private Pansy said that Commander Hurricane was calmer in leading the Pegasus Weather Brigade into action, and weather predictions were terrific.

And with her mentor Star Swirl, Clover the Clever and the Unicorns were working on fantastic new spells to more effectively raise and lower the sun and moon and bring beauty to Equestria. Chancellor Puddinghead has to be the funniest pony I have ever met in my life! And while she has Smart Cookie to help her get things done, I think Chancellor Puddinghead knows a lot more that she lets on.

Today, she and I decided to play hide-and-seek in the castle. Sadly, this was so untrue. While I was hiding, the Organ to the Outside started playing. As soon as I heard it, I knew I was in for trouble. Suddenly, a trapdoor opened and I went whizzing through a tunnel.

I landed on my hindquarters in the courtyard, where Chancellor Puddinghead was waiting. When Star Swirl first invited us to his library, I knew it was going to be fantastic. Star Swirl also had books upon books on magic—things I had never read before. How is that even possible?

Amazing, right? Star Swirl said that we are always welcome in the library: The two book nerds were totally bonding over scrolls and ancient manuscripts and all sorts of boring stuff. Oh well. Star Swirl says he has an awesome spell he wants to work on with me. He tries things than Nopony else would even dream of. But his most exciting spells involve time travel, which of course is very challenging, and the spells are causing him a bit of trouble. He has one time travel spell that can only be used once for a brief period of time.

He desperately wants to be able to travel through space and time with no limitations. Well, I say that as a princess of Equestria, I need to check these things out. So I went farther into the forest, and the trees got thicker and thicker. I could barely see where I was going. The branches were scratching me. But finally, the leaves and branches began to loosen up and I could see again. Tall grass was now under my hooves and covered the land in front of me.

Terribly exhausted from walking, and not seeing anypony in sight, I took to the air to find out where I was. Suddenly, I saw a village of huts and a group of ponies down on the ground and went down to greet them. They were unusually covered with stripes.

And when they saw me, they looked terribly frightened. Suddenly, they started speaking, but their language was just as different as the stripes on their coats.

What kind of evil will it bring? Desist and cease. We zebras wish to live in peace! Leave now forever more! We banish you, oh manticore! Oh, maybe this was why Melvin said this land was forbidden. Most importantly, I did not mean them any harm. Hearing my words, the zebras calmed down. But they were still acting very wary. And clearly we have similar bodies and face. What baffles us are your wings and horn. The story introducing Gregor was one Rogers pitched as an episode.

Celestia and Luna 's journal entries begin on the day of their coronation as princesses of Equestria. According to Celestia, they were suddenly approached one day by Star Swirl the Bearded and his three representatives— Private Pansy of the Pegasi , Smart Cookie of the Earth ponies , and Clover the Clever of the unicorns —to uphold the newly found harmony between the three pony tribes, believing that this can be best achieved by Alicorns , who represent all three tribes.

Both sisters are anxious over their new positions, noting they do not yet have their cutie marks despite their age, but the ceremony otherwise goes on perfectly. While touring Equestria in search of a place to build their castle , Celestia and Luna visit the Everfree Forest at Star Swirl's suggestion and discover the Tree of Harmony at the bottom of a ravine.

Drawn to the tree's magic, the two decide to build their castle nearby. Luna draws up designs for trapdoors, hidden rooms, and secret passageways to make their home more exciting, while Celestia comes up with a library to keep her collection of books. Weeks into the castle's construction, a team of workers fails to return from a supply run into the Everfree Forest.

Luna finds the ponies trapped in a cave by a ferocious manticore named Melvin, whom she, Celestia, and Star Swirl manage to subdue.

As the three bind Melvin with their magic, Luna is shocked to discover she can understand Melvin's roars and learns he was simply trying to defend his home, where the ponies had set up their supply site. After Melvin bursts into tears and Luna clears up the misunderstanding with the ponies, everyone apologizes and restores Melvin's home.

Melvin repays the ponies by helping them finish the castle alongside other creatures from the Everfree Forest recruited by Luna. Star Swirl later arranges a royal summit at the finished castle with King Bullion and his daughter Princess Platinum of the Unicorn Kingdom. The respectful meeting is spoiled when Platinum begins insulting the sisters and calling them "blank flanks", proving herself to be resentful of their rule. Angered by her disrespect, Luna pulls a prank on Platinum with the help of Melvin, her Royal Canterlot Voice, and the castle's booby trapped throne, sending the unicorn princess flying outside.

Luna quickly realizes she has gone too far and apologizes to Platinum, who also regrets her behavior, and the princesses agree to start over as friends. Platinum later helps design the castle tapestries and Equestrian flag, showing her acceptance of the sisters. Luna continues her pranking spree on Private Pansy, Smart Cookie, and Clover the Clever when they come to visit, until she is finally outsmarted by Chancellor Puddinghead , who uses her own traps against her.

Meanwhile, Celestia bonds with Star Swirl over their shared love of reading and learns of two spells he has been striving to perfect: Luna learns of a forbidden area of the Everfree Forest from Melvin and decides to investigate. She makes her way through the forest to find a grassland inhabited by zebras , who mistake Luna for a manticore and wish to be left in peace.

Luna is able to befriend the zebras, learning that they have developed magic barriers around their village to keep out predators. Celestia later finds Luna and scolds her for going off on her own, but she is impressed by her discovery of the zebras. Later, the sisters spend time racing with Commander Hurricane in the sky when they are attacked by a griffon. Hurricane explains that the griffons once reached a truce with the Pegasi over airspace territory, which the griffons now believe has been violated by Equestria's formation.

Gregor explains that the departure of his last pastry chef had left him in a bad mood, and he agrees to sign a new treaty with Equestria. Between these entries, Celestia and Luna write about their time spent with Star Swirl, who teaches Luna how to move stars when she becomes mesmerized by the night sky, particularly the moon.

He also perfects his time travel spell and begins using it to travel to different points in Equestria's history. He is careful not to reveal anything about the future to the sisters, but Celestia is able to determine from his reactions that the sun, moon, and star markings on the Tree of Harmony are important.

Some time later, Celestia and Luna receive word that the Crystal Heart has been stolen from the Crystal Empire by a dragon , leaving the empire vulnerable. The sisters arrive at the empire to find the Crystal Ponies in a state of despair and their ruler, Princess Amore , depleted of her magic after trying to protect the empire with her own power. They learn that the dragon has taken the heart to his lair in the Crystalline Mountains where the heart was first found, considering everything from the mountain to be his hoard.

Accompanied by Melvin, Commander Hurricane's Pegasus army, and the griffons, the sisters travel to the dragon's lair to recover the heart.

After their attempts to reason with the dragon fail, the dragon states that he actually thinks very little of the heart, but he still refuses to return it simply because it belongs to him, uncaring of the Crystal Ponies' plight.

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In a display of anger, Celestia bursts into flames and rebukes the dragon with her Royal Canterlot Voice. Terrified, the dragon drops the heart and flees back inside his cave. With the Crystal Heart restored, everyone celebrates in the empire's first Crystal Faire , confident the dragon will never menace the empire again. As the sisters believe nothing else could go wrong in Equestria, they awaken one morning to find Equestria shrouded in night and Star Swirl's usually brown beard completely gray.

The two are horrified to learn that all of the unicorns who normally raise and lower the sun and moon wind up permanently depleting their magic to do so. Furthermore, Star Swirl—the only one from the team able to withstand this process—tried to lower the moon by himself and has lost his own magic as a result. When the sisters ask what they can do to help, Star Swirl tells them that, as Alicorns, they would not only be unharmed by raising and lowering the sun and moon, but their magic would also be rejuvenated.

Acting on instinct, Luna successfully manages to lower the moon while Celestia raises the sun. Upon their completion, the sisters are overjoyed to discover they have earned their cutie marks, which Celestia notices are identical to the markings on the Tree of Harmony. With their magic strengthened by the sun and moon, the sisters are able to restore Star Swirl and the other unicorns' magic. The sisters end their journal writing about their excitement for their upcoming adventures as princesses of Equestria.

The remainder of the book features an expansion of the journal entries written by the Mane Six and other characters throughout Season 4, beginning with Castle Mane-ia. The segment is also interspersed with a collection of entries written by Pinkie Pie called "Pinkie's Random Thoughts" that transcribe Pinkie's lengthy, nonsensical ramblings.

It also has an additional entry written by Twilight Sparkle where she muses over the princesses' journal while speculating how to open the chest.Princess Luna utilizes her intimate knowledge of fear and the use of moon magic in her duties, monitoring the dreams of all creatures and protecting them from nightmares. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders suggest she should have a holiday as equally prestigious as Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, she declines.

Book details Author: When she saw how plainly the castle was decorated, she offered to have the Unicorns weave tapestries. So I went farther into the forest, and the trees got thicker and thicker.

Consiglio, A. New sand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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