raudone.info SEMESTER IV PROPOSED PROJECT WORK TITLES COMMERCE FACULTY GUJARAT UNIVERSITY AHMEDABAD PROJECT WORK TITLES. impossible to pursue regular raudone.info course at a University either due to their The assignments, practical work and the project work will also be discussed in. PROJECT TITLES FOR MARKETING SPECIALIZATION. raudone.info on competitive advantage of organized retail store with special reference to .. .

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raudone.info Project - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. raudone.info Project Titles- Fin. Acc. Taxation - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. MCOM | Download and Upload Project Reports related to MCOM.

International marketing: prospects and challenges Relationship marketing by Indian and foreign companies Study of gold ETFs. Implications of DTC on investors and companies FDI in India FII in India Saving and investment patterns in India Optimum portfolio construction Technical analysis of selected companies Industry analysis for a particular industry Testing different forms of EMH Current trends in Indian money market Performance evaluation of mutual funds.

Performance evaluation of LIC Future of commodity markets in India Studying internal control system of an organization Transfer pricing issues in non-profit organization Management control system of an MNC Management control system of a service organization Practical applications of probability distributions Econometric problems in a given data set Multivariate techniques in finance Searching for an appropriate statistical model for a given data set Applications of inferential techniques Applications of OR models Study of interest rates in various aspects Study of bond market in India and abroad Study of money market in India and abroad Study of banking services by various types of banks Study of performance of a bank Credit risk management by banks Foreign currency risk management by bank Management of capital by banks Asset-liability management by bank Study of export of specific items Study of impact of specific exports on domestic economy Case study of lead bank scheme Study of microfinance by banks Study of public sector lending by banks Study of emerging banking regulations Study of foreign exchange controls Study of one international financial institution Management of any one risk by banks Impact of know your customer norms All these titles are proposed by the University.

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Any other title can be selected by the student with consent of the respective Guide. The subject should invariably be mentioned along with the title. The subjects should be from with in the entire syllabus. The following structure of project work should be followed to maintain the uniformity in preparation and presentation Chapter No. Chapter No. This would assists students to undertake further study on same issue. The analysis pertaining to collected data will be done by the students.

The application of selected tools or techniques will be used to arrive at findings.

In this table of information, presentation of graph etc can be should be provided by the students. If required more chapters of data analysis can be added. Exam Seat No.

I here by further declare that all information of this document has been obtained and presented in accordance with academic rules and ethical conduct.

College Seat No. And so on Chapter No. It is essential to mention the subject on the project report i.

Subject can be selected from any core paper or from any elective paper as per desire of the student. Cost Cost management is basically managing project funding.

Under the umbrella of cost management, you will: Plan how much you are going to approach budgeting Estimate your costs Create the project budget Track and control the budget. If you are going to do the job, you should have authority to do it all.

However, I think many managers in the sponsorship role prefer to hold the purse strings themselves. My personal feelings on whether you should have access to the budget or not aside, do what you need to do to understand how your organisation expects you to handle finances on your project. Obviously it depends on your project. If you are opening a factory that makes bricks, you want every single brick to adhere to quality criteria that make it safe for building works.

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Project Quality Management involves preparing a quality management plan with metrics. Then you implement the plan, carrying out quality-related tasks and making course-corrections as necessary to keep your project delivering the outputs you expect. Resource Project Resource Management is so important! Resources are typically people but could also be other things like: Equipment or vehicles Materials like sand, gravel or other components Facilities e.

I would count money as a resource as well. The Resource Management Knowledge Area also covers developing your project team and managing the team. Developing the team means: Helping them improve their skills Ensuring they can work together effectively Creating an environment where the team can do their best work. The Risk Management Knowledge Area covers an adequate overview of what you need to do to manage risk on your project.

If you want more detailed guidance, there are plenty of books on the subject. Anyone can raise a risk or take action to manage a risk. In the Procurement Management Knowledge Area, you: Plan the procurements required and create a statement of work Plan how you will make decisions about vendors Carry out the procurement exercise to select a vendor Manage the relationship with the vendor while they do the work Close the procurement contract at the end of the work.

Depending on what you are downloading, and the type of organisation you work in, you may have access to a specialist downloading team who can help with all of this. Stakeholder Project Stakeholder Management is my favourite Knowledge Area because I believe that projects are done through people. In this KA you: Identify the people involved and affected by the project — the stakeholders Plan how you are going to engage them in your work Manage the activities you are going to use to engage them, and gather feedback on whether the activities were successful or not.

Act on the feedback to improve your stakeholder engagement work for next time. For me, this is the most interesting part of project management and can also see you at the table with the most senior managers in the company. Knowledge Areas Mnemonic Struggling to remember all of this, in the right order? Find out more about their range of online and classroom courses on their website.

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Sign up here. She's passionate about demystifying project management and making tools and techniques work in the real world. Elizabeth lives in the UK with her family.Study of bond market in India and abroad Emergence and necessity of Forensic Accounting. Study of human resource accounting practices in India These plans work like mutual funds. Shewalkar Assistant Professor.

Font size: Ashwini Vatharkar Assistant Professor. Name — Prof. The application of selected tools or techniques will be used to arrive at findings. Comparing business performance of Mutual Funds

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