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Why is this? When Persian borrows these words, these various letters are all approximated to the same sound.

The legacy remains in the spelling of these words when written. How do you learn the right spellings? But where are the vowels?

Where are the vowels? In written Persian, these vowels are added as extra marks above or below the consonant they follow.

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You know what vowels to insert, and where. Ignore the difficulties of the script and get stuck in having a conversation.

As I mentioned before, beginner phrasebooks and language guides transliterate the words into the Latin alphabet to get you started. If you concentrate on speaking and listening first, and reading and writing later, two things will happen. Finally, remember that there are only three short vowel sounds that are missing. Persian actually contains six vowels in total. You'll be able to read these phonetically.

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And if you don't get it right first time, who cares? Embrace your mistakes. It's all about your attitude. They cannot be chopped and changed.

Gender discrimination in Iran? Perhaps, but not in the language! At its greatest extent, the Achaemenid Empire stretched from parts of Eastern Europe in the west to the Indus Valley in the east, making it the largest empire the world had yet seen.


After a long struggle with Rome in the Mithridatic Wars , Pontus was defeated; part of it was incorporated into the Roman Republic as the province of Bithynia and Pontus , and the eastern half survived as a client kingdom. Following the Macedonian conquests , the Persian colonists in Cappadocia and the rest of Asia Minor were cut off from their co-religionists in Iran proper, but they continued to practice the Iranian faith of their forefathers.

Until the Parthian era, the Iranian identity had an ethnic, linguistic, and religious value. However, it did not yet have a political import.

For a period of over years, the Sasanians and the neighboring Byzantines were recognized as the two leading powers in the world. Confronting the cultural and linguistic dominance of the Persians, beginning by the Umayyad Caliphate , the Arab conquerors began to establish Arabic as the primary language of the subject peoples throughout their empire, sometimes by force, further confirming the new political reality over the region.

The Iranian hegemony was reestablished after over eight centuries of foreign rule within the region by the emergence of the Safavid Empire in the 16th century, [72] after which a number of modern Iranian monarchies emerged, ending up with the downfall of the Pahlavi dynasty , who ruled Iran until the Revolution.

Anthropology In modern Iran, the Persians make up the majority of the population. Modern Persian is classified as a continuation of Middle Persian , the official religious and literary language of the Sasanian Empire , itself a continuation of Old Persian , which was used by the time of the Achaemenid Empire.

Learn to Speak Persian: Your Complete Guide

Related groups There are several ethnic groups and communities that are either ethnically or linguistically related to the Persian people, living predominantly in Iran, and also within Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the Caucasus, Turkey, Iraq, and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

The Tat people , an Iranian people native to the Caucasus, more specifically the Republic of Azerbaijan , Armenia , and the Russian republic of Dagestan , speak a language Tat language that is closely related to Persian.The ancient Persians were initially dominated by the Assyrians for much of the first three centuries after arriving in the region.

Why is this? Some handwritten Latin letters change slightly when joined up, but are nonetheless easily identifiable.

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A number of the examples cited in this respect are listed in 9. You'll be able to read these phonetically.

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