Europe Italy. Themes in Italy; With your kids (3) · Lazy beach days (12) · Shopper's Paradise (2) · I Love Culture (17) · Historical destinations (17) · Be Active (2). THE OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR ITALIAN TOURISM. Veneto. From earth to sky Thank you for choosing Italy as your travel destination,. Italy can satisfy your every. With 44 sites, Italy has more Unesco World Heritage sites than any other country on .. Agriturismi ( Online guide to farm accommodation.

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Create your own Italy travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you can. Requirements for Italy. 5. Car Rental FAQ's. Italy Regions at a Glance. 7. Touring Guides. Rome Guide. Northwest Italy Guide. print your guide, in the new and fast pdf format. Now you will have printed the whole document. Fold the sheet exactly in the centre, along an imaginary line.

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If this happens to you, an email will be sent with instructions within 72 hours. To help you apply for an eTA, descriptions of each field in the form are available in the following languages: Get answers to eTA questions like what happens after you apply and when you may need to apply for an eTA again.

Important reminders You can only apply and pay for one person at a time. For example, for a family of three, you will need to complete and submit the form three times. Make sure you print your receipt right away. You won't be able to print it later or receive a copy of it. You will hear from us by email only. Check your junk mail folder. Olbia Olbia is the gateway to the pearly white beaches of Sardinia's northeast coast and the sparkling Costa Smeralda.

The countryside is cloaked in aromatic wild herbs, the macchia, and the surrounding sea glows in every hue of electric blue, in a little known and exclusive place waiting to be discovered. Palermo Palermo is a fascinating hidden gem, the capital of the beautiful region of Sicily and a busy port city that brims with energy! Palermo is full of sights and treasures, from Baroque churches and glorious historic buildings to modern Sicilian restaurants. This is the city where the welcoming and kind-hearted Italians will invite you with open arms!

Parma Thinking about Parma, probably the first things that come to mind are: Indeed, Parma is one of the most important culinary centres of Italy, but this city is so much more than that. Parma was the capital of a very powerful Duchy, which left a legacy made of stunning monuments and palaces.

In addition, all the splendours of that period created a fertile ground for art spreading. In fact, Parma became one of the main centre for opera, thanks to its amazing theatres and to its fine citizen Giuseppe Verdi. The ancient heart of the city, packed full of Etruscan and Roman monuments, perches on a hilltop with the modern city spread below.

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With a prestigious university, the city has a lively student population, good shopping, fun bars and great restaurants. Umbria Jazz.

Pescara Pescara, the gateway to the rugged mountainous area of the Abruzzo region, is framed by the stunning snowy peaks of the Apennine Mountains. The land tumbles through the hilltop villages and down to the blue waters of the Adriatic Ocean.

In the town of Pescara itself, the long ten-mile stretches of wide, clean and sandy beaches and superb food and wine explain why it is a favourite vacation getaway among Italian travellers seeking to enjoy both beach-side relaxation and mountain adventures. Pisa Pisa is strategically located in the central part of Italy, at only 12 km from the Ligurian Sea, 20 km from the harbour of Livorno and the ferries heading to the Elba Island, Sardinia and Corsica, and 80 km from Florence.

This city is closely associated with the Leaning Tower, but it also preserves, along with the whole complex of Piazza dei Miracoli - UNESCO World Heritage Site - and its medieval centre, numerous masterpieces of architecture and medieval history. The area around Pisa is also excellent for farm holidays, trekking, beaches and water sports on the Versilian coast. Portofino Crown jewel of the Italian Riviera, Portofino lies between two gulfs creating a picturesque hamlet embedded in a Natural Reserve, a protected area that houses Mediterranean flora and fauna.

The fascinating port bustles with yachts and little boats in a display of luxury: Rimini Italians themselves head for Rimini for their holidays, which must be the best recommendation there is. Located by the Adriatic Sea, it is a sophisticated and stylish city known for its lively take on life. Fabulous restaurants and trendy bars serve good food and wine, while kilometres of beaches attract families from around the country.

Rimini truly is a city for everyone. Rome Rome, known as the Eternal City, has attracted visitors for over 2, years. It is one of the most magnificent and romantic cities in the world, boasting an attractive mix of grandiose sights and bustling city life.

Life is sweet—the cake is there for the eating. Italian designer shopping, smooth ice cream, frothy cappuccino and exquisite wines to name but a few things. Taormina Over the years, Taormina has been a magnificent source of inspiration for artists from all over the world - celebrated as the idyllic spot par excellence, it represents the ideal place to escape from the chaos of the city life. Romantically located m above the sea level, it has picturesquely settled on a coastal terrace, overlooking the vastness of the Ionian Sea.

The natural beauty of the hill where the city has risen up, are complemented by the view of the Etna Volcano in all its magnificence.

Trapani Trapani is one of the most romantic places in Sicily, and in the whole Mediterranean littoral. Characterised by long stretches of coast and coastal plains, this city is littered with lavish monuments and palaces, historical sites, windmills, near islands and a countryside that begs to be explored. By night, the region should be enjoyed over a glass of Marsala wine and fine food at a beachside restaurant, ideally facing west so one can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe.


Trieste As the poet Umberto Saba wrote: Located between the sea and the mountains of Carso, beautiful and fascinating, she does not like to show off, although she conquers her visitor at first sight. Turin Turin, Italy's first capital, is a city awash with history, green parks and art, not to mention that it is a town with renowned food and even better drinks.

Even if it is mostly known abroad for Fiat and Juventus, Turin is a fascinating metropolis with its eyes set firmly on the future thanks to its young population and great universities.

The devil! He was a Swiss engineer, Adolf Kind, and the wooden skis were the first seen in Italy.

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Today there are more than a hundred ski-lifts and 1, km of slopes for all levels — as well as alpine skiing, sledges and huskies, telemark skiing and the snowboarding. Tuscany Home to Chianti wine, the Medicis and the Strozzis, Michael Angelo's David, Elba Island where Napoleon was exiled, and the legendary cities of Florence and Pisa, Tuscany is the fertile crescent of Italy where art, history and the pleasures of life shine on.

Evergreen landscapes and breathtaking sights serves as cradle to the Italian culture and civilization to thrive, and it remains today as one of the most appreciated Italian regions - one where the visitor might need to pinch on their arm to know they are not dreaming. Venice There is no other city like Venice.Come ti chiami?

It has canals and bridges connecting small islands and magnificent buildings.

There are many different ways you can say goodbye, just as there are many ways to say goodbye in English. Palermo Palermo is a fascinating hidden gem, the capital of the beautiful region of Sicily and a busy port city that brims with energy!

A city that will charm you for its elegance, its warmth and easy-going atmosphere. The city is found between the cliffs of the Tyrrenhian coast and the sand dunes of the Ionic coast — just to the south of the Sila, a plateau in the heart of the Mediterranean.

You can never be too respectful to the people who gave the world pizza, risotto and Robert De Niro.

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