I'm not Twenty-Four is story of Saumya, Malappa & Shubhro which should have been a love triangle but wasn't. The three of them,coming from different worlds. Im Not Twenty Four Ive Been Nineteen For Five Years also related with ib sl spanish paper 1 pdf, include: icivics vocabulary answer, im. Yeah, reviewing a books im not twenty four ive been nineteen for five years could . answers schofield and sims mental arithmetic pdf download, visualizing.

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PDF. I'm Not Twenty Four: I've Been Nineteen for Five Years! By Sachin Garg. Grapevine India Publishers. Paperback. Condition: new. BRAND NEW, I'm Not. The best way to Obtain I m not twenty four I ve been nineteen for five years by Sachin Garg For free. raudone.info-click on the hyperlink on the doc. I m not twenty four I. Im Not Twenty Four Ive Been Nineteen For Five Years. Im Not Twenty Four Ive Been za, 06 apr GMT (PDF) raudone.info | Prabir.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — I'm not twenty four I'm not twenty four The three of them,coming from different worlds, are thrown into a fourth world called Karnataka. But it is not virgin beaches or exotic dancers that await them. They are to be welcomed by blood, riots, violent bosses and cut limbs. Will Saumya survive her job in the middle of nowhere? Will Malappa s superiority help him survive or become the cause of his downfall?

Will Shubhro prove that a heart of gold can survive through marijuana smoke and beer rich blood? Get A Copy. Published by Srishti first published January 1st More Details Other Editions 3.

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Mar 20, Avanthika rated it really liked it. Can you imagine your very first work is to inform someone's mother that her son, who is just 27, has expired in heart-attack?! Explains life as it is meant to be in every paragraph.

Luking at the title.. This book is seriously different! Seriously a page-turner: Watta Book! I realized that i was in page 83 only when my landline-bell rang!

I was so tangled into the story-line! You hav to be more matured to know how intense she is! But too much drama in justifying Shubro's character This guy is that wanderer who never lives in a country for more than 30 days but falls for Sowmiya by destiny: A must read for bookworms! If this is not a national best-seller, it means that whole nation has gone nuts!

View all 6 comments. Aug 14, VaultOfBooks rated it it was ok. By Sachin Garg. I am no exception. But as you go along as a reader, you realize that a likable book need not be a bestseller always. And vice-versa. True to that, my criterion to choose books changed at certain point of time and I started exploring wider ranges of books.

Keeping consistent with that, I decided to read new Indian authors. And Sachin and Durjoy Datta are some of the most famous new Indian writers. More than anything, the title lured me and the rest is as below.

And also for the originality of the story, set in a unique back drop of a village in the middle of nowhere. The book explores what all Saumya goes through when she is thrown from a college in Delhi to a remote village in Northern Karnataka. Saumya is a regular Delhi girl, but because her name Saumya, is a unisexual name, her company messes up her papers and she ends up finding herself in a small village.

Here, Saumya meets a very interesting spectrum of people like Mallapa, the son of the soil, who seems to know way too much for his own good. And Shubhro, who is intrigue personified, to say the least. So how will Saumya struggle through all the changes and challenges rolled into a very small duration? Will it be virgin beaches, exotic dancers or colourful festivals waiting for her? Or will it be blood, violent bosses, cut limbs and riots?

I personally found it wise and smart to set right expectations about the book. As forewarned by the author, I was able to feel that the story and the events that unfold are not something that you come across in day to day life.

Yeah, in a way the plot and theories of the book are larger than life kind. Saumya Kapoor loves her shopping malls, coffee shops and short skirts. Until life throws her into a small village in northern Karnataka.

When a regular job turns into a nightmare Saumya could hardly have imagined, she meets violent bosses, riots and machines which cut limbs of people. Now she has to decide. Should she stay or should she run? She is a girl who is always mistaken to be a guy which would give her enough problems in the subsequent events due to her unisexual name.

She is a MBA graduate who is in her final years attending campus interview. She gets a job in Lala steel along with Amit who applies buckets of oil on his head and can never be a good company even in the most unfriendly land.

After bidding adieu to the academic life that she was never particularly interested in, she spends her days blissfully with her friend Vartika shopping in all possible malls in Delhi.

Naturally, you can imaging the shock she must have got when she read her offer letter. It says she has been assigned to a location in far off northern Karnataka village called Tornagallu.

She lands in Tornagallu with her classmate Amit leaving back her close friends, the city and the serenity of home. There she meets Malappa, a local who joins the company along with her and Amit. Again the evident misinterpretation as a result of her unisexual name takes the honors in messing up things for her.

She meets Shubro who lives on beer and weed and has a Move-on-Theory that beckons him to not stay for more than 30 days in the same place. She — you guessed it — falls for him. And as if that was not enough, later in the story, Malappa is killed brutally as a result of a tussle with his boss. Fed up, Saumya resigns her job and starts her notice period of 90 days. In the meantime, Shubro enters her life and decides to stay in Tornagallu for the next ninety days. What happens in those three months and who really is Shubro forms the rest of the story.

The author deserves appreciation for the plot and the setting. Her craze for stilettos and her constant concern with maintaining a good figure are well captured. Asish Roa comes across as a boss that one can get only in dreams. Before I started the novel, my expectations were sky high. The plot lived to it.

The author gave a lot of things, but not what I wanted the most. I was interested in seeing how Saumya transforms and how a hero is made out of her but in the end someone totally unexpected hogs the limelight. To each his own, I suppose. It is understandable that the story is larger-than-life kind but yet how Malappa dies was bit over the top even for fiction.

Also the theories associated with Shubro made me feel like I was reading science-fiction. It makes or breaks a book for me. Please, Mr Sachin, handle this cautiously or you may lose out on a lot of readers. Even the page quality was mediocre. Overall, I am not Twenty Four is worth giving a try for some light entertainment. It may not leave some lasting impact but has its own charm. Jan 06, Abhinand rated it really liked it. I was able to relate to the dilemma of the protagonist.

After all, my name is also unisexual — Satya! I have seen surprised faces when they come to know that Satya is a girl… And not a boy! Saumya is a MBA fresher who is placed in a dream job. She feels excited and shops relentlessly. As soon as she lands on her first job, she and her colleagues as well realizes that the profile is designed to suit a man!

Her job drains her emotionally.

She decides to quit the job. Yet she feels bad to admit her failure. The dilemma of her mindset is beautifully captured by the author.

He is portrayed as a hippie who is least bothered about life and relationships. He sleeps with beautiful ladies…. Stays at exotic places… But only for a tenure of 90days!!! Saumya gets swayed off her feet by his looks… And hey!

Mere looks… This aspect takes her from a twenty four years old lady to a nineteen years old girl!

The story moves rather slowly. You start understanding characters. And Shubro comes out as a playboy interested in doing social work. And all ends well!! But wait… I loved the book as it took off. I wanted to read more about how Saumya would handle the difficult situations.

I wanted to know how she would face difficulties and come out successfully. I wanted her to be the Gen-Next kind of a girl. But, she was as confused as any other girl would be. She was scared. Yet she was determined though she was unsure of what the determination was about. I loved Saumya in short!

However, as the story progressed, the focus shifted from Saumya to Shubro… The author was struggling to justify Shubro. More drama was added in the name of flashback.

In short… I loved the book because: I hated because: They can be bad also right? Saumya became yet another girl who is ready to sacrifice her goals and ambitions for the man of her dreams. On the other hand, the man just follows his dreams.

The book could have been better… Jun 08, Locomente rated it did not like it. The book could have been better…. Aug 24, Debasis Mohanty rated it liked it. It is easy to say "hi" to everyone who you meet but to say "bye" to the person s you love is the one of the most difficult things to do. This is what one of the characters in the book says and rightly so.

This book has got gears but mostly tortoise-paced. The book slowly begins with the first gear describing about the city girl Saumya and how she gets posted to a steel plant in Toranagullu where she tries to get accustomed. On a trip to Hampi she gets beguiled by a hippie-cum-marijuana addict who It is easy to say "hi" to everyone who you meet but to say "bye" to the person s you love is the one of the most difficult things to do. On a trip to Hampi she gets beguiled by a hippie-cum-marijuana addict who had been travelling for three years to every possible place sticking his bottom for three months at every halt to do "something".

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A hippie only until she realizes towards the end that this man has got to do "something". And as envisaged their falling in love seems commonplace to me at least.

Half way through I felt like giving it up but some part of me just managed to push me through a few pages and then there was no stopping until the last page.

I’m Not Twenty Four…I’ve Been Nineteen For Five Years | Sachin Garg | Book Review

This book is neither fast paced nor it has the witty characters but it has the plot right in the last part which makes up for the initial interminable part and kudos to the writer as he managed to pen down that intriguing part at last. And this should be considered as a compliment. Nevertheless those who have patience or want to try out their-patience-test can give it a read and others can chuck it away.

Jun 19, Ajay rated it liked it. First half is not that lucrative. I had my personal dragging towards the blogger part of the story. Even though the size of the book is mediocre, it can be done in a single sitting with a matter of 4 hours for an avid reader. Definitely it will be a good pick for train journeys. Giving 3 rating only for the blogger part of the story. To my opinion I think the author have to increase his story telling skills as I personally feel that the emotions were not well put in words.

It's so obvious that th First half is not that lucrative. It's so obvious that the author was so concentrated with the story line. I would have felt much satisfied if the language is little bit improved with much more story telling skills. Jun 20, Sowmya's book world rated it really liked it Shelves: I had different thoughts about this book in mind , I cannot say it was a very good story but i must say writer made every effort to make it interesting. I must say first half was very horrifying when she was working in safety department and i was almost into the thoughts about should i read this book or not.

It dint go the way i predicted. It was easy going n 3. It was easy going novel but I felt some thing was missing in the ending. Sep 19, Rahul Rajasekharan Nair rated it really liked it.

A simple love story with a strong social message. A good read indeed.

Jun 13, Tashi wangmo rated it it was amazing. I was bored to read about Saumya's everyday rant. I hated how she was was so materialistic.

But from the Mango Tree incident where she met Shubdro it was a total page turner. I couldn't believe how things turn out after Saumya's job was revealed. I mean how could people die like that!

Malappa's death was hard to digest. On one of the page, I was looking forward to how Malappa and Saumya's relation would turn out to be. And the next page he suddenly ceased to exist. I thought about how abrupt one's life could end without so much of hints or closure but then I recalled its a story based on real life incident.

And in realty everything's happens abruptly and most of the time without closure. Unraveling the mysterious Shubdro was the best thing. I thought the ending was right where I wanted it to end but it didn't gave me much closure. So all in all I think this book was a great read. It will end abruptly without much closure so savour every moment. Jul 27, Dr Nitin Rai Vohra rated it really liked it. I've been nineteen for five years". I was blown off because Sachin is like a breath of fresh air to Indian fiction.

He narrates stories in his own style where a supposedly romantic story takes an unexpected twist into a dramatic one or vice-versa. He is definitely an author to have in your collection. Aug 06, Sriti Patra rated it liked it.

The story is beautiful and language as well as the narration is remarkable however the instances of the story didn't feel relatable and that's when I am a huge fiction fan. A must read for light readers and beginners.

Aug 08, Siddharth Belbase rated it liked it. Not much detailed, everything is made way too fast. Jan 11, Tanmay Agrawal rated it really liked it. Perfect read to lift your mood. Anyone will enjoy reading this. Oct 08, Jaideep Khanduja rated it really liked it.

There is some kind of magnetism in the story. In fact at times you feel like not reading a story, rather feel like one of the characters of the story. It reflects modern era young generation having a bold attitude, ready to go to any extent but clearly setting the limits to their liberty without anyone els http: It reflects modern era young generation having a bold attitude, ready to go to any extent but clearly setting the limits to their liberty without anyone else telling them to do so.

There are many more characters in the story that might not be having lengthy appearance but have strong impact. Sachin is a mastered in many aspects while writing a book. He knows how to characterize each entity of the story, how beautifully to explain about a location or a place, and how to create a continuous flow of the sequences so as to engross its readers into the story.

Soumya is a fresh management graduate from MDI and gets a job in a very good corporate group — Lala Steel Company, during campus recruitment. It comes as a shock to her when she comes to know about her job location. Equally it was a shock for her manager who got to know that Saumya is not a boy when she has already been assigned a job of taking care of causalities and accidents in the factory.

Sachin Garg

One day while her trip to Hampi she met Shubhro who is fond of beer, alcohol and weed. There developed some chemistry between the two when they started liking each other just when they met for the first time but neither of the two gave any indication to the other about it.

Saumya though smokes and drinks, is well within her limits as a professional and girl. Shubhro though smokes, drinks and takes drugs, is well beyond the character he projects about himself to the world. He lost his mother the day he got his first job. And thus he left the job. He took some time to understand what his goals in life were, but once he got clear about it, he was all into it with whole heart and mind.

I know. Are you sure you want to clean them? He lingered. The next morning he happened by the place where she took board and room just as she was coming out to walk to school. They walked for a few minutes and he did not say a word. She glanced over and slightly down at him and saw how at ease he was and how happy he seemed, and she decided to let him break the silence, but he never did. When they reached the edge of the school ground he gave the books back to her.

24 Negro Melodies, Op.59 (Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel)

And he was in class, and he was there after school every night for the next two weeks, never saying a word, quietly washing the boards and cleaning the erasers and rolling up the maps while she worked at her papers, and there was that clock silence of four o'clock, the silence of the sun going down in the slow sky, the silence with the catlike sound of erasers patted together, and the drip of water from a moving sponge, and the rustle and turn of papers and the scratch of a pen, and perhaps the buzz of a fly banging with a tiny high anger against the tallest clear pane of window in the room.

Sometimes the silence would go on this way until almost five, when Miss Taylor would find Bob Spaulding in the last seat of the room, sitting and looking at her silently, waiting for further orders. He would also lock the school-room door for her unless the janitor was coming in later. Then they would walk out of school and across the yard, which was empty, the janitor taking down the chain swings slowly on his stepladder, the sun behind the umbrella trees.

They talked of all sorts of things. He thought for a while and said, "Do me a favour, Miss Taylor? There's a lot of butterflies and crayfish and birds.Not as in ghosts or something, but as what the author calls it, its 'emotionally taxing' 1st and 3rd parts are fine.

If you are wondering what happened to Malappa…well, that is another twist in the tale!! Bought it for the catchy title- realised it was just another Chetan Bhagat-like book. The title made me to download this from site. Can I be my own guarantor? The emotions of a girl are surely missing. I must say first half was very horrifying when she was working in safety department and i was almost into the thoughts about should i read this book or not.

Half way through I felt like giving it up but some part of me just managed to push me through a few pages and then there was no stopping until the last page. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

You start understanding characters.

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