Love blossoms by the lake in this sweet summer romance, in the tradition of Seventeeth Summer and Sixteenth Summer. Chelsea isnt looking forward to her summer at the lake. Its the first time her family has been there since her grandmother died, and she cant break out of her funk. Read Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone. byDalton, Michelle "Fifteen-year-old Chelsea and her family are spending the summer at a Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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(Read ebook) Fifteenth Summer. Fifteenth Summer Michelle Dalton ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF. # in Books. Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton - Love blossoms by the lake in this sweet summer romance, in the tradition of Seventeeth Summer and Sixteenth Summer. Fifteen-year-old Chelsea and her family are spending the summer at a cottage on Lake Michigan, where Chelsea meets and falls for Josh, the cute and shy.

Send Email Cancel Checkout the novel Fifteenth Summer for a romance filled summer story in which a teenage girl named Chelsea and her family travel from their home in the busy city of L.

Granly, their grandmother had just passed away this year, and it would be their first ever summer at the cottage without her. Hannah immediately finds herself in a relationship and Abbie is out of luck and will spend her summer flying solo.

Chelsea and Josh instantly clique. Throughout the summer Josh and Chelsea are drawn together. I would recommend this book to almost anyone that has even the slightest liking for romance books. A second reason being because the situation Chelsea is in deals with teenagers figuring out their priorities and managing their time, which becomes a big responsibility around that age. Chelsea also nit-picks at bad writing with Josh, this brings them closer in a small way.

I really liked the way the author Michelle Dalton uses up-to-date information in her book. In one section of the book Chelsea wonders how she is going to find out more about Josh. When I read this section, I was totally overwhelmed with how much I could relate! Chelsea becomes very irritable to little things such as when Josh cuts her off during her responses and when he uses words the wrong way to say what he wants to say. It sounded almost exactly like a petty fight between two teens would go.

I also really enjoyed the way Dalton set up her story. It was an alright book, nothing special, nothing too boring. I like romance, and this definitely had the cutesy teenage romance thing going on. But what settled me on a 2 instead of a 3 was that it had me asking questions by the end of the book, and I also knew there was no sequel.

How did they say goodbye? Did they decide to continue their relationship? Are they happy? Was it heartbreak? The bottomline is I'll neve I've been debating on what rating to give this book. The bottomline is I'll never know. Overall, it was an alright book, again, nothing special about it. Great way to kick off summer as well. Dec 07, Hannah Crabtree rated it it was amazing.

I really liked this book! Jan 15, Hannah Schneider added it. Personal Response: I really liked this book and thought it was a good book to read. It was very interesting and kept my attention the whole time. I like how it was a summery book, but it makes me miss summer and the warmth. It was a cheesy romance book, that I have learned to love now. I overall really enjoyed this book and can not wait to read the second book of the series.

Plot Summary: In the book Fifteenth Summer it is told from the point of view of a fifteen-year-old girl named Chelsea stayi Personal Response: They went to the cabin because their grandma passed away so they had to clean up the cabin, so it was ready to be sold.

When they arrived in Bluepointe, she went to a bookstore, to get some books, since she was not allowed to bring any with her. When she arrived at the store, she met a guy named Josh who worked there.

She and Josh had a connection right away, and they talked for a little bit. Chelsea and her sisters were invited to a party and Chelsea ran into Josh there, which allowed her to talk to him more. Also, Josh recommended a job for her that is next door to the bookstore he works at.

They became very close and spend all their spare time with each other. Josh accidentally messed up at the store and he it made him make a mistake with Chelsea, which made her very sad and mad. They ended up making up and spending the rest of her time in Bluepointe together. Chelsea developed through the book in a good way, she becomes more outgoing and confident.

In the beginning, of the book she hated how she looked, her hair was too red and frizzy for her liking. She also did not like starting conversations with people in the beginning. At the end she started liking her hair more, she was not as ashamed of it.

Also, since she became a waitress she had to be outgoing, she was more willing to start conversations with people she did not know. I would recommend this book to any high school girl or someone who enjoys romance books.

I would not recommend this book to anyone that is younger than high school, due to some inappropriate content in the book.

Also, I would recommend it to girls because normally guys do not like cheesy romance books, but if they do I think they would enjoy this book.

May 11, Kaitlyn M. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really enjoyed the book Fifteenth Summer. It only took me a week to finish reading it.

The book kept me interested the whole time. I could really relate to it because I knew exactly how the main character felt. I enjoyed the romance part of it as well because it was very cute.

I will continue reading books by this author because it was so good! Every summer, Chelsea Silver and her family went from L. The only thing that was different that year, was that her grandmother had recently passed away.

It was a real struggle for Chelsea when she was mourning the loss of her grandma. That was until she walked into a new book store, Dog Ear, and met a boy. Chelsea was only fifteen so she was still very awkward. She struggled to talk with Josh at first, but eventually they became very close. Before they knew it, Josh and Chelsea were hanging out after work everyday. When Josh asked Chelsea out on an official date, she was very surprised.

She had not been on a real date before, so she was very excited. Josh made it very romantic and things continued this way for a while. Chelsea did not see it coming when Josh called her and dumped her. He said that he was busy with work and Chelsea was distracting him from doing his job.

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In the end, they got back together, but Chelsea had to back to L. Chelsea and Josh both knew that they were each other's first love. Chelsea was a character who was very insecure about herself. She had bright red hair and a face full of freckles. When she met Josh, she began to realize that everything about her was good.

Josh showed her what it was like to feel loved instead of judged all the time. In the end, Chelsea was much more confident person than she was in the beginning of the story. Josh was a very confusing character. He could not seem to get the right words out of his mouth. He kept sending Chelsea mixed feelings. Josh eventually got brave enough to tell Chelsea how he really felt about her. It took him a long time, but he did suck up enough courage to do it.

Josh fell in love with Chelsea the first time he even saw her. By the end of the book, he was able to express his feelings in ways he never thought possible. I recommend this book to middle school or high school aged girls. This book was basically all about romance, so most boys would not enjoy this storyline. The main characters were only fifteen years old, so all of the content was good for this age group.

I give this book five out of five stars because it was a very enjoyable book that kept me interested the whole time. I believe that most people would enjoy this book.

Jul 27, Em'n'em rated it did not like it. Oh boy, where to even start. This book was just a cringe fest. The main love interests have a weird romance where they go from 0 to real quick.

Fifteenth summer

One moment they are extremely awkward and the can't even look at each other, then the next thing you know they are making out with no context whatsoever. And this doesn't just happen in the beginning with them. Oh, no. It lasts the entire book. The main character often scoffs at cliched, cheesy romances and then turns around and gets involved in one Oh boy, where to even start.

The main character often scoffs at cliched, cheesy romances and then turns around and gets involved in one her self claiming it's "not like that".

Which was just annoying. The characters fall in love after, what? Two dates? There was just so many eye-rolling moments. I sometimes had to even take a break cause it was that bad.

Another big part of the story is the main character dealing with the loss of her grandmother. That didn't help the story at all. The main character would often think back on it like she was the only one going through the grieving process and it was, frankly, just selfish. Her mom would be crying or having a hard time and instead of trying to comfort her, she just continues doing on whatever she's doing without a second thought.

At one point, the main character sees one of her sisters get sad and she hadn't even thought about them being upset too! One moment she would want to do something to honor her grandmother and then the next it was "I can't think about her.

It's too painful. During grieving you go through one stage then the next. The main character was just flipping back and forth between stages, and I understand "everyone grieves differently" but this was just excessive.

I would often find myself falling asleep due to the long flashback stories that had no purpose but to fill the page with words. All in all, this was a hard book to get through. Mar 27, Kaydence added it. Personal Response This book is not good at all. I could barely get to Chapter 2 without wanting to throw it in the trash. It has a weak and cliche storyline and the way it was written gives it the style of a picture book.

I would definitely not read this series ever again. She then meets a stock boy in the little town of Blue Point and realizes that maybe it does exist. Chelsea melts when she kisses him, an Personal Response This book is not good at all.

Recommendation I would not recommend this book to anyone. It is entirely too cliche and whiny. Very few people would enjoy this book I feel.

May 31, Madison rated it really liked it. Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton is a teenager romance book. I enjoyed this book but it was not one of my favorites.

This book is about a girl named Chelsea. Every summer Chelsea and her family go to their grandmothers house by the lake. This year is different though. Chelsea is afraid of having a bad summer because her grandmother passed away. She doesn't know what to do throughout the summer to begin with because her box of books were kept at home. To her surprise, there is a new book store Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton is a teenager romance book.

To her surprise, there is a new book store in the town. There she met a boy that she really likes a lot. One reason that I enjoyed this book is because of the theme. The theme of the book is that even if you think your life is over, there is always a rainbow after the storm. I think this is a good theme for this book because throughout the story Chelsea and her family are having a hard time getting over their grandmothers death.

Josh, the boy Chelsea meets, helps her to find her happiness again. Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton was a very good book. It is not one I would normally read but I enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone who likes teenage romance books. Dec 18, Taylor rated it it was amazing. I thought the author did an outstanding job writing the book. I loved how she split the months of summer up, and how she was very detailed.

I hated how the book ended, but it was such a good book, that I overall really liked it. The book was about a family of 3 girls named Chelsea, Hannah, and Abigail. When they got there all Chelsea wanted to do was find a book to read, so she went into town. She got into town and found a bookstore. When she was looking for a book, she found the cutest guy named Josh. Her summer was becoming great, because they became a thing and started dating. They went on super cute dates all the time, and always called each other at night.

Chelsea also found a job right next to where he worked, and she was making a lot of money. When it was time to leave both of the kids were super sad, and they said their goodbyes.

Fifteenth summer

At the end they said they would never forget that summer when they first fell in love. I would recommend this book to ages 14 and up, because the characters in the book are all in high school. I would highly recommend this book to girls, because it is about a love story! I think all girls that are in a relationship would love this book. In this book at the beginning the character of Chelsea is super shy and self conscious of herself. Throughout the book Josh helps her to come out of her shell. She becomes a peppy and happy child, and you can tell by when she waitresses.

At the end of the book she is confident with everything and is very outgoing. Feb 27, Megan Czajkowski rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book so much because it is a romance novel. Especially because it is a teenage romance so people my age can relate to it alot. This book was also very interesting because there was a lot of suspense and conflict that came up in the story.

May 23, Michelle Wrona rated it liked it Recommends it for: Lovers of Sixteenth and Seventeenth Summer—same stuff.

This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more reviews! Really, small-town girl romance summer love stuff is so not for me.

Without even reading or threading a wink at the pages, you can probably tell what this is already about. But what about the long-distance thing?

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What about their families? Our protagonist. And what I can tell you is that this book was memorable to the minimum.

Oh yeah, it was Josh. I mean, I was able to stand it, unlike some romances. This was a fairly short read. And because it was so easy to read and concentrate on, it was even more easier. I loved her to death—especially since she was a bookworm.

Like, that was the perfect way to find your loved one, especially if you guys can understand each other. They were a definite ship. The funniest thing was that she actually came to look for something better but she really got nervous around Josh and ended up having to get one of the cheesiest and cheapest books in the store.

Two book-nerds together? With a fantastic protagonist and a quick read, Fifteenth Summer was okay. Sep 26, Miranda added it. I've always liked reading romantic books. They keep me very interested and wanting to read more. The more i read them, the more I like reading. Her grandmother had recently passed away and her parents thought it would be a good idea to go there. The lake house was in Bluepointe, where her sisters had met these guys.

They were excited to see them and all Chelsea was worried about was getting there and out of the car. When they reached the lake house, Chelsea and her sisters fought about who sleeps where. Chelsea decided to take a walk around town and she found this bookstore that she thought looked interesting. When she was in the bookstore something caught her eye, a boy. After wandering around for a couple minutes, she bumped into him. They ended up having a little conversation, his name was Josh.

After their little conversation was over, he invited her to stop into the store anytime. The next day, the family had taken a trip to the beach. They enjoyed their day until a couple hours later, they left to go into town and got ice cream. Chelsea saw Josh again. She was terrified that she looked horrible and that Josh wouldn't show any interest in her. He seemed to like her more and more just as much as she did.

She walked into the store with her sisters. Her sister, Hannah, went into the back as soon as she saw the guy she liked. As Hannah was in the back talking to her guy, Chelsea and Josh were making conversation. She was still terrified she looked bad but she had forgotten about it when Josh told her she looked beautiful and that he liked the look of her hair after she gets done swimming. As Chelsea was ranting to him, she was stopped by the touch of his lips against hers.

They met up everyday. More and more they fell in love with each other. One day, Chelsea was talking about finding a job so she could afford a book. Josh recommended that she became a waitress for the resturaunt right next to his bookstore. She went and got interviewed. She ended up getting the job. Josh didn't seem too happy when she told him she got it.

He ended up getting used to it after going to see her on her breaks or her going to see him on his breaks. No matter what, they got together everyday some how.

Finally, July 4th came around, her family planned on going to the beach together. So did Josh's family. Chelsea and Josh made a plan that they would both go to dinner with their families and after they would get together for the fireworks. That was their first date, the second one was when they went in a canoe together. Josh insisted that he would paddle. He told Chelsea to relax, so she did. As the days counted down for when she had to go back to L.

She tried spending every moment with him. When she met Josh she completely changed. She became all about him. She left her family behind and Josh was her first priority.

Someone who likes romance because thats all this book is about. Its a very interesting book it keeps you wanting to read. View 1 comment. Oct 18, Taylor Peters rated it liked it. Personal Response I think the book Fifteenth Summer was an okay book. It is a good book if you're looking for a short sweet love story but is a book a young kid would read.

I think I would read some other books in the series to see if they get any better. I was worried that the book would be sad because of their grandmother's death, but it wasn't. I liked the storyline, but I wish the author would make things a little more mature, and make the characters more rebellious. Plot Summary This book is about a girl named Chelsea, and her family.

They travel to Lake Michigan every summer, and stay at their grandma's house with her. This year is different now that their grandmother has passed away. Chelsea is a girl who loves books and one day after being overwhelmed with her grandmother's passing, she goes to the bookstore in town.

She meets a boy and 'falls in love at first sight'. Throughout the summer they grow in 'love', and have many adventures. Characterization Throughout reading the book I saw the maturity go up in Chelsea. I also realized how much she cares about people and things that are important to others. Her sisters also grow up and realize what things are actually important. Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone who would want to read a short, sweet, love story.

It doesn't have a lot of action, but certain things keep the book interesting. I would think teen girls would enjoy this book most because it is based on a 15 year old girl. Apr 13, Sapir rated it liked it Shelves: For more of my reviews visit my blog: I'm going to start with the good things.

This book is the sweetest YA summer romance book I've ever read!! It was so cute and adorkable I love this word. It is a very short book, only pages I think and I was just flying through the pages, eager to get more of this great, light feel of su For more of my reviews visit my blog: It is a very short book, only pages I think and I was just flying through the pages, eager to get more of this great, light feel of summer.

It got me into a great mood, too. I felt like she was me. Yes, she was that realistic. First of all, she was exactly my age - 15, and that's quite a rare age for a main character in YA books. I really don't understand why. Second, she was a book nerd and a self-proclaimed dork. She was a shy avid reader who lived her life through books and was waiting for her own adventure to start.

This was just like me!! I was amazed to find out that I'm not the only one who's waiting for her real-life Peeta Mellark At the beginning she was very insecure. She hated the way she looked with those wild red curls and freckled skin, but she grew up during the book and learned to love herself and to feel more confident in her own body. I loved reading about the transformation she made. This book talked a lot about book love and about reading for pleasure, what made it even more enjoyeble for me.

Chelsea and Josh met in the best bookstore in the world too bad it's fictional. I wish I could visit there in real life. Chelsea and Josh started to get closer to each other by reading and laughing about a terrible book together, and that is a great proof that reading can help your love life!!

My favorite parts were always the ones that were set in the bookstore, or when Chelsea talked about the novels she read. And that was actually the main problem I had with the book.

Josh was hot and cold in a terrible way. For one second he was the ideal boyfriend, all sweet and loving, and then, at the next one, he became all cold and distant and even tried to avoid Chelsea. That annoyed the hell out of me!! I mean, what was his problem? What kind of a boyfriend was he, and how could Chelsea stand him!? I mean, that's right, he could be extremely cute when he wanted to, but you could never trust him. He was very unstable and inconsiderate and just so SO annoying.

Overall this book was very enjoyable and sweet. It was all about first love and the imperfections of it that make it so cute and naive I highly recommend in to teen girls, especially to 14 or year-olds.

It is also perfect as a quick beach read for all ages!! My Rating: I received a electronic ARC from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review. I was not obligated to write a good review nor am I receiving any compensation for writing this review. The opinions expressed within this review are my own. An Overview of the Novel: Chelsea is less than thrilled to be going back to the family cottage in Bluepointe. This is the first year her grandmother won't be there; she died and Chelsea is having a really h My Rating: This is the first year her grandmother won't be there; she died and Chelsea is having a really hard time dealing with that.

Her grandmother wasn't supposed to die, at least not until she was old. Now everything has changed. Chelsea takes refuge in the bookstore and meets Josh. Josh is infuriating.

She can't tell if he likes her or not and has no clue how to read the signals he's giving her. Until suddenly she does. Finally, Chelsea seems to have met somebody who likes her as much as she likes him. But they only have the summer? After that, who knows. Her parents could sell the cottage and never return.

Is it worth it when one summer is all you might have? I started this novel without really knowing what to expect. Honestly, I asked to read this book because I loved the cover and because I tend to really enjoy summer reads. However, the fact that they were only 15 was a little bit of a turn-off at first.She seemed to be completely recovered now, though.

Share on Facebook. And they were the boys I was searching for. I knew nothing of this soul-touching kind of kiss. This book was basically all about romance, so most boys would not enjoy this storyline.

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