“FedBook” is an innovative and user-friendly app offered by Federal Bank that helps its customers to keep a track of transactions in their Federal Bank Accounts . Open your Zero Balance Selfie account in smart way. "Selfie", is a mobile based Savings Account opening facility through FedBook Selfie. "Proceed with E KYC account"- Open FedBook Selfie E KYC Account using Aadhaar OTP. Download FedBook app for Android. Selfie - Smart Real Time Account Opening and Mobile Passbook. ✓ Virus Free.

Fed Book Selfie

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Two unique features are that, firstly this account can be easily opened via the FedBook app, and secondly, this is a Zero Balance Account. Selfie is a savings. Fedbook Selfie Zero Balance Account is the latest offering from Federal Bank for the new and tech-savvy generation which counts on their mobile phones and. Are you looking for Fedbook selfie APK? Here is your Fedbook selfie APK. It is a Latest version of this Android application Download for free.

If you go directly to bank you can activate the account on the same day and they will provide you Debit card, Cheque book on the same day. Was working good, now crashes after logging in Jul 30, by Vikramkk It was working good and was useful Now it stopped working, crashes immediately after logging in Feb 11, by Niyas T Very bad for banking Didn't approve a car loan even after having huge amount of transactions..

Managers are not at all behaving properly with clients.. Crashes Nov 13, by Ajthere4u The app crashes when I click on account info. Also it isn't very user friendly as I can't get my account details Need to fix the bug and update this soon Feb 5, by THE THUG i am giving a 1 star , since i cannot open an account via this app.. After login,message coming with "please wait when the loading is complete" Not working Nov 13, by Mr. The rates above are calculated on the balances maintained at the end of the day and paid-off on a quarterly basis.

The mobile app facilitates individuals to open a savings account without stepping out to the branch. Step 1: It is also available for Windows platform and Blackberry touchscreen phones. Step 2: Take a selfie, and scan your e-KYC documents. To register your number, you can log in to FedNet, the net banking facility of the Federal Bank and do it from there. Alternatively, you can do that by visiting the nearest Federal Bank branch.

The app is absolutely free.

No charges will be levied for using the app. In fact, NRIs are the major beneficiaries of Fedbook app. You need to update the contact details in all the accounts through the branch and you can use the application from the new mobile number. Fedbook Selfie Zero Balance Account. Find meal delivery services near you, order food online, and tip your driver, all from your smartphone. Having doubts about moving business data to cloud storage? Discover the safest way and the best cloud service providers that will make the process quick and secure.

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Already have an account? Log in. Forgot password? Sign Out. Popular Bundles in Romance. See All. Video Chat Now! Install Google Play App Store. Save Saved. Review Highlights. Positive Reviews. Negative Reviews. App Description. This app is a digital equivalent of a passbook with advanced features like tagging a particular transaction for future references. What's New? The App is now updated with an exciting new feature of creating a Federal Bank Account, instantaneously, for non- Federal Bank customers.

Federal Bank is the first bank in India to provide such a facility. Now creating a new Federal Bank Account or keeping a track of transactions is all the more simple.

Download it to believe it. More info at http: It can be done through FedNet, the net banking facility of the Bank or by approaching any of the branches. If you have not, you can do so by logging into FedNet, the net banking facility of the Bank or by approaching any of the branches. After registering your mobile number with the FedBook, download FedBook. After installation of the App, if you have not registered for FedAlert or FedMobile, send an SMS to or from your registered mobile number as follows: Facility to tag transactions and add personalized remarks for transactions Search and filter facility to find a transaction.

View Transactions of all operative accounts at a single window Terms and conditions: Read More Read Less. Though, we will be more than happy to serve you at our branch, we believe that your time is as valuable as your money. Unlike any other banking application, you need not fill in any application form- Just download FedBook app and start using it!

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Federal Bank - FedBook Selfie

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Federal Bank uses digital media for FedBook

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A Federal bank has recently launched android based mobile app to open zero balance saving bank account instantly using Selfie.

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