Results 1 - 11 For examples, click Help,. COSMOSWorks Online Tutorials. For an example, refer to the COSMOSWorks Online Tutorial. GRADN. GRADX. 2. Tutorial 1. OBJECTIVE: Use SolidWorks/COSMOS to model a flat plate with a hole through the Begin by opening COSMOS Works from the Start Menu. 2. To access the following tutorials, open Solidworks and create a new part file. Then go to the. COSMOSWorks drop down menu, help, then click on.

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COSMOSWorks Designer - Go beyond hand calculations with virtual COSMOSWorks Professional - A wide spectrum of powerful analysis tools to help . You can run basic types of analyses in COSMOSWorks or import the geo file to GEOSTAR a quick step-by-step tutorial to help you get started with GEOSTAR. COSMOSWorks - a design analysis system fully integrated Menu: Help-> Online Tutorial. • Book: . COSMOSWorks provides one screen solution for stress.

Figure 6. Shell dialog after macro is run. Getting Results A great amount of time in analyses and simulation is spent interrogating and interpreting results from the model runs. While there are many tools for probing and filtering results using the GUI, the API allows for more precise control over the quantities and areas of the model in which to investigate.

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The results for the model are accessed through the set of methods and properties exposed by the ICWResults interface. For our example, we will be extracting the maximum von Mises stress in our cantilever bracket. NElementNumber is the element number.

SolidWorks supports numerous constraints. Constraints are geometric relationships such as perpendicular, horizontal, parallel, vertical, coincident, concentric, etc. Use equations to establish mathematical relationships between parameters. Created By. Solid Solutions Ireland.

SolidWorks window See Fig 1. To begin, using the left mouse button double click on the Easy to follow tutorials with screen shots and step by step guide. Lesson 4 is a great tutorial. Although not quite complete if you're not actually in the class.

Not sure the prof. Find: Previous. Highlight all Match case.

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Rotate Clockwise Rotate Counterclockwise. That is summarized in Figure Also remember that the radial acceleration is also proportional to the square of the angular velocity. Thus, after this analysis if you want to reduce the stresses by a factor 4 you cut the angular velocity in half. You would not have to repeat the analysis; just note the scaling in your written discussion.

Theoretical Manual for solidworks simulation?

But you can re-run the study to make a pretty picture for the boss. Figure 10 Invoking the centrifugal loadings Mesh generation For this preliminary study each curved ring segment will act similar to straight fixed-fixed beam of the same length under a transverse gravity load. To know about what your answers should be from Cosmos, do that simple beam theory hand calculation to estimate the relative deflection at the center as well as the center and end section stresses.

Thus, bending stresses may concentrate near the ends so make the mesh smaller there: 1.

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There pick the six bottom arcs as the Selected Entities and size ten elements there. Then right click Mesh Create. The initial mesh Figure 11 looks a little coarse, but okay for a first analysis. Start the equation solver by right clicking on the study name and selecting Run. When completed review the study results.

Page 6 of 25 7 Figure 11 Building the initial study mesh Post-processing review Both the displacements and stresses should always be checked for reasonableness. Sometimes the stresses depend only on the shape of the material. The deflections always depend on the material properties.

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Some tight tolerance mechanical designs or building codes place limits on the deflection values. CosmosWorks deflection values can be exported back to SolidWorks, along with the mesh model, so that an interference study can be done in SolidWorks. Displacements You should always see if the displacements look reasonable: 1.

Double click on Displacements Plot 1 to see their default display, which is a continuous color contour format.

Such a pretty picture is often handy to have in a report Page 7 of 25 8 to the boss, but the author believes that more useful information is conveyed with the discrete band contours. Such default deformed shape displacement contours and undeformed gray shape are given in Figure 13 along with edits to display a vector format.

Since displacements are vector quantities you convey the most accurate information with vector plots Figure When the vector plot appears dynamically control it with Vector Plot Options and increase Size. Then dynamically vary the Density of nodes displayed to see different various nodes and their vectors displayed.

Retain the one or two plots that are most informative, such as in Figure Figure 12 Default contours and edits for vector display Figure 13 Deformed shape and displacement vectors As expected, the center of the outer-most rim has the largest displacement while the smallest displacement occurs along the radial spoke centered on the 0 degree plane. You may want to compare the relative displacement of the outer ring to a handbook approximation in order to validate the computed displacement results and your knowledge of CosmosWorks.

Localized information about the displacements at selected node or lines are also available for review: Page 8 of 25 9 1. Right click in the graphics area and select Probe. That lets you pick any set of nodes in the mesh and display their resultant displacement value and location in gray on the plot, as well as listing them in a table.

Using the support and center points in Figure 14 as probe points you find a relative displacement difference of about 2. Figure 14 Outer ring displacements at the center and support Stress results All of the physical stress components are available for display, as well as various stress failure criteria.

The proper choice of a failure criterion is material dependent, and it is the user s responsibility to know which one is most valid for a particular material. The so called Effective Stress actually distortional energy value is often used for ductile materials. Effective stress The von Mises failure criterion a scalar quantity is superimposed on the deformed shape in Figure 15 using two formats: line contours, and discrete color contours.

Also Color Bar Color Map was used to select only eight colors. The maximum effective stress is only about psi compared to a yield stress of about 35, psi. That is a ratio of about Since this is a linear analysis problem, it would not be necessary to repeat the run with that new angular velocity. You could simply scale both the displacements and the stresses by the Page 9 of 25 10 appropriate constant.

However, if you have a fast computer you may want to do so in order to include your most accurate plots in your written summary of the analysis. Figure 15 The von Mises failure criterion and deformed shape Principal stress The magnitude and direction of the maximum principal stress is informative and critical for brittle materials.

Since they are vector quantities they give a good visual check of the directions of the stress flow, especially in planar studies they can be quite messy in 3-D : 1.

Right click in the graphics area, select Edit Description then pick P1 Maximum Principal Stress, and Vector style and view the whole mesh again. If the arrows are too small look like dots zoom in where they seem biggest and further enhance you plot with a right click in the graphics area, select Vector Plot Options and increase the vector size, and reduce the percentage of nodes used for the vector plot.

A typical P1 plot, with the deformed shape, is given in Figure Page 10 of 25 11 Figure 16 Principal stress vector due to angular velocity Factor of safety For this material you would use the von Mises effective stress failure criterion. That is, your factor of safety is defined as the yield stress divided by the maximum effective stress.

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It was noted above that the ratio is greater than ten in this preliminary study. Page 11 of 25 12 Expected and computed results A handbook solution for a fixed-fixed beam is given in Figure This approximate displacement is too far from the computed value found with the Probe feature in Figure 14 of 2.

This would be an upper bound displacement since the full arc length was used, but the spoke has a thickness of about 0. It is rare to get an estimate that agrees so well.

This stress is in poor agreement with the computed value found with the Probe feature in Figure 16 of about psi. Figure 17 Verification calculations for outer ring Page 12 of 25 13 Mesh revision It now looks like a finer mesh is needed in the outer ring, but a coarser one could be used in the inner rings, for centrifugal loadings.

During start and stop transitions both will present and the two effects can be superimposed because this is a linear analysis. You can always use the full model, but that takes a lot of computer resources.

The most correct symmetric analysis would require using any 72 degree segment and invoking a special restraint know as multiple point constraints or repeated freedoms for nodes on those to edges.This approximate displacement is too far from the computed value found with the Probe feature in Figure 14 of 2.

Basic procedures of how to model a part in SolidWorks, perform structural analysis using. Highlight all Match case. Reader are registered You would not have to repeat the analysis; just note the scaling in your written discussion. During start and stop transitions both will present and the two effects can be superimposed because this is a linear analysis. To insert restraints: 1 Select the face of any hole.

The Preferences dialog box opens with the Mesh tab selected.

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